Yikes PIP assessment

NOW I'm confused. a few weeks back I rang dwp about my PIP assessment and was told I am in the queue for a home assessment. Today I've received a letter stating my appointment is at a medical assessment centre in Brighton on 12/8 on third floor, no mention if there is a lift! Hopefully hubby will be able to come with me to this too. Still waiting too hear re my ESA assessment two weeks ago today. And so now to prepare for the assessment re PIP! Any advice gratefully appreciated .


Jo x

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  • Oh joy of joys Pip.

    Firstly I would check again whether you are still down for a home assessment. You may find otherwise you turn up on 12th to find they know nothing and you have had a wasted journey.

    Being mistrusting of everything DWP do - it may be they are trying to find out - having requested a home assessment you can actually get to a centre.

    Be suspicious of everything.

    My advice would be having asked for a home visit then stick to waiting.

    If you can suddenly attend the centre then you can't be as bad as you say.

    Devious people.

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat thank you for that. I will ring. Actually I didn't ask for home assessment in first place but obviously was pleased they were gonna come to my home. So now as you say why send me to a medical centre on third floor. I'll let you know what they say.


    Jo x

  • Beware the devil, and DWP, bearing gifts.


  • Also IF you have to go and no lift refuse to struggle upstairs. They will say you can manage ok!!

  • I have been mucked about as well, I was rung one day and asked to go in the next day at 9.10 am, which I did, as I had not received the appointment letter which told me I needed identification they wouldn't see me without photo ID! they said I would here from them with another appointment. I received a letter the following day with the appointment for the previous day! two days later I received a letter telling me that as I had missed my appointment at 10.30 am my claim had been returned to the dept of work and pensions!!!! Capita is the name of the company working on behalf of the dept of work and pensions, I rang them and then I rang the Dept of Work & Pensions

    two weeks later I got a letter telling me I had an appointment, which I attended, I was told they had tried to cancel my appointment as the assessor I was booked with was off sick??? but I would be seen by another one as I had come in. I waited 2 and a half hours to be seen, and left feeling as though I was making up my symptoms???? but maybe that's the way they have to work to try to find fraudsters? I am now waiting to find out the verdict of the Department of Work and Pensions.

    The place was on the 3rd floor but did have a lift. Please make sure that you take photo ID and another form ie utilities bill, if I had it would have saved me a lot of stress and inconvenience. Hope yours goes smoother than mine

  • thanks for that info. Blimey what a time you has poor you. as for the long wait that's disgraceful especially when you are in pain. Have you ahd a decision yet?


    Jo x

  • I feel you waited too long. You must complain about this. Do not let others in pain suffer for 2 hours!

  • You poor thing. You can see how it all came about, in retrospect.

    Conscientious honest people struggle to complete the requested tasks regardless of undue pain and difficulty. Just because you can is not enough. Be clear, its not cheating. It's what's normal for you that needs to be assessed.

    I hope I'm right!

  • You can ask that they see you on the ground floor if you have to go to the centre.

  • There is no parking at the Brighton assessment centre. Blue Badge holders can park on the Double Yellow lines nearby for a maximum of 3 hours.

    Do not park in the Resident's Bays, even with a Blue Badge. I got a ticket albeit it was overturned on Appeal.

    Good luck.

  • yes I know the building as used to work there many years ago. My hubby would drive but its too far to walk from car park so we will get a taxi door to door. just want it over with!

    jo x

  • I spoke to pip appointment people this morning and they have given me another appointment a week later in another centre on the ground floor so that is better. I'm not feeling very positive about it tbh so will just tell them how it is and hope for the best.

    jo x

  • Knock 'em dead kid!

    Take it you didn't ask about home visit?

    You'll be fine. Just tell them how it is.

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat I did mention home visit. He said he could request it but I'd have to go back in queue. He's changed venue to more suitable location on ground floor. Just want it over with so I can stop stressing. Hope you are well. X

    Jo x

  • Yes I'm sorry - just get it done asap.

    I am an indefinite DLA which DWP have started to call forward early so....my turn will come to tear my hair out!

    It just beggars belief why all assessments can't be done in accessible buildings.

    Hey Ho


  • Paton I mentioned home assessment and the guy said yes I can see all the documentation of the calls you made and the home visit but I don't know why they have changed it. he said he could request a home visit but that would mean going back into the queue and could take ages so I left it as is as i'm so stressed what with this and esa.


    jo x

  • sorry Pay already had answered this.... flippinfoggybrain.comlol!

    jo x

  • I found this site invaluable. It's worth paying the annual subscription if you are refused on either. We need help whilst being shafted for having painful mobility problems. Good luck

  • Hi I am member of work and benefit so will scour their website for info.


    Jo x

  • Hi....what is the work and benefits site? Is it on here??

  • No its separate website where u can find loads of info on claiming, what they ask how to structure your answers etc. Membership £20 a year and think atm they've a discount off that! Well worth it imo!

    Jo x

  • Thankyou. Can you give me a link to the web site?

    I had my pip assessment a few days ago and I'm feeling really deflated. I don't hold out much hope of getting anything.

  • benefitsandwork.co.uk/

    Worth its weight in gold. Good luck.

  • what happened hun? was it awful?

    Jo x

  • Well.... It just made me feel horrible. The lady was lovely... It wasn't her, although she tried to imply I would be perfectly cape able of preparing a meal and peeling veg from a laying on my couch position!!... It's just the horrible realisation my life has changed so much.... And the way I felt like I was being judged like I was making it all up.

    I only wish I was! :( .... And it will prob all be for nothing.

  • That sucks hun. Fingers x for you.

    Jo x

  • DO NOT give in. Only you know how this pain is for you. Do not make it easy for them either!

  • Unfortunately I have been turned down for PIP.

    It only took a week for the decision to come through though.


  • Suzysheep. I'm so sorry you did not get a favourable result but please don't give up. Have you been on work and benefits website, they give a guide about how to appeal the decision. From what I understand they often turn people down initially. fight for what you deserve darling. I have mine on the 18th, not looing forward at all, especially as I'm having hassle re my esa, Ive posted a 'rant'this am.

    Good luck


    Jo x

  • Re-apply and appeal at the same time. They don't tell you that you can do that, but my experience was that I lost my appeal because they didn't take into account my deterioration, but I applied again and got it straight away. I lost months worth of money that could have really helped me pay for private treatment that I can't get on the nhs!

  • Thankyou both for your encouragement.... But I only scored 2 points, so I think challenging it will be fruitless.

    I haven't got the energy to pursue it to be honest.


    Jo.... Yes, I've joined the benefits and work web site. Might look again later and see if I qualify for ESA instead. X

  • Hi Suzysheep, is this the first time they have given you a decision? if so ask them for a mandatory reconsideration

    which they have to give you and if they still insist you are not entitled to anything ask for an appeal form don't forget to make sure you have supplied all the evidence relative to your disability if you have had it for a long time make sure you send in your medical notes as they do not ask your doctor for them it is up to you to make sure they have a copy you have an entitlement to see them, the doctor can make a reasonable charge for making a copy for you which is up to £20 for notes kept on computer and up to £50 for notes kept on paper I paid the full £70 and received a complete set of my notes back to when I was born in 1953 also make sure you supply a record of how your disability affects you it is not good enough for you to say "I need help to prepare food or to say I cannot walk more than 5 yards) you have to show how often each part of your disability affects you I kept a diary for 2 years showing how often I could not get out of bed how often I could not get dressed or prepare food etc if you do not tell them then they will not include it when they assess your claim.

    In the end it took me 3 years from when I first applied for DLA to when I received a report that was similar to how I am, do not give up on the first reply I think they refuse everyone to start with and it is only when you ask for them to take a second look at it that they really take a correct look at what you have put down and what the assessor says you were at the assessment if you have claimed for the mobility part then it is no good going to a assessment centre where you have to walk more than you have told them you can manage unless you normally use a wheel chair everyday, if you can manage to walk from your car to the centre then you cannot claim for mobility make sure you insist on a home visit for my claim they tried to make me attend a centre in Nottingham which is in a pedestrian area and the closest you could be dropped of was over 1/2 a mile away when I checked on where it was to try and get the best place to park was when I saw how badly placed it was for dealing with disabled people I phoned them to say that I could not manage to get to the centre due to where it was and they told me they will cancel the appointment and put me down for a different one but if I cancel the next one they would cancel my claim when the next one came it was for the same location so again I phoned them to say I could not make it and the reason why but the person I ended up connected to said they will make sure it was for a home visit in the end I had one in my home and just less than 2 weeks later they phoned to say they had accepted my claim and I was on the standard level for care and the higher level for mobility and at the first reply they had said I was not disabled enough to be entitled to anything which was a huge difference also they added it was granted for 10 years and they would not need to see me again until then, they said they doubt I will ever get any better and even at the ten year point they will just extend it, the 10 year mark is the longest they can grant at one time.

    so don't give up just keep at them you should get what you are entitled to.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thankyou so much for your detailed reply poppyann.

    I did have a home visit..... As I cannot sit for more than a few minutes without significant rectal/ coccyx pain.

    I supplied drs and consultants letters and test results going back 4 years.

    Can I request a copy of the ATOS assessor s report from the home visit??

    I just feel like I haven't got a chance as they only gave me 2 points for care, and nothing for mobility.

  • Yes you can request a copy. I know it's stressful but please don't give up darling. Did u follow the work and benefits guidelines when you filled out your form?


    Jo x

  • No, I didn't know about that site until you mentioned it on here. I probably missed out lots of key descriptors.


  • Hi Again,

    they should send you a copy with their reply which shows you where you received points and where you missed them if they have not sent a copy you are entitled to one so just ask and they should send it straight away once you have it compare it to how you answered the questions to see if they actually put down what you said (which is unusual) if there is a difference then complain and ask for a mandatory reconsideration which is the first step to getting an appeal. you put down that sitting causes you pain and discomfort do you still get pain when you are stood up? if not then they will just tell you to get a job where you can stand also the mobility part if you can walk with no or little problem then you will not be entitled to it.

    Now a days to be accepted to mobility you have to have a problem standing walking and sitting before they will grant it to you it is getting to be that you have to either be dead or have both legs and arms missing to qualify, they are trying to get the numbers down by any way they can and the problem is that people who have been on it for a long time will still get it no matter how disabled they are and new claimants have to be close to 100% disabled to qualify.

    good luck with your claim.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • totally noidmeister!

    jo x

  • Phone and confirm your appointment, especially if they were going to offer you a home appointment.

    I confirm with Paton be do not take everything on face value.


  • Many questions seem 'black and white' so need to answer as though it is your worse day.It is just some one ticking boxes.I always say- look at it in a negative way and think positive afterwards. I have helped a number of people and i find that they nearly always under estimate their problems, as they feel 'guilty' about asking for things! Dont feel guilty, say it as it is. The trouble is that there are a small minority of people who tell lies to get PIP so they tend to look at it in this way for every one.

    Best of luck

  • Thank you. Interesting what you say about answering questions as when I had my esa medical she asked where my body hurts more, difficult to answer as different everyday! Oh well what will be.


    Jo x

  • Mine was at home, I was so ill on the morning, massive stress,luckily I had a beta Blocker, worked well. I do not really have advise just wanted to say, they were really good,or rather she was, very understanding of Fibro, professional at all times but obviously educated on Fibro, ,I was so worried that they were coming to the house, ie if not a bad day will they think I am lying and they have come all this way, I had never said I was house bound,they do house ones as no offices near by (Somerset). I did not have a very bad fibro day but not wonderful , I was honest with how I am and had nothing to hide, they are not out to trick you and they are understanding of this particular Health issues and all it entails.

    Good luck with it,they have your medical info etc so this is just a formality,be honest with nothing to hide and you can't trip up so that will take away stress,hopefully you will have some one like me. I have heard very positive stuff on how they handle fibro.

    Best wishes, apologies for rambling just trying to help and morphine makes me go on and on !


  • Thanks Ali that's helpful. I probably would have preferred a home visit but didn't want to go back in queue and have continued stress. As it happens I know the building where assessment is, worked there many years ago. It's accessible easily so hubby and I will get taxi from door to door. Interesting what you said about up and down days. On a good day I feel like a fraud claiming then bad days hit and I feel different. Having worked for 36 years it doesn't sit comfortably with me claiming benefits but needs must after loss of income following loss of job!


    Jo x

  • It is good to see a positive result. I think we all need to stand up more and ask for what we need. Who cares what they think. Tell the truth, have facts, and evidence. Then, you will get what you deserve.

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