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Chest pain


Can anyone help? I’m 24 years old and I’ve been getting chest pains every night they randomly come on they start in the center on my chest and go down to the top of my stomach, the pain is that severe that I cannot concentrate ,makes me sick and I struggle to talk while it’s happening I had and ecg but it came back all clear I just don’t know what could be causing it

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Hi it good that it has been Ben checked out as I know how scarey it can be. This is advice from personal experience and not medical so always get any suggestions checked by a professional as obvious as that sounds.

It sounds like it could be some form of gerd, which is to do with acid reflux and very uncomfortable. There is info on the NHS site about it.

Good news is, depending on the cause, there are there are things that can help.

Change of diet and medication.

See your gp, to rule out other things and confirm. Also they can prescribe.

In the meantime, speak to your pharmacist and maybe try something like gaviscon advanced or something similar as if it is that, it acts to keep all your acids pushed down after you have ate and helps massively.

If you use it, then it is possible worth trying in the first instance, to see if it makes a difference. I also use antacid tablets. You just have to be aware if you are also are on calcium tablets as you can find you end up with too much calcium in your blood! I forgot to mention I was taking loads of antacids when I going through a really bad phase with it, and they were gonna stop my vitd/ calcium tabs, got a while.

It is so easy to forget to say about the non script drugs or alternative things you take when your in hospital as you don't think about them!

I don't even think to mention my pain anymore as the hospital in Plymouth is so bad. I was advised I needed an endoscopy to check what was causing the problem as I also I swallowing problems 2 and half years ago before moving here, but they won't do it, so I am trying to move away. My gp won't even accept my asthma diagnosis and is doubting everything else I have too.

This is despite me being on 02therapy at home, multiple drugs and my Sat's dropping to 86 % at times!

I don't feel safe going into my local hospital though, especially at the moment which is insane!

Good look and I hope everything is OK for you.

Take care, love and hugs


I would second the thought that this could be reflux, especially as you say it happens at night. If it is you can take Proton pump inhibitors, PPIs, or just try to control it with Gaviscon Advanced. Also try to make sure that you are upright after eating, and see if you can raise the head of your bed to see if that helps. Those are two tips that my ENT consultant gave my son and I.

Hi I was looking it up and my symptoms are coming back as I have Costochondritis I’ve never heard of this do you know anything about it?

Costochondritis is another possibility, there is a lot of information on the internet about it, but there is nothing to say that you don't have both. It is a distinct possibility, and many people have both, with the underlying condition causing it being hypermobility.

Yea, If I were you I'd ask your Doctor to have a look at your stomach and go from there. You being only 24 years old makes Doctors thing your boozing too much, eating too much or doing everything too much. I found out the same when I was that age when years later I did have something more serious they had neglected. Good Luck.

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