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Consistent chest pain

I am suffering consistent bearable light chest pain after my angioplasty in July 2014. There have been many Tests and i have seen many NHS consultants/GPs but apparently no body is able to fix it. If it flare up, I have to take pain killers which i do very rarely but normally I just keep bearing it.

Not sure what the solution would be but I am looking forward the any past experiences of patients like me which may give me any solution.

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What is angioplasty? I get chest pain quite regular. This is due to recurrent inflammation of the stomach and chest (Duodentis/gastritis). I had been prescribed Omeprozole and Ranitidine for nearly a year which had very little affect. I was then prescribed also with Amitriptyline which has helped a bit but I still get pain on occasions. Like yourself I just keep bearing the pains I still have.


Angioplasties is a surgery to repair of a blood vessel, as by inserting a balloon-tipped catheter to unclog it or by replacing part of the vessel with either a piece of the patient's own tissue or a prosthetic device.

I had given Omeprozole and Amitriptyline but both gave me various side-effects. So i am on lansoprazole from last almost 1 and half year which is basically protecting my stomach from deteriorating due to continuous medication.

I have gone through all the possible tests like endoscopy and found that my pain is not due to stomach and it makes my pain more complex that no body knows the root cause of my pain.

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Suffering iron-deficiency anaemia can cause chest pain. Have you had blood tests recently?

Be aware that having a ferritin test alone is not adequate to rule out anaemia.

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I will try to talk to my GP if i can get iron-deficiency test done. Thanks



I had. Chest pains after angioplasty.After another angiogram it was found the stent had collapsed and had to be repaired with further angioplasty. I've been fine since.


Thanks for your comments. This happened to me as well. They thought they have to do angioplasty again and have to check if the stent is working fine?

After second angioplasty, they found that stent is fine.


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