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Flu jab

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I received a message from my gp today telling me I’m due my flu jab. And yesterday it popped up in the early morning in the House of Commons about the flu jab. Anyone else having theirs done? Does anyone think it even makes a difference? And I’ve been told you don’t feel well after the jab- get a cold etc at first

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No absolutely rubbish. I’ve been having flu jab for years. Never had ill effect. Doesn’t cause cold or flu. IF someone gets flu or cold then was already brewing!

If been offered flu jab take them up on it. I certainly will be.

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SID123 in reply to Bevvy

Thanks for your reply Bevvy. Yes I will be having it done

Have mine booked in , been having the flu jab now for several years due to a Chronic illness other than my pain , never had any issues with it , so as bevvy mentioned , snap up the offer 😊.

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SID123 in reply to Millie09

Thanks Millie09. I’ve no idea why some people have said what I mentioned. But yep il have it. 👍🏽

There is an incredible amount of absolute rubbish being put about on the internet, and elsewhere, about the dangers of the flu jab. A bit like anti vaxxers.

If you value your health at all-- grab the offer.

Of course, if you don't care about your quality of life, or those you love, then by all means-- ignore the offer.

Good health.😎

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SID123 in reply to Madlegs1

Well obviously I do care about my quality of life n family so that wasn’t a nice way of you putting it.

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madge1979 in reply to SID123

This is a Forum where we Discuss our health questions and issues .. you were absolutely correct to ask for opinions on the Flu Jab .. and I’m sorry that you were offended by the previous members reply to you ..

I hope whatever you decide you stay Well all Winter through .. and beyond Luv Mx🌹

I had my flu jab on the 16th, all went well. I have not had any ill effect. All I felt was a bruise like feeling on the 2nd day, yet no visible bruise. Sure all will be fine for you. xx

I have been having flu jabs for the past 16 years (diabetic) and no side effects. Remember, they don't work against a winter cold and I don't recall having anything approaching a real flu over winter over the same period. However, I am having great difficulty getting an appointment this year either privately or through my GP.

My Boots Chemist offered it to me for start of October and I will be deffo taking them up on it every bit of protection you can get helps my friend has the flu jab every year and she's always been ok after with no side effects

I have never had the flu jab and never will.

It doesn't protect against all flues. I had type b and I was not protected. It also doesn't mean you are totally protected just offers some protection.

Until it offers better protection and has less side effects, I will never take up the offer of a flu jab. I feel we are all entitled to our opinion on here, I am not an anti-vaccer just look at each vaccine individually and make informed choices.

Many of my elderly friends havr been very ill after a flu vaccine and I do not want to be next in line.

I may have heard a REAL reaction to the flu shot once over the years. I have had HIV for 35+ years.And everyone gets the jab in our support community.. I know of no bad reactions to the jab. And in MY opinion the benefit far out weighs any risik.

I had mine on Saturday no ill effects not even a sire arm. This is my 16 year never had any ill effects.

Thanks to everyone who took time to reply. Il be having it done 👏🏼

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madge1979 in reply to SID123

Best of Luck .. mx🌹

My mother died from the flu so I know how important the shot is.

Being over 60, I've been having the flu jab for a few years now, never had any side effects, just a slightly sore arm for a day or two. Go for it 😊

I do my own every year and have never had a problem. I prefer to be on the safe side for this.

Nicotine Jack here I and my wife are having our flu jab on the 24th October. I will be 87 on the 3rd. I had Asian flu back in 1958 I am sure that gave me immunity, I was in bed for a fortnight and thought I was dying I had such a high temperature, I wonder if I had the virus

then. I lived in Scotland for the last 15 years and i have had the jab for a least 20 year. I am still able to do things, I washed the bedroom carpet this morning and spent the next couple of hours cleaning the carpet sweeper, I hoover the bungalow and wash the bathroom and the ensuite once a week and I still drive my wife shopping. Jack

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SID123 in reply to Nicotinejack

That’s great for an 87 year old!

You sound very fit and healthy. Ur flu that you had back then sounds very bad. Yes people like urself need the flu jab and I’ll be having mine 👍🏽

I had one earlier in the year when went on to immune suppressants and was fine. Had this years and it has made me very tired, headaches and generally feel unwell. However, will continue to have it every year cos the flu is much worse.

I’ve finally been for for my flu jab. My dad went yesterday and was feeling alittle rough but fine after. I hope with having diabetes I’ll b ok. Like most of u said you have all had it without any problems.

I wanted to ask if anybody knew why more people are offered it this year. Certain friends n family members got messages from their gp offering it. Never have done before

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