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I’m Writing to learn more about others who have had their first and second or both jabs. Different family members have had different side y with one having none even. Some being put off having the jab cos they’re scared of the side effects 🙈. Tho obviously worth it in the long run

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It is utter madness and the height of public irresponsibility not to get at least one vaccination.The downside of getting Covid, and even worse- Long Covid, is not even to be contemplated.

Self preservation should persuade everyone to get vaccinated, the possible side effects are minimal compared with the alternatives.

I was on a ventilator for weeks in ICU years ago, (not for Covid) and am told I was lucky to live through it and died about 3 or 4 times and got hospital acquired pneumonia to top me off!


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Saeeda1 in reply to Madlegs1

Sounded like you were telling me off there!

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Madlegs1 in reply to Saeeda1

I am merely supporting you against any possible thoughts of not getting the vaccination.There are a few people who are against the idea, for whatever reasons.

I just think they are being incredibly selfish. ( Unless, of course, they have a valid health condition, which mitigates against vaccination)

Hope all goes well for you.

The side effects you're worried about are uber-rare. the most common is a sore arm, due to the size of the small needle pumping thru a wider needle than usual, so it's nothing to worry about. You HAVE to understand, as MadLegs said before me, the risks of COVID are way worse. If you're worried about all the anti vaxers saying it's fatal, only 3-5 in 1 million can have a fatal reaction, that's pretty much normal for all vaccines as everyone is different. COVID kills about 40000 per 1 million, long covid had crippled hundreds of thousands worldwide. Get the Jab please and make sure everyone you know gets it, oh and I used to be a Nurse, this is not something to take a chance on, God Bless

Hiya I had my second jab yesterday - AZI had a sore arm for a couple of days and had flu like symptoms after the first that lasted for just one day Nothing that paracetamol couldn't fix Felt a bit iffy first thing today but again a couple of paracetamol have sorted it. My husband on the other hand had no symptoms after either of his jabs. Everyone needs to do this. It's just so important. And as for all the reports about blood clots just think of all the millions of women who take the contraceptive pill which has a far higher risk of clots.

Just do it !

Both myself and my husband have had no side effects at all from both vaccines , the consequences from not having this jab far out weigh the side effects in my opinion

Please just get your jabs. Any side effects are negligible whereas Covid kills or can make you ill for months afterwards. I don’t know why people are even asking the question?We are extremely fortunate to have option of inoculation in this country. Look at numbers dying in India!


I had the AZ jab. Slightly sore arm and felt a bit fluey the same day and just felt a bit ‘off’ the day after the first one and nothing after the second one.

The immune system is the most diverse system in the body, everyone's is different even within the same family.

My 24 year old son and I had the Oxford/AstraZenica. I had no side effects at all, not even a sore arm. He had a few days of worse fatigue than normal (he has chronic fatigue) and the first couple of nights he had worse sleep than usual (he has a sleep disorder so we monitor his sleep with a wearable device) but has fully recovered.

Despite his reaction we are both looking forward to our second dose.

You are the only person that can decide, but you have done the right thing to think about it because you are now more informed about the side effects and what to do about them. In fact, the way paracetamol works, best to start to take it the day before.

Hi, please try not to be frightened about having the jab and think only of the positives which is normal life for everyone. My husband and I have had both, he had no reaction and my first one I had flu like symptoms for a day and felt tired, a paracetamol helped. The benefits outweigh any reactions for our community as a whole. After all we are on a pain forum here where drugs are taken freely without thinking of the negative affects of them as we just want the end game of a pain free life. Make the right decision for you, your family and generations to come, don’t live in fear.

Hi saeeda1 I've had my first covid jab and I only had a sore arm no other side effects. Now I have had covid and know how horrible this virus is and how it makes you feel. I have a family member fighting for their life in icu at this present time so trust me you need to get the jab I know and can see how devastating this virus can be. Hope this helps you gl

I've had 2 Pfizer jabs. I was a bit tired after the first and felt a bit warm after the second (both lasted for a day or two) but that was the worst of it and it didn't affect my activities in any way. OH and son have had 2 AZ each and neither had any problems. Even if I had more severe side-effects, it would have been worth it for the protection that the vaccine gives.

No side effects from either dose. ( me age 70) Daughter had 2 days of feeling yucky ( age 44) Husband had 2 days of feeling tired ( age 55). Nearly all my similar aged friends had no side effects.

However those people I know who caught Covid had many many days of feeling ill. Sometimes very ill.

It makes no sense not to get vaccinated when the alternative could be serious illness for you and serious consequences for the world if this virus is allowed to spread more and mutate more.

Thanks for all your encouraging and positive replies 🙂. It is very obviously better to get get a day or two off feeling abit rubbish than risk getting COVID itself. I’m sure it’s quite busy to book for a jab at the moment maybe because more people want it now

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Bevvy in reply to Saeeda1

Just get booked in. You can use nhs website and book both jabs. No point in waiting.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Saeeda1

Just do it!

I had the AZ vaccine with a very mild headache for 24 hours. I had absolutely no side effects at all with the 2nd jab. I am 79 and wax just so grateful to be offered the vaccine. Please implore your family and friends to have the vaccine. The virus is with us and will remain with us. Our only defense is vaccination and our way forward to getting back to living some sort of normality.

I had my second dose of AZ today, I had no side effects at all with the first dose, not even a sore arm. My partner who's 71 has had both and had no side effects from either dose, and the same with my 88 year old mum, no side effects either. It's a good feeling to know you have some protection, even if it only means you get a milder virus, I'd rather that than relying on nothing but, hands, face, space. Even though that's good too and I'll obviously be keeping that up!

I have had the 2jabs and no side effects at all

Please take the jabs as they are a lot safer than getting COVID

Had mine done 🎉 my sisters have all done theirs n my bro n his wife have too 🎉

We both had 2 AZ jabs.

Absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

Any ill effects couldn’t be as bad as having Covid.

Unable to understand anyone hesitating when the protection is out there. Like standing in a field in a lightening storm refusing to wear rubber wellies.

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