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Covid jab

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My aunty n uncle have had their second jab this evening. Both in their 80s. I’ve heard people talk that the second vaccine has more side effects than the first one. They were both fine with the first

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I have heard that too.

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They both were absolutely fine after the jab just a sore arm. Such a big relief 😅

I know a few that have had the second with no problems at all but some with the first who felt ill after, unfortunately it’s not something that can be predicted as everyone is different

Some of the scientists (do you watch the Indy Sage briefings on Fridays? Much better than government ones) say that if you have already been exposed you are more likely to have an reaction, but also that a reaction is good, it means that you are making antibodies that will protect you.

Like cyberbarn says if you have an reaction is good, but when you are carer of your own husband and there is no body who can help you while you have an reation what can you do about it! If you are lucky or not!.

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True but far better to have a few “off” days then the stress and worry if carer gets Covid. Then it could be extremely difficult to arrange care for husband. As well as caring for self.Are you known to social services in case there ever was difficulty looking after husband? Can be an emergency/contingency plan put into place. Just in case but hopefully never needed.

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I would rather take care of husband than be sick myself. It is always difficult to arrange care for my husband in any way. I am optimistic!

kiwitaramerlinHermes123. I am 83. managing three painful conditions of my prior to covic a year ago last January I was book in to a skeletal clinic after nine months going though the whole process MRI scans, nothing they could do for me . Handed over to a more specialist hospital starting the whole all over again even though all my process notes were forward to the Hospital who could do something to temporary to relieve some of the pain, it was can at that moment due to covic, when I phone pain appointments office to enquire as to when my appointment would be ! to be told I was not even on the list, due to being transferred I was being treated as a first time patient.

I too am a carer for my stroke victim wife, both of us have had our first coviv injection awaiting our second. No idea when I will receive treatment for my back but totally exhausted. Hermes

Hello Hermes123,

I am sorry to hear that after the scan they could do nothing for you. It is very sad to hear that they don't give you any fast option to ease the pain . I hope you can get your appoitment very soon.

I am lucky i have no big problem with health at the moment, that why i can still looking after my husband. He has got same problem as you many years ago and he is in a wheelchair .

Take care of yourself and your wife! Good luck!

I've had both jabs (Pfizer) and only had a sore arm for a couple of days, no other side effects

Me neither, I gently rubbed my arm throughout the day and next day the soreness was very minimal and I didn't get a stiff arm.

My husband had his first beginning of week he spent two days in bed with symptoms I had no bother with mine , I just think everyone’s different x

My father in law who is in his late 70s and has dementia received both covid shots and has been absolutely fine.... seriously had no issues.

My close friends are 82 and 86 had their second jabs weeks back and apart from a slightly sore arm and feeling a bit off for a day they were absolutely fine. I think it is a very individual thing as to whether someone has bad side effects or not.x

As others have said it is SO individual that there is no way to know if people will have reactions.

It’s true a worse effects can come after the second jab but the younger you are the more likely you are to have side effects . This is because the younger you are the stronger immune system you have and therefore the bigger and better your system fights the Aileen stuff just injected .

Has anybody else heard about a lockdown AGAIN in August?a friend told me today and I have read in lots of papers and news that another covid wave is expected 😩

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Darkin in reply to SID123

I doubt if the public will stand for that, else what is the point in mass vaccinations, mass unemployment, mass debt and possible mass suicides.

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Bevvy in reply to SID123

I haven’t heard this at all. I have heard reports (totally expected) that COVID is here to stay for a good while. This why people need inoculations. Also highly likely that we will need boosters in Autumn (same as flu jab) to cope with different / new strains. Again same as flu.

There may well be another wave but how can they predict if there is to be a lockdown in August from now?

Of course there'll be another wave. Viruses mutate. I fail to understand the panic and hysteria over a virus with a ridiculously low death rate, and the average age is HIGHER than the national age. I'm not touching the wrongly named vaccine until after the trials end. Neither is my ex (a well known in his field epidemiologist).

Q. What is the best way to induce mutations in a virus?

A. Vaccinate midway through an epidemic.

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