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Covid jab


I’m due to have my covid 19 jab this week sometime and wanted to know from others how it affected them in anyway. I have diabetes arthritis for which I take methotrexate injections and epilepsy. But just in general how have those who have taken the jab been after?

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There are literally 100s of people on other forums reporting side effects of varying degrees. I have friends who have had nothing other than sore achey arm and others have been very unwell with high temps, gastric upset and fatigue all lasting several days. I have put off getting my vaccination until more is known about the effects, I have enough problems without adding more !!

rabbits65 in reply to bantam12

Hello bantam12I think a bit like you too.

I’m worried about so many

people feeling so poorly after

their vaccination.

Loulou2222 in reply to bantam12

You are a wise person making an informed decision! How rare!

Due to the nature of my disabilities i deemed it vital to get my jab despise any concerns re possible side affects. I had first jab about 3 weeks ago. That night felt very achy and eventually took some paracetamol (which I should have taken earlier!) That was sufficient. Then felt achy again next afternoon and took more paracetamol. No more problems after that. From what I have read and heard from people any side affects are short term and worth putting up with!

I genuinely look forward to my second jab in April.

Loulou2222 in reply to Bevvy

No more problems apparent, you won’t know for months weeks years what effect, if any, this vaccine will have on your immune system, nervous system etc. have you set in motion changes that won’t reveal itself for years? Who knows? I don’t, but I look forward to catching up with y’all in a few years. Of course I want to hear everyone is alive and well.

Bevvy in reply to Loulou2222

So we shouldn’t do anything until a few volunteers have had vaccine for years in case of issues....How many million people will die of Covid in the meantime?

The vaccine method (how it works) has been tested and working on for years.

I am shielding and have been for the past year. Can I never go out again? Covid would probably kill me so yes I am delighted there are vaccines available so I can have some normality again.

No vaccine will not be guarantee I won’t catch Covid. NO vaccine will do this. Just means that if I do catch it I am less likely to die or be seriously unwell. Similar to situation with flu jab which I have every year.

How old are you?

SID123 in reply to Queeniz

40 I am 🙂

Hi I had the covid injection 3 days ago I had a sore arm for the first 24hrs but after that was fine worth having it for peace of mind

SID123 in reply to Brenda800

Hi Brenda800 yeh that’s what alot of friends and family have said to me x

Hi SID123 you are right to be concernd.i had my jab yesterday like you i have diabetes arthritis fibromyalgia heart condition so i am in a lot of pain.normaly so i woke up this morning very stiff more tired than normal.bit of a head ach. i had the oxford AZ jab but i would rather be safe than sorry and i know the oxford jab is safe dont listhen to any media rubish or like france and italy say we are not using this because blr blr blr . i. have been a member of UK biobank who over 17 years ago ask 500,000 people to signe up for test.they would moniter here we are. Covid has taken over our lives. uk biobank ask back in march 2020 to take blood samples and send it back to them so they could test us to see if anyone had covid or was infected so for 6 months i sent blood back for them to use .they are part of a world wide sience project against illnesses.i live in oxford i am very lucky to be near our hospitals and trust what they do. so dont be put off as i am wrigting this i still feel tired and have a headach.all i can say SID123 is be your self make your mind up i would rather feel ill from the efects of covid vaccein than getting ill with covid.all the best antbeech🙂

SID123 in reply to antbeech1963

Thanks very much antbeech1963 for your understanding reply 😊. Yes you’re right about rather feel ill with the jab than feel ill with covid

mafew2235 in reply to SID123

I had covid Feb last year, I'm NOT ANTI VACS but! Big but ! Your research should lead you down the reading of the vaccination ingredients, this isn't 4 me to do for you... However, I'm 51 this year, no way am I putting that in me, I'm not playing guinea pig 🐖 for Boris n chums, nor am I happy about the whole situation tbfh... They can do one! Dementia, aluminium poisoning, facts had 2 protein spikes from chimpanzee animals, no matter how closely related!... Sorry my answer is thanks but NO THANKS my immune system dealt with it, it doesn't make me immune! BUT NOR WILL A VACCINATION! Think about it, your choice, again I'm clean recovered drug user and very good at biology and I think you shouldn't be listening to mass media tbh but hey ho it's individual choice... Good luck this is about CHOICE n freedom of, who are and is anyone to tell you what you can n can't do and then descriminate against you? I thought we had a democratic idiococrosies ??? No Boris keep it you uneducated supposed to be educated? My back side!!!

Loulou2222 in reply to mafew2235

There are no anti Vaxxers. These people who say no to vaccines, could be referred to to as “pro choice”. You want one, have one. Your neighbour chooses no, his God given right. His body, his choice. I’m pro choice and I will just be keeping a prescription of hydroxychoriquin close by, as I do whenever I have a strain of the flu. Have not had any cold or flu for 10years. People have different ways of managing their health. That’s because we are not sheep.

mafew2235 in reply to Loulou2222

Well said... Lou 😃

Scotsman53 in reply to mafew2235

Dementia, aluminium poisoning, vaccine won't make you immune? And you say you're not antivax? 😂😂😂

mafew2235 in reply to Scotsman53

O.k uve obviously had yours lol... Boris can't follow his nose... Bit funny all this? Don't question a thing, seems u trust people with more money and friends all getting back handers in the party... Fine, I won't have it, I'll let you lot pop off n do so... Ive done all the traveling I wanted in my 20s while u lot where possible popping kids out? Working or whatever ... Not for me thanks ... If you all grow horns cos u haven't googled 1 not 1 ingredients from vaccination pack? Fine by me ☺️... I'm disabled enough tyvm ❤️

Scotsman53 in reply to mafew2235

Don't trust the politicians, do trust the scientists.

Darkin in reply to mafew2235

Boris is simply following the advice of the experts, what else is he supposed to do ? Nobody is forcing you to have a vaccination but to apparently deny the efficacy of vaccines in general is raving lunacy, buts that's your choice.....

Since you claim to be very good at biology , research the history of smallpox the eradication of which was truly one of mankinds greatest achievments.

mafew2235 in reply to Darkin

So we're the people behind Hitler, just following orders... Bit boobs up wasn't they? Have a lovely day 🌺

mafew2235 in reply to Darkin

Vaccines I've had I'm ok with... But you forget falidamide? I haven't forgotten that "shrugs"

Bevvy in reply to mafew2235

What happened with Thalidomide WAS terrible but it was not a vaccination.....Also I don’t know why you are bringing politics in to it when every country in the world is desperate for inoculation.

Loulou2222 in reply to Bevvy

No, it wasn’t, it was just another untested concoction given to pregnant woman, guinea pigs. If you want to be part of this new COVID experiment. You have my blessing. As I hope I have yours for deciding otherwise.

Bevvy in reply to Loulou2222

If you decide not to have vaccine then that’s up to you. But you have been judgmental to everyone who says they have had or will have vaccination.I pointed out in one of my first comments that there is a HIGH chance Covid would kill me. I have shielded for a year. Must I continue for the rest of my life? So given the choice whether to have vaccine I believe I have no choice.

Darkin in reply to Bevvy

Too true, unfortunately some people are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot !

robin41 in reply to Bevvy

That was 60 years ago ! I think our medical scientists may have advanced a little since then.

saj01 in reply to mafew2235

Thalidomide wasn't a vaccine. It was a course of capsules. It was tragic. That was a german company back in the '50's. since then, rigorous testing is supposed to be done. I went to school with a couple of children who wore calipers because of polio...fortunately that's been almost been eradicated because of the vaccine and education. Don't forget that over 120K people have died in the uk alone from covid related illness and if people choose not to have the vaccine... how many more will die?

Choice is yours.

Loulou2222 in reply to Darkin

Another one is walking on the moon.

mafew2235 in reply to Loulou2222

Lol the police n sting haha joking

Hi, ive had my covid jab, and suffer with diabetes, arthritis, liver problems, heart problems, and i had it about 2 week ago, well nothing untoward has happened as yet. I hope this helps in some way, oh i am 60 so im not a spring chicken either lol


Yet what ???

I had very many mixed feelings about the vaccine. I honestly did. I still do but I had it Saturday, I had a bad head and my usual aches and pains were amplified yesterday but today I feel my usual achy self. Everyone is different. I asked a few people about it who had varying opinions. I just hope I did the right thing I expect I'll know in the future but I take that many drugs daily anyway that have side effects who really knows.X

Had mine 2 weeks ago no problems at all not even a sore arm. I always have a flu jab and travel a lot so have had numurus other vaccinations also without any problems. I am an ex nurse and vaccinations have always kept me safe.

Bevvy in reply to dobefriend

So so true. Can you imagine the horror of the world without vaccines. People forget the historical diseases that killed and maimed countless people in the world before vaccines. Polio, TB, small pox, measles to name just a few. These still do untold damage in poorer countries that don’t have access to vaccines. Some people choose to forget this.

I got mine a week ago (the astra zeneca) . I felt little side effects other than slight nausea which may or may not be due to the vaccine. The organisation of the programme at Woodchurch leisure centre, Wirral, was excellent.

I agree with several people on this site. It's your choice. But can I say that I and my son have done a lot of research into the vaccine and it has brought up a lot of things. Too many to put here. Do some research yourself. Look at the British Medical Journal, they have articles on it. Some articles are difficult to understand but stay with it. As someone said check out what is in the vaccine. Another thing that is relevant, isn't it strange you only hear the good things. Nothing is perfect, so why are we not being told of the negative side of things. Why would the government want the media to shut down anything negative about Covid. I am just saying, I am sitting on the fence so to speak at the moment. So, think, research, give yourself time to decide.

Yes just sit back and watch those that take this vaccine, as the years go by and the long term damage reveals itself, which can only be done over time, you will be happy you stayed on the fence.

HI loulou2222. i take it you don,t have an illness .you don,t take any medication or even have an headach to take paracetamol for which could have anything in it .and while i was lying in my MRI scan today i thought thank god for the inventors of this machein because i could be lying in a coffin. because it found my tumour that was cancerouse back in 2011. then you have to have the treatment which saves so many lives. so that treatment has to be put into you by drip. this treatment has been made and tested by sientists all over the world.including austrailia.but i wish you all the best and stay safe.

robin41 in reply to Loulou2222

LOL !! im so glad that we seem to have the Worlds Top Bio Chemists reading this site /thread and telling us how bad the Covid Vaccines are :D


This mania with side effects from the covid vaccine is really too much.Do you all not have other vaccines and have they not given you side effects?

It is destroying the years of research done on these vaccines, the blood sweat and tears of the researchers, the volunteers, people who died and didn't get the chance of having a vaccine to cut their symptoms drastically and save their lives. And what about all those who died before ANY vaccines were in place.

Did you not have your vaccines as a baby? And are you not still here?

These covid vaccines have been researched for years as part of a bigger picture of Sars2, coronavirus, they are not from the last few months only.

I am due my vaccine in 2 days and can't wait to have it to be able to return to a bit of normality.

Side effects are not going to kill you, who knows if Covid-19 will, even with the facts?

My opinion is to definitely have the vaccine, we are so lucky in our small country to be having this chance.

bantam12 in reply to greekqueen

Those who have underlining conditions have to weigh up the pros and cons, it's not " mania" it's sensible. I know people who have been extremely unwell after the vaccine and as the vaccine is still very new nobody yet knows if there could be any long term problems for some people.

greekqueen in reply to bantam12

brother, who has had a kidney transplant and had the vaccine said this.. I know a few people who got the Oxford vaccine and they all had the symptoms. But that vaccine uses the immune system to create antibodies so that’s expected. The Pfizer one doesn’t fire up the immune system in the conventional way so symptoms are supposed to much more rare.

Side effects if we want to discuss this.. My daughter, who is a student nurse had a sore arm. My son who works in a care home, had flu like symptoms for 24 hours, his partner had a lump under her arm which disappeared over the next week, my brother had flu like symptoms for 24 hours.

Yes there will be side effects but just the usual vaccine ones. More serious ones may still happen out of many thousands or even millions but they would happen anyway with all vaccines.

I don't care about long term, I will probably die from one of my illnesses before the effects of the vaccine get me, if indeed there are any, it's a no brainer really.

We need to focus on the main reason there are these vaccines and be lucky that we can get them and others can't in many countries.

Carolo70 in reply to bantam12

And now the focus is becoming children!

Then you have it. I’m all for pro choice.

Learn where the proper muscle is so this doesn’t happen to you as it did me. Otherwise, if it weren’t for human error the side effects were tiredness minor headache and feel rotten for 24-36 hours then completely gone. Well worth the vaccine instead of covid. While I’m sure others have different reactions.

bantam12 in reply to Pinky2233

Thanks that's very interesting. I already have muscle wastage and weakness in my left arm and shoulder due to past steroid injections for Frozen Shoulder so if I have the vaccine I will ask for it to be put in my other arm and just hope whoever does it is a good shot !

I belong to the national psoriasis association and other posters who take methotrexate or biologics for psoriasis and psa were told to stop taking it before they get the Covid vaccine.... From my personal experience Stopping a biologic drugs is a double edged sword “stopping” can create a flare I know this from first hand experience as I watched it destroyed the past 4 years of my life and still hasn’t righted itself. Please be cautious and don’t look to the professional to walk you through this process .... They have no real knowledge of what can happen when you abruptly stop a biologic drug.

I think everyone regardless of health conditions need to remember that all magic comes with a price and the question is for each individual person to know how much they are willing to pay? Im more cautious about the Covid vaccine and will not be doing it because Im currently on a biological medication for my PSA and have been doing well on this injection for 2 years until the magic started to wear off which then has started to create issues inside me that didn’t exists before I started the biologic. Yes Covid vaccine isn’t a biological medication but its still magic.

I say do it or don’t do it and let us know how it went.

Hi... I had the Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks ago. I was concerned about allergic reactions as I'd had an anaphylactic reaction many years ago to what I think might have been msg (chinese meal) which required injections. Never had anything like that since... discussed it at the vaccination centre and decided to go ahead. I'm pleased to say that apart from a dull headache and sore arm ... no other side effects. I've heard of just couple of people who had the astrazenica who had flu like symptoms for a couple of days. I also know a chap who had the jab even though he's just finished a course of chemo... and he didn't have any side effects.

I know there's a lot of scandal mongering by those against the vaccine, which is crazy as they probably had the measles jab, whooping cough, diphtheria , polio, bcg for TB, as children and smallpox or typhoid jabs if they've travelled... ...many of these diseases are no longer a major threat to us because of vaccines.

Look it this way. If you get the covid 19, or any one of the variants, you could end up in hospital and develop other organ damage in the process. You might even be a carrier...and infect goodness knows how many people. Look up Typhoid Mary!

The vaccine will not suit every single's not even a live vaccine. but what's the risk versus catching covid?

If we all took the same stance as the ones against vaccines... we'd go back to having in the Uk there's been more cases of measles reported because people are not getting the vaccine.

Yes we are taking a risk, but i don't want to spend the rest of my life trapped indoors... roll on jab no. 2.

I’ve had my jab this evening. All went good.

I’m just wondering did anyone have leg pain? I feel like I’m already getting leg ache 🙈

bantam12 in reply to SID123

Muscle and joint pain are common side effects.

SID123 in reply to bantam12

Thanks for your reply bantam12, it’s because I’m aching very soon after the jab. That made me think is it cos of the jab...,

bantam12 in reply to SID123

Leg aches and pains I could tolerate it's the possible vomiting and diarrhoea side effects that get me worried 🤢

Yeh ur right the nausea and vomiting 🤮 I really hope I don’t get

I feel absolutely awful... the pain in my joints every single joint from shoulder to feet is horrendous. I had an awful night. Painkillers won’t help. I almost regret having the jab. I never expected this kind of pain at all. When will it go !!!

bantam12 in reply to SID123

Hopefully it won't last long 🤞

Had my vaccine 2 days ago Astra Zenica, I can happily report all went well and I haven't had any side effects up till now. Gave my upper arm a gentle rub after vaccine, as I do after all jags unless advised not to, and it seemed to help as didn't have a sore arm, just very slight pain when I press. So all good in the hood so far, now roll on the second jag and some normality for us all 😉😁

No side effects of any concern tired and arm soreness (different to reaction with flu jab)!

Hi In still talking about covid jab here lol

My sister is having here today. After my experience she’s dreading it🙈. But she’s paranoid because she hassa read that if you have had covid then having the jab gives a very bad reaction- people have died 🙈🙈

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