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Pain management tips?


Hi everyone. I'm not writing to ask for sympathy but just advice. I was involved in a car accident today. My car is completely written off, both airbags deployed, seatbelt cut into my throat and my knees went into the dashboard and are badly bruised with fluid retention. I got carried away from the scene on a stretcher and in a neck brace however when my xrays came back fine, I was pretty much sent on my way with some codeine. My neck, my back, my legs, my chest, everywhere is in absolute agony and I just cannot stop crying. How do I stop the pain and the guilt? I haven't stopped shaking since it happened about 14 hours ago. I have tried to do some neck stretches as my neck feels so tight but its way too painful. I will be on my own tomorrow as my parents go back to work so I'm worried if I'm in too much pain I wont be able to fend for myself. Thank you in advance for any advice x

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Whoa that's just terrible 😨 The shakes are possibly to do with shock, see if they have settled down in a few days. Please don't feel guilty, accidents happen. Why do you feel guilty??? The pain should subside but if it doesn't you will have to go to your GP for more investigation 😣 Get ready for tomorrow today. Can you get to the toilet?? A bucket next to your bed might be an option. You'll need food & water, if you can't get to the fridge, try a esky/cooler next to your bed or on it. Keep your pain control pills really close - only use as prescribed - Codeine is powerful stuff. Get plenty of rest 💞

Hiya Maria,

Years ago I had a low impact head on going along a country lane one wet winters morning at about 6 am. Yes I was undamaged but yes also (my car was a write off too), I did have severe shock, so, a lot of what you are experiencing is shock, coming out - just let it flow.

I'm not a GP or Dr. but in terms of knee in juries my experience is with swelling etc to lay on a bed, (propped up a little if you want) then put your injured leg up on, say, a pile of pillows/cushions so that your ankle is higher than your hips and place an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the injury for about 20 minutes. Suggest get someone to get you a large pack of peas from the supermarket (the largest) freeze the bag and keep it on the knee. Then just keep putting the bag of peas back in the freezer for a few hours then repeat the ice pack process again and again. You may well find quite a bit of bruising emerge in time. Expect some of the pain to worsen a bit before it gets better, but, it will get better. Whatever you do focus on getting well, forget the guilt, health is most important. Get into pain control, whatever you are using use it EXACTLY according to the instructions. If it doesn't work try and get someone to get you to your GP for something stronger, maybe something like Co-Codomol 30/500. Whatever stronger medication you get (it should only be for a short while) use it strictly according to the instructions.

Good luck and may the force be with you.


Hi Maria94

For the next few days, unfortunately, you're going to be really sore but as the hospital has cleared you, it'll just be your body reacting to the traumatic event!

Try not to panic and take your Codeine regularly, as prescribed plus some Paracetamol, regularly, as prescribed/indicated on the box. If you can take Ibuprofen and are eating & drinking, then also take this in between the Codeine and Paracetamol, to get a constant regime of pain meds into your body while it calms down a bit.

A few days rest will help and after that if you're still too sore to manage then as joolzzz has said, make an appointment to see your GP.

There's no 'quick fix' for this kind of thing and we guys on here can only give you basic advice but anything more is needed from a medical professional.

Give your body and mind time to relax after something like that - no rushing it as it won't help in the long run.

Keep us updated


Sorebones in reply to RAYJAYC

Just want to add you need to check your codeine does not contain paracetamol as in cocodamol etc before taking extra paracetamol 🐸

I hope this finds you in a better place.

But I would stop trying to do neck stretches unless under medical advise.when you have a prang it's a shock. Even if only the car is damaged. If you are really struggling you can always phone your GP or parents for reassurance. Hope you have a better day. Slow but sure gets there honest.

Not a good start to the new year Maria94, take things slowly the pain should reduce over a few days, just be careful with the paracetamol. It's Ok to take more than one type of painkiller and stay in bed if needs be for a few days. The advice about knee treatment is good, I have a special ice pack in my freezer but I understand a bag of peas is the next best thing. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon and don't forget a good cry can work wonders too xx take care.

Hey Maria....You'll still be in shock from the accident and it seems like you're suffering whiplash effects from the trauma. Is there any chance one of your parents, friend or sibling could stay with you tomorrow? Sudden jolts to the neck/whiplash symptoms can exasperate over the next couple of days, (neck pain, stiffness and headache) so keep taking the codeine tablets and try to keep the gentle exercises to the neck going if you can. Ice packs or bags of frozen peas for your neck and knees will also help too! If after a week and symtoms still exists, call your GP Surgery and ask for a telephone conference with your Doctor. They can prescribe more medication and perhaps a sickline (fit note) for your employer.

I hope you're feeling better soon Maria, again try to arrange for someone to keep you company over the next couple of days. You'll also have all the guys on this site too if you need any more advice, or just wanna chat?

Take care,


Hi Maria, firstly, I am sorry for how you are feeling right now...your are overwhelmed mentally and physically. Recognise this, is a start, allow yourself to empty...stay in bed,read a book...reading clears you thinking, more than any other activity. You have to let it all wash over you, slowly. Remember all of it, is will pass. The pain will ease, swelling will ease...trauma of thinking about guilt, fear, flashbacks...will all ease...just takes time. You have to eat, drink, take meds, rest...that's all you have to worry about until your stronger.

Try and see yourself getting into a better place...and only think about today, week is too far away.

I realise as I read this back it dose the seem very sympathetic or me I have been where you are...I know what you are feeling...and my advice is do all of the above...until you Maria are reading to deal with the next bit.

Thank god your is only a car, metal, you are worth far more, take care of you xx

You're in an awful place right now, but you're not alone.

My advice would be to make yourself comfortable, there's lots of soothing meditation music on you-tube, or just watch some trashy TV.

Keep your tablets close by, forget about the car and concentrate on yourself.

A nice hot bath, treat yourself with scrummy comfort food, plenty of water and YOU time. Try to relax and stay positive.

As much as it may pain you, try to keep moving. Gentle walking will prevent you from stiffening up.

You will feel better in no time, bless ya ;-)

That must have been really scary, Maria!

If you can get hold of some epsom salts (calcium magnesium sulphate crystals) to put in the bath, they're great for relieving pain, bruising, joint & muscle aches, & also stress. Add at least half a kilo, & soak for as long as you can. I get 25kg bags delivered in 48 hours from the bidding shop, for under £16. It's the main ingredient in commercial products like radox, which is possible easier to get at short notice.

Taking oral magnesium or something like herbal Rescue Remedy might help too.

Hope you're on the mend soon!



Speak to your GP,A+E only do the basics ,its up to your GP to sort the pain and stuff If they can be bothered tbh some don't give a monkeys

Hmm. just today, my but you are quick, how did you find this so quick.

But if you are stuck ,say like in bed, then the toilet is the problem, and you should get a bowl or something to be safe and get all your things you need around you before your parent's leave, and then just lie back and enjoy the computer or phone, or TV and slowly you'll get better, and I so do hope you'll not get any bad affect's from your accident, say like your neck, that all Insurance companies dread, best of luck and hope you'll be fine best Alex

Sorry to hear about your accident. You should expect to be in some degree of pain for a couple of days , even in a low impact collision things are sent out of whack so there is some effect. Stretching too much immediately after may do more harm than good at the moment. Great advice from Joolzz there, get ready for tomorrow today. Patents possibly making up a couple sandwiched or flask of soup. Having lots of water to hand and the TV remote handy. Make sure you have a phone near in case you need assistance too. If you feel better later tomorrow, try to take very small walks between rooms every couple of hours, just to keep things moving. Lots of ice packs at the ready for sore bits too, don't use heat for fresh traumas.

If there is no easing in the pain after the initial few days, contact your gp for further assessment. The hospital seem to have checked things out, so unfortunately it's giving yourself a chance to heal now

Good luck x


Firstly thank you everybody for taking the time out of your day to help me. A lot of the tips you have given me have helped me out a lot. I have been resting up propped up on pillows, watching crap on telly, dosed up on pain killers with cold compresses on my knees. I do feel slightly better than what I did this morning, but as they say the day after is always the worst! I technically have no reason to feel guilty. The accident was not my fault however you find that you doubt yourself a lot when these things happen! I've realised now that there was no way I could have prevented what happened and I can only try my best to get back on track. Coolpolitealex I'm unsure as to what you mean? The accident was yesterday but I have been a member of this website since August of last year haha. Thanks again for all your replies! I'm sure I'll be back to my old self within a week or so hopefully!


There isn't any way my parents can stay with me as as soon as they found out I hadn't broken any bones they went back to work. Today my mother even suggested I go back to college... So heartless :(

coolpolitealex in reply to Hidden

Maybe she is right, but hey' only you know how you really feel, and if you feel under the weather, well take a few day's off and think, and think, till your better .

Your parent's sound like they are workaholics , and their work is everything, but your only young once, so it is important that you feel well enough to continue your studies without all those niggling aches and pains bothering you, so look after your health, and if it takes a day or two more then you just rest and rest till your well enough to continue the journey, best wishes Alex

Hi. I've had the same experience. Rest, see your own doctor as soon as you can. The guilt is natural and in time will lessen. Be easy on yourself right now because you are still in shock.

Let us know how you make out.

So sorry to hear about your accident. The shakes are shock. Be prepared to feel worse before you feel better. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids. I have a pain playlist of music that is a mixture of tunes that take me back to good memories. Join Netflix - they offer a free months trial and stay in bed tomorrow, curl up, watch movies and keep taking your pain meds every four hours. Keep distracted with things you like doing like reading, listening to music and watching tv. Accidents happen. Forgive yourself. It's part of life. I find heat helps better than ice and you can get heat patches from the chemist that you can wear for 10 - 12 hours which might help. Sleep. Try to eat. Pamper yourself.

Hope you recover soon.

Lou xx

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