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Two days to go till I have my operation

This is just a thank you for everyone who has supported me with messages of good luck for Thursday . Thanks again. Clive X 🤗

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Hope it goes well for you Clive was just thinking about you this morning hoping it will go well x

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Thank you, I go in tomorrow for c3 C4 Fusion on Thursday x

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Will be thinking of you x

Longsider..Im sending out good energy into the universe for ya and ur operation and everyone will be waiting here on HU to hear how u r doing after u recover.

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Thank you hippolove1 , for your kind words I will be back on as soon as I can x

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Don't rush your recovery..we will all be patient ..until ur return :)

Hi there Clive. Good luck for your operation. You are in our thoughts and hearts. Sandie x 🤗

Good luck quick recovery!

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I personally look forward to hearing about the operation, recovery and outcome. I've been offered a fusion also with about two months left to make a decision?? Very best wishes to you

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