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I have got my date for my first tier tribunal....27 October. I know I shall hardly be able to walk, as the day before I have a hospital appointment and I will be getting another biopsy done on my genital region (oh god I am dreading having it done, as I know how painful it will be afterwards and all that goes with it.) I have an appointment with my CAB representative on Monday 5th to prepare my case. My doctor has written a letter detailing ALL my "illnesses" that affect my day to day living. Not sure if my consultant will have the results of my recent CT scan which goes to show how my walking/standing/strength to do tasks are limited.

Oh well I am going to fight to get what I am entitled to, and need so I can make adaptations to my home to make life safer.

hugs to all Liz x

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Good luck... I really hope it's a positive outcome for you. It's outrageous the lengths we have to go to just to be able to get enough to scrape by on.

My pip claim was turned down, so was the reconsideration. I haven't the energy to fight on and I just hope one day I'll have my pain under better controll so I can at least get a part time job.

All the best x


Good luck Liz, to be honest though you shouldn't need luck, assessments should be done by people who know what they are doing, I don't understand why the decisions are not made on your own GPs report after all he's (or her) the one that knows you better than anyone who has spoken to you for 10 minutes, what's the matter with the government, can they not control all the GPs like they do the assessors it makes my blood boil, disabled people should get what they need to try to live as much of a normal life as possible.

Besides my rant hope all goes well for you Liz

Gentle hugs Sheryl


Best of luck to you. I really hope it goes well and you get the help you need. I have pain and mobility issues. Getting to work is hard on the tube and bus. I have to stop and take breaks and lean on walls when the pain gets to bad.


I have been advised to pull out of Tribunal and to re-apply for PIP as the way my case stands I am only likely to score 4 points. But I need to wait till my conditions worsen and to get consultant reports...I feel like I am worthless...not sick enough and not well enough..in total limbo...


Hi Liz,

I went through a similarbattle, though in Canada, so forgive me if I am unaware of certain acronyms/terms... after my third "turned down for lack of information" notice, I was at the end of my rope..

So I did something different... instead of giving them what they asked for, I gave them a print out from my doctor that showed his notes from every single visit since he took me on as a patient. .. it showed that I went consistently for a worsening condition that never let up,and that I adhered to every piece of advice he offered.

Once I submitted all 40 some pages of it....which was easy for my Dr to print. ...things were finally approved.

Not sure if this will help you, but thought it couldn't hurt..

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