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Confused with my two diagnosis

I have RA and fibermyalgia does anyone else have both. I been on enbril for 3 months, it's helped the pain alot . But I'm always sick from exhaustion or just feel gross , my doc says to do arthritis yoga it could reverse the fibermyalgia and the enbril could help with it. I thought I'd be alot better out of ra pain. But now this . She said stages , and I'm in stage three but less fiber points on my body sinse my last check up. I went to the grocery store today , cooked dinner and I had to sleep a few hours..I wake up sweating and heart pounding . Is it fiber or the enbril and input on this for me..I can't tell these symptoms apart . Just hopeful but lost hope ..

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Hi Cynthialcj, I don't have your illness, but do have two arthritis so understand why you may be confused. Both your illnesses can be draining so take care and do what makes you feel better.


Thank you


Hi Cynthialcj

I don't have ra but do have fibermalgia, Tourette's & dystonia. They started me on one med a year ago & changed it about 4-5 months ago strictly for the Tourette's it is adderall that has helped with my symptoms so much. I also take hydrocodone 5/325 for the pain 4 times a day but sometimes get severe headaches so I was taking Excederine Migraine meds over the counter & would have terrible sweats & heart pounding, a couple days I didn't have the headaches so didn't take the excederine & I didn't have the sweating & heart pounding symptoms. They scare me so bad cause I have had 5 heart attacks & open heart so I try not to take them unless it's really bad. So I've said all that to say I don't know if you take any over the counter meds along with your other meds that they might be causing the symptoms you are having. That was my problem. I sure hope you get relief soon. I spoke to a lady in waiting room at my reumotoligist office other day & she has ra & he had just told her he was thinking of starting her on the adderall as well. Not sure if this is something new for ra & Tourette's but has really helped me. Just trying to help someone else thru these terrible times.

You are in my thoughts & Prayers



I never was suggested Adderall. I feel it's the enbril , feels like prednisone symptoms were the same. Maybe enbril is a type of reaction like prednisone..I had heart pounding severe and sweating as well..thank you I just thought of it from reading yoir post. I don't need any more symptoms from my desease . Thxs


Hi - I was diagnosed with Lupus over 20 years ago and it was attacking my kidneys which has caused damage to both of them but I take plaquenil and it has put the lupus pretty much in remission. I was also in a lot of pain and was sent to see a rheumatologist as well and was diagnosed with RA and Fibromyalgia and was seen by a specialist annually or if it became unbearable - sooner. I never believed much in fibromyalgia as I couldn't be presented with scientific proof and I just thought this might be an easy solution. About a year ago I started experiencing very strange symptoms and was thinking my blood could get checked and the doctor could see what was wrong with me - my doctor still has no scientific proof but after being seen by my GP, my Rheumatologist, Internal Medicine and a psychiatrist of medicine - my symptoms are all related to a flare up of fibro! I have been sick for close to a year with daily headaches, extreme fatigue, episodes of unexplained rash and extreme itch, swollen itchy eyes, pain in all my joints(RA) as well as the rest of my body(fibro), dry eye which causes blurriness daily beginning about noon, anxiety so bad I couldn't sleep or sit still to even watch half an hour of TV. High blood pressure then low blood pressure, periodic bladder retention, and the list goes on! Within the past year I've developed a cataract on each eye and the opthamologist and retina specialist have found a 'bump' on my left eye and cannot explain it except to confirm it is not due to my lupus medication of plaquenil. I have that excruciating aching and pain in my shoulder that I cannot get rid of and makes me sick to my stomach as it is so bad it moves up the back of my neck and then causes a headache. The rheumatologist explained to me that is a very common fibro symptom and to use heat and keep having hot showers/baths etc. I do not use anything for pain as of yet due to the reason that fibro also causes me constipation and painkillers are not good for this! I am on sick leave now due to lack of concentration and memory as it became so stressful at work, the symptoms multiplied. I also wake up in the night sweating on my chest only from time to time and I'm suffering from insomnia in the worst way but zopiclone no longer works. I've been recently prescribed amitriptyline for sleep as well as the pain associated with fibro but it also does not work and has an opposite effect on me. I also tried Cymbalta for pain and anxiety and it also worked completely opposite on me. I have started taking a yoga class every other day and yes - it is awesome as it allows you to learn how to release tension and stress and takes the stiffness out of your aching joints and body. It helps so much with headaches as well - I take yoga for backs and gentle yoga. I'm being seen by a specialist to try to figure out why meds aren't working in the right manner for me and I also cannot take a lot of the RA drugs and some of the fibro ones as the lupus has caused kidney disease and this limits all anti-inflammatory drugs. I'm beyond confused now I'm too tired to be anything - hope this works to help you out in some way! Good luck!

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Dear people thank you for taking thectime to talk to me i do learn and appreciate it. I do take soma a muscle relaxor and constipation from the enbril. I take two sena so daily and drink alot of water. I have its also from my fibro..it's just awful. Im.sick everyday to. I just bought a yoga book..and been stretching and some core exercises..my doctor said yoga. So here I go. I just wish I could have a break. It seems like constant flare ups. My ra pain is well ,the enbril is doing its job. I prat for no bad lymphoma or cancers or lung desease. I sure have enough already


Hi - yoga really does work - Im not a gym person or exerciser whatsoever but yoga is amazing! Constipation is horrible but I have been told never to use Senna - natural or not - because it causes your bowels to become dependant on it. I started using Restorelax in a glass of water as its a much better option and doesn't cause this. There's also no cramping or immediate runs. It works to soften first and allows a normal void.

Hope this helps.


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