I have a confession to make

I am writing this as public as possible (may not read this) so I'm hoping that they may read this apology.

I recently accused a physiotherapy dept of laughing at me , well on reflection and with a whole night trying to work out why I accused them of it and still can't explain it fully but the crutch of it is that I made a terrible mistake and confused one problem with another and mixed up where I was at the time and I am so sorry about it because I remembered that the head physiotherapist (I think ) took me aside and sorted it out and it was nothing to do with laughing at me, so I can only openly say I made a stupid mistake due to my big mouth sounding off without thinking, no excuse at all, absolutely none, and I hope this is a first try at putting it right, or at least try to, as I know there is a lot of medical professionals who come here to browse and so I hope it get's heard in the right place and places where it will be heard about or read as the case may be.

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  • When I was having physio the girl I saw was rude to me every time I saw her for treatment the first time I left it go then I made sure she knew how I felt i stopped talking to her all I would say was yes or no if she asked me question I saw her 6 times and the last appointment I cancel online

    And never went back

    I saw my Gp and told her how rude she was it went all done on my notes

    I don't let anyone walk over me I don't care who they are

    Please don't be hard on yourself

  • DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!! you are allowed to make mistakes :)

  • Hi there,

    I feel for you, I really do. When we've been suffering pain and you must have been to be having physio, it comes as no surprise that you were short or even rude. Pain makes us tetchy, cross and downright horrid at times, we've all felt like that and I'm sure you're not the only one to have reacted in this way. I hope writing your post has helped bring you some relief.


  • Well done coolpolitealex for confessing to your mistake in public, that takes guts. But I am sure many of us have done the same, mouth in gear without thought. It is easily done when pain is getting you down or life is stressful. But guess it is not really an excuse and it was good the physio took you aside and sorted it out. One feels humbled when someone does help even though you may have been abrupt don't you think? I agree hope discussing it on here has helped.

  • Yes it does Katieoxo60, thanks for your input and what you say makes sense and is helpful, and yes humbled when some stranger helps as I get help all the time from all sorts of people, and that does humble you, best Alex

  • Hello Cool

    i do not really know if you upset anyone, allon here I would imagine can cause a smile when having treatment. We all say strange things or let our mouth run out of gear, believe me they get it all on wards and clinic. All I can say is now I have been going to hospital now for over thirty years with this bloody complaint and sometimes I have worried what I have said, or my actions have not been politically correct.

    Many years ago I was having a sedation and they had me in twighlight sleep, I remember chatting up a dental nurse and been put down a little deeper for my troubles. This can be normal as it was a medication contraindication. I remembered what I had done and I felt terrible. Nothing was really said and the nurse just let it ride.

    Do not worry, stranger things happen in a hospital clinic/ ward


  • Yes Bob you are so right, I thought as we give it out , then an honest apology just might make a little difference, that is if the people it's meant for read it, anyway nice to say Hi again how's things, best Alex

  • Well done for being honest in public, we've all been there.perhaps next time you go, you can ask if you seemed "off" in any way, and then say sorry. However, sometimes smiles of sympathy can be misunderstood, but given the nature of your pain and meds, it is understandable. I was a nurse and no good carer will mind at all, they will be more concerned to check if their responses caused the problem and trying to get the best treàtment possible.

    A fresh day, a clean breast and a new day :-)

  • If your having physio then you obviously have pain or discomfort so I'm sure they would just chalk it down as you having a bad day.

    Don't worry about it, beleave me we all do things like that at some point .

  • Hi there cool. Good for you for speaking out if you even thought you were being laughed at. I'm sure that your apology will be accepted. I have the opposite problem, I notice when things are wrong and feel nothing in return so I do not reply and look after myself. People then get the wrong impression of who I am. This is a great drawback. I admire those who can speak out.

  • I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY, for' it seems, that it is the one disability that you have to prove ,and prove, and prove and prove , and prove again.

    But not to everyone, and I find that it is to the medical profession where the most disbelief is set in stone with some nursing staff, and it comes out in the patronizing tone, and good for you Bluebaby88, for it is good for you to look after yourself as much as you can, as in these times of selfishness from the political community in the UK (not all) they ask us to tighten our belts, well if I did that' then I could not walk at all, and tightening my belt only makes the pain worse and more disabled in the long term, best Alex

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