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I can't wait till my own gp comes back!!!!

Sick of fobbed off!!!in pain my hip is furfer moved now???no one will tell me why??is it because I've scoliosis????? Only been told mind!!!and he said prop ....yeh prop had it from brith no haven' had 8 MRI scans...yeh 8!!!!! Oh and only told me have arthritis too...asked if would of saw on last MRI s...oh yeh said neurosurgery guy..this been happening over years..oh well I will get on with no ones said is it safe to go on fun fair rides????or ice skating??? My hip has moved more..looks like I am leaning more to one side and not....that's it will suffer on till October..November till my own gp comes back!!!!!

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Hi I'm in the same boat as you every GP I see just fobbed off can't get any scans or X-rays seen five gps all say the same had physio which was rubbish I'm going back to the hospital and I'm going to put my foot down the way I've been treated by the NHS has been awful I going to put a complant about the physio I saw as she was rude and uncaring towards me. Sorry fot the rant I've had enough of the crap

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Hi..fishnchips14.. No you rant away..sick of it all my self...I was ment to go back to neurosurgery guy..this month..but that busy now end September!!! You knew physio sent me for proper spine person has read it..or read it to me..I knew I've got scoliosis!! And stuff wrong..I asked today why has it got worse even after few month??he said ohh you need to see back person!!!!rumo said I've to go no were nere one..has my backs messet up..from op..but I want to knew why??it also said need further MRIs on hips..and enlargement of s1 joint???he don't knew that ether!!! Here's pills more....more..over years..I knew my in sides are messed up..bad..I've had bad bowel props years now with pills...seems no one gp saw me since had my last op she knees me best...she's understanding.. Catering..been off since may..come back..but I knew it will be rush to see her..has everyone got to knew her too..very nice..wish more GPS like her......I really hope you get there too..that's bad fobbed off you feel waste less.. Not there...if it was there daughter.. Son..would they help!!!!bet they would...I've been told put my foot stand up for your self we have rights too...human rights!!!!!I used to say if I was a hourse would but me down!!!!laugh but thought of this in years to come....can't do it!!!!!xxx


Over what period of time did your GP or whoever, send you for eight MRI scans?


Bless your heart. I hope your doctor comes back soon sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


Louiseamos If you have had 8 MRIs that is a lot and sounds like the need for it is beyond the expertise of a GP. Ask for a second opinion from a consultant who will understand these scans immediately, you are entitled to it. Good luck


Really hope you get things sorted louise I read all the post in here most days I feel for the people in chronic pain the effect it has one lives and loved ones


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