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Back Pain

I’m a 36 year of male from the Wirral, Merseyside.

I’ve Suffered with back pain for about 15 years being a Roofer and have always tried my best to managed it?

I changed my job 3 years ago because it was getting to the point where is was unbearable.

I had a accident in work in April 2018 which has kicked it off again, but also I’m suffering from pain that I have never experienced before!

That pain along with my spasms has taken its toll and is having a massive impact on the mental side and emotional side of me...

I’m look for someone, who has maybe got some experience or advice in what I have been or going through?

whether is it’s just a small bit of advice or someone who has lived with a similar experience that I am suffering now.

Any information or help would be very much appreciated.

I’m waiting on a MRI SCAN and currently having physio privately as I’ve found in the past physios to be borderline useless.

I’m on tramadol, naproxen and amitriptyline for the back pain!

The constant aching and spasms and night has meant it’s taken it toll on my mental side!!

It’s takes one drug to counteract the other, so 12 tablets a day is having a massive impact in me getting back to some normality!!

Any help would be very helpful.


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I am also on the Wirral and have had back pain issues for over 30 years. You have suffered too long and are too young for your life to be on hold. It is not clear if you have ever had a formal diagnosis of your condition or whether you have been referred to a specialist. You mention that you are waiting for an MRI scan but is this as a result of your GP having referred you to a specialist or is it through some other channel?

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Hi thanks for the reply, I’ve always been told it’s muscular and told to take this tablet and that!!

Once I changed my job I thought I was on the mend?

No medication for 2yrs, until I had my accident.

The MRI Scan is through the solicitors who are handling my claim!

My specialist consultant who I seen in January says in his report that there is a step in L5/S1 not sure what that means at all?

I’m just hoping that something does show up on the MRI as I will at least know where I stand!!!

Thanks for your reply.



You problem sounds similar to mine Nath. I was 21 when it began, but 35 when a disc at L5/S1 (which means a disc at the bottom of your spine has trapped nerves) caused unbearable pain (and I'd had two kids!) for me, then I went numb all below the waist. Emergency surgery saved my legs and ...ahem...other "bits" 😉, but I was very lucky, others have been left incontinent and in a wheelchair, so be very careful.

Your MRI scan should show what's what for you and private physio might just get that disc to slip back in so that you might not need surgery. It's tons better than NHS physio, I found that after I had a car accident 2 years ago and the insurers paid for it for me, what a difference! NHS seems to just want to inflict pain or just use heat, which you can do at home!

I wish you luck Nath, take it steady.


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Has your GP suggested pain management? If not, ask to be referred to the one in The Walton Neurological Centre at Fazakerley hospital. I'm sure I'd still be working or been able to carry on longer if I'd got on that after my accidents rather than when it was too late.

There's a multibed acupuncture clinic in Prenton that's supposed to be very good, which was recommended to me by an acupuncturist I know who goes there. Your physio might offer needling for pain relief, but they're not adequately trained in 14-15 hours, whereas a real acupuncturist has a degree including >400 hours of clinical practice. I know some fantastic practitioners in & around Manchester, if you can get there.

Another option to try is seeing a chiropractor, which I found helpful, or an osteopath, which I've not tried.


Hi BadHare, thanks for your advice and I will definitely look into it as anything that may help is worth a go.

My GP is borderline useless and just keeps giving my extra tablets!

The amount of times I’ve been back there is unbelievable and just got No confidence in them!!

I’m hoping in a good way that something does show up on the MRI and then hopefully I might be able to move forward!

Thanks again. Nath.


Gp should send and refer you to pain management straight away. After six months it's way too much suffering and medication Is addictive. Pain management they make people wait as last hope and opinions but they must refer. All the best.

Pain management only self help strategies can't stop the pain but it's a option to cope for the rest of life.


Jayne thanks for your message, this site really does help as you know your not the only one who is suffering!

People don’t understand how back pain can take it’s toll on the mental side as well.

Very difficult for people (doctors) to understand fully what I’m going through.

The MRI is private so hoping I get something out of it and then I can start moving forward instead of going backwards from time to time.


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I injured my back at work when lifting a patient about 18years ago since then everything has gone downhill fast.they retired me from work after 25 years that almost killed me I loved my job . Neurology refused to operate said it could make me worse and I can manage on elbow crutches . I had physio in pool and pressure puncture no needles that physio helped me no end . Some days I could do more than others but family life suffered I had 3 children plus the one I married I felt useless wasn't a mum wife or nurse anymore they put me on all these pills that diddnt really make a difference just gave me nasty side effects . The only analgesia I found to work was cocodamol which is what neurosurgeon advised I use a tens machine but you have to place it in different positions untill you get it right it's practice . Been on different anti-anxiety medication for years . My scans and MRI showed discs bulging at L 3,4and 5 . Now I have osteoarthritis had 2hip replacement and waiting knee my family has a history of arthritis it just hit me younger due to being immobile and weight gain . The last few months I been doing aqua it has worked I am still in pain but I can move easier I do Tai chi which is mindful slow movements . Mindfulness also has helped my depression but that takes practice it also gets me out of house and I'm meeting new people not isolated which i used to be . It's not easy and after working on a trauma unit realised there is no one method it's all trial and error but moving around when your able is the best thing and rest when things get too bad . Pacing is a must I still have yet to come to terms with that I tend to do too much when I'm ok then have a flare up the following day and can't move . Diagnosed last year with fibromyalgia . Good luck hope you get some answers that help xxx

Carol in West wales


Hi carol, thanks for your experience and advice!! It amazes me how helpful this site is, I was told about it by a friend and so grateful for the comments and advice that I’ve been given.

It’s good to talk and I do it far to much! Lol.

No on a serious note, this site is helping in so many ways.

Take care.


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Hi I have experienced the same sort of pain I'm Also a career trained in medicine it's probably notted nerves in your spinal cord which triggers your moods significantly an will possibly affect your legs soon try remidine an tramadol soak your back in hot water an honey which will sooth your nerve also ask your go for gabepenton which will release the pain an help you more with baring the pain

Yours sincerely bonnie



I have spinal stenosis which effects nerves,was put on tramadol 20 years ago which helped then but over time my body has got used to them. I am now on Pregabalin

Which is fantastic started on a low dose and can go up accordingly.Any pain in back can effect nerves and an effect legs as well as back Pregabalin is a nerve reducer I have found this fantastic but until you have results of MRI you won't know if nerves are affected

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Hi Nath what has helped my back pain is seeing a qualified remedial deep tissue massage therapist. Like you I have never found physios helpful. In my experience they treat you as a condition rather than as an individual. We are all different & there are so many different reasons why we get back pain. You need to get a correct proper diagnosis as to what is causing your pain. There may be different things going on - the after effects of the original injury, there may be referred pain, it may be that the soft tissues & muscles have seized up (spasms) to protect the area, exacerbating the problem. Whatever it is, you need to know. A really good remedial massage therapist could do that, would give you deep massage if appropriate, usually starting off gently, would work on the surrounding soft tissues, stretch out those tight muscles to reduce your spasms, get the circulation flowing which will help flush out toxins that have stagnated in the injured area. They will give you exercises to do. Your body has probably compensated elsewhere for the injured area, setting off a chain reaction of pain. I found that remedial massage gave me back a sense of control because the practitioner was telling me exactly what they were doing & why, as well as what I could do to help myself. I have been there with the pain meds believe me & it’s soul destroying & they make you feel lousy & depressed. You need some hope pal. An MRI would be a really good thing to kick things off. If you decide you want to explore massage a bit more, this is the professional body where my massage therapist trained. Explore the site a bit & also you can see if there’s a practitioner in your area. GOOD LUCK 👍https://www.lcsp.uk.com

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Hi chronic pain is severe disability.

Some people can do some work. Some people severely injured and pain is uncontrolled...

I had similar situation but I have to say keep your self resting and only doing what you can manage safely.

Bit of mindfulness relaxation for the mind.

Accept it is a life long disability.

To focus on good things in your life and day.. Little but keep a Postive mind.

Cut too many drugs. As they waste of time and addictive.

Get social friends that help chat with you to keep a balance in life.

Try a pain management program.

Never easy but each day pace tasks and embrace good things in life.


Plus regular sleep helps. Am in same situation but no one seems to understand chronic pain problems. It's a severe disability and you need all the support you can get.

As physical health affects mental health and you need to gain control of your health as you don't want further health difficulties as the nervous system is already working overtime.

Take care best of luck with the management of chronic pain


I feel your pain, one thing I realised is that if I stay in one place to long/or stand this aggravation is intensified. Pain at night is harder to control than during the day due to how exhausted you are.

I was on 400mg tramadol, 300mg gabapentin, naproxen, paracetamol and lidocaine patches every day, not including other medication such a trazodone.

I think due to my high tolerance for medication it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Also rather than taking the amitriptyline and tramad an hour before going to bed. And try get to bed earlier rather than later.

I also attended pin management classes which helped to me deal with my pain and knowing my limitations.

Not sure if this helps any, I do empathise with you having had chronic back pain and arthritis for many years it can take its toll.

I also swim and go to the gym too try and keep the muscles around my spine strong

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scammer clown and your being reported.scumbag...


Many thanks I would say pain management is a difficult area where professionals struggle to fix it..


We have to manage it the best we can.

1 rest and relaxation. To help the mind relax from nervous system that's gone hay wire.

2 massage or holistic approach alternatives therapy natural.

3. Counciling or CBT. More of positive thinking. Long term pain management

4. Gentle Streches daily or yoga to keep muscles avoiding fatigue. Or they cause more pain in th e future.

5. Be happy each day. We suffer from it daily. No one else gets it but don't let it bring moods down life is still to be happy..

Thanks rakesh

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Thanks hope it helps. Living with pain not easy but we have to manage it ourselves. And keep it away from taking control of our lives we will remain in control of our lives.

Take care


Mine turned out to be a slipped disc which affects both my spine and my sciatic nerve. I've been told I have to have physio which is unlikely to help me and then I can have cortisone injections. I did not find amitriptyline or gabapentin helpful and try to avoid taking too many meds, I currently take tramadol four times a day and try to walk 1-2 miles per day. I also have a lumbar support cushion for when I am sitting.


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