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So basically in start of August 2018 i jerked my back was fine in 4 days. But a two weeks later i starts getting pain on my left buttock down to my left leg with a bit of tingling

The pain stoped 1st week into September but came back worse in October. Its now the 16th week of constant pain. Can hardly walk or stand or sit ony laying down in the left side stops some of the pain.

Im on 400mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. 30/500 of co codomal 4 times a day. And 75mg of pregablin twice a day ( was 50mg but my doctor put it up in monday 11th February 2019 . )She also said it chronic scaictia and can take awhile to heal.

Question is .. is 16 weeks too long and would there be something under lying

I have no back pain what so ever.

Its just driving me crazy the fact i can hardly walk or stand less than 2 minutes before the pain gets really bad and the tingling all down my leg to my foot starts.

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Might you have a bulging disc that is impinging the nerve? I did, at L5 S1, they might eventually offer an MRI, but physio or chiropractor in meantime might help. Good luck

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I hope not. My mum has that.

Im going back to doctors on monday to say something is clearly causing it and maybe i should be sent for a scan

Thank you for your input :) x

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Pain killers could be making the problem worse. See a chiropractor and get their opinion.


Waiting on a physiotherapy appoiment xx

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I learnt from experience that physiotherapy can be very limited in the NHS and may not deliver what you need.


It's worth a try if not i can go somewhere else but don't think it's a good idea as im doing all the exercises the give you on the nhs site and icant even do them it hurts to much to the point feels like someone is pushing my leg up more than it can go


I hate to say this. You are not doing the exercises correctly. You need supervision of a person to find out the subtleties. Ask a local yoga teacher or Pilates teacher. You risk doing yourself damage.

Google "Thomas Myers". You may find what he says interesting.


I had a sore back and could not get of the floor at one point. Got finally into bed. Couple of days later I got unbearable sciatica in my leg and the back ache had virtually gone. Had an mri and it showed a medium herniation at l5/s1. Had injection that did nothing and 3 months later had another mri which showed the herniation to be massive and had surgery 6 days later. Had 2 more surgeries since for the same problem at the same disc and now am trying to return to normal.

I would request an mri as you might well have a herniated disc, at least you’ll know one way or another.


Wow that sounds horrible

Think im panicing more as my mum as a slipped disk and they refuse to give her on op. Now shes classed as disabled

Im going to the doctors on mondayto talk about getting a scan and maybe changing meds or up the pregablin a bit more

I hope you get back to nornal soon xxx


Thanks, I am on my way. Not trying to scare you but just trying to get you to press your dr for a scan or a referral to a neuro surgeon. You definitely do not need to end up like your Mum as you are far too young at 26.


Think i scared my self more by searching online. Just can not wait till the doctors open on Monday x


Let us know how you get on x


Hiya jill

Had mine for 8 years so bad I'm in a wheelchair 24/7 and several mri scans and many injections and tablets and still no let up.

Hope you get it sorted out




Hope so too im 26 and never felt pain this bad in my life


It sounds like the diagnosis is correct however a different medication may be better if this last over a moderate longer time period.

You need to rest the leg and hip, try warm compresses or a hot pulsating shower head over the problem area. Bean Heat bags nestling against the sore area may also increase the blood supply, however the source seems to be the hip

You are getting what is called referred pain that transmits down the outside or the leg, thigh. You could discuss using a TENS machine, a double channel will enable you to put down a nerve block to block the pain down from hip to leg

You can purchase these at large chemists, also they are for sale on the Web I use BODY CLOCK for my machines. Normally I get twin channels, with multiple frequencies and modulations, this stops the body getting used to the one or two variations and you can change your needs as required. This optimises your treatment needs. The machine I have also gives the addition of an EMS that tones the muscles. Machines cost about £60.00. There are other machines, One is called a Pain Pen, although a TENS in my case is better for sciatica



borderriever thank you

I've tried most of that for the past 4 months . Nothing seems to even be taking the edge off what so ever .


Nerve damage can be controlled by various AD medications. Amytryptalene excuse spelling comes to mind. Have words with your GP.

Rest and warmth are some of the bests ways to get sorted

Check on posture at home and work, depending on seating it may be you are placing pressure on the nerve. Check on sitting posture and if the seat is hard on the nose of the seat, edge. Your thigh should not be in contact between thigh and knee joint



Just back from doctors

They have me on

diclofenac instead of ibuprofen

Still need to take 30/500 co codomal 4 times day

With my pregablin ive to take 75mg in morning and 150mg at night

He can't refer me fora scan

Apparently only physiotherapy can

So hopefully get an appointment soon x


I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Just to check, when you say doctor, do you mean a GP or a specialist? I’m just so confused as to why they won’t give you a scan given you’ve been in pain for so many months. If it’s your GP refusing you a scan, perhaps ask for a referral to a specialist (maybe a pain management specialist or orthopaedic surgeon) to see if you can get a proper opinion? Like the others say, it sounds like referred pain from a disc but an MRI would help give you clarity as to whether this is the culprit. However, it can take time to recover if this is the cause. I think it took me 4-5 months to recover in my initial episode (though it doesn’t sound quite as severe as yours) and then I had a flare up a couple of months later. I hope you get some answers and get some relief from your pain


Was the gp. My mum came with me

Ive to go back in two weeks if the up does of the meds dont work

Think i might ask to be referred as the

physiotherapy has a waiting list of 15 /16 weeks

I mean i have no pain in my back what so ever just my left hip onto my left buttock and leg xxx


Wow, what a wait to see a physio! Makes me appreciate my six week wait! It’s not unusual to get pain that’s not in your back. The first site where I experienced pain was my coccyx and I also suffered with soreness in my sit bones beyond the 4-5 months I quoted, though the severity diminished with time. I also had pain that ran down the front of my thigh for a month or two as well. I think you need some answers before you can move forward. Fingers crossed for you


Mines is down the back at first i thought it was the front but defo the back.

Me too im doing the exercises showing on nsh website but can only go so far before it hurts. Told the gp this too which is why he put my meds up also


I have had the same problem since April last year.I feel your pain. Meds have not helped at all. Insist on a CAT Scan and MRI its about the only way they can truely tell what your problem is .... make a fuss.


To be honest its that bad i feel like just phoning nsh 24 for out of hours doctor or the hospital am going demented with the pain.

Called physiotherapy too see how far i was on the list they told me a letter should be sent to me in a week or 2 weeks lastest. So going to try and hold off for 2 weeks if i can xxx


Hope that works for you. I am still trying to find something . I ended up in A&E thats where I got my scans. I have seen a consultant and now had to resort to putting my name on the list for an op. not something I really wont but just cant stand this any more. I have a trapped nerve and the disc is shot. Fingers crossed you can get the pain sorted. x


They are finally talking about an mri scan ended up in out of hours doctor last night . He said only my own doctor could refer me for it

Told him i already asked and the doctor i had seen says that don't do that amymore.

So iv to see my actual doctor not another one within the practise and the put of hours doctor wrote up saying i need an mri so fingers crossed when i go monday also been put on morphine form out of hours gp


UPDATE 2/03/2019

pain is still sore but not as bad as it was

Im still on

100mg of tramadol 4 times a day

Co codomal 30/500 4 times a day

A diclafenic 3 times a day

There is only a little pain now at the top of my leg and each side of my hip

But i now have really bad pain in my knees. Hopefully that is something physiotherapy can sort a bit.

Should have a letter for an appoiment next week xxx


Update 9/3/19

So was still in chronic pain even with all the meds to ended up at the royal Alexandra hospital out of hours doctor was there for 3 hours the out of hours gp cant refer me for an mri he said on my gp could but when i got another gp

In my practice he said they cant refer ne for one. So out of hours doctor has written up notes and sent my gp a email or whatever that i need to be refered for an mri scan. . The out of hours gp prescribed me morphine for the mean time and my pain as went down about 30 percent.

He also says it good that its not giving me bladder bowl issues

So hoepfully thats the ball rolling going to my actually gp on monday

And my physiotherapy appoiment is on the 20th march . So fingers crossed


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