Hi thanks for taking the time to read this, for 18 months I have been suffering with severe lower back pain as well as constant tingling in my right leg/foot with a feeling like someone is pressing as hard as they can in my bottom check doctor diagnosed sciatica but MRI X-rays show despit l5s1 bulging disks these are not pressing on my nerve so it is not sciatica and therefore not eligible for the epidural injection. According to X-rays I have very poor lower back and core muscles consultant advises exercises which physio gave me last year I did advise these have made our difference but his answer was nothing I can do to help. I have daily lower back pain and now excoriating coxic pain whilst sitting and getting up and still this constant tingling in leg/foot can anyone help or give advice I am at my wits end today I actually cried with pain whilst going to town to pay a bill and get yet more painkillers. Thanks again any help much appreciated x

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  • Hi Faith

    Can't give much advice I'm afraid but I can certainly sympathise with you. I suffer terrible from sciatica and unfortunately not an awful lot can be done. I would recommend gentle excersize like walking etc but not for too long. Don't sit for too long and don't stand for too long either. Difficult I know but try to mix it up. Honestly with the walking, you may feel it's making it worse but it will start easing it eventually. Mainly though, if you are in so much pain I would deffo recommend going back to the doctor to rule out other things and get advice tailored to yourself. Popping painkillers every half hour is going to help anything, just mask the pain.

  • Chiropractor/ spinologist/ osteopath??

  • A program of exercise (with a good personal trainer) has helped me enormously following multiple prolapsed discs and two emergency laminectomies (one lumbar and one cervical). When I started I couldn't even stand up and was in constant pain, both legs down to feet, glutes, back etc.

    It was very painful at first but now that I have increased my core (and lots of other) muscle strength the sciatic and back pain is virtually nonexistent.

    So although my situation may be different from yours, exercise has been a lifesaver for me. Although I wouldn't have had the knowledge (or possibly the motivation) to do it on my own.

    I have also done lots of stretching and trigger point release. There are lots of vids on YouTube and also the NHS site of suitable exercises and stretches.

    If your core muscles are as weak as your doctor has suggested then improving them will help you a lot going forward as it takes some of the strain off the spine. I have realised that this is a lifelong thing for me now.

    All the best.

  • I think you need to go back to doctor and ask for a x-ray while your standing as this could show the problem regarding compression etc but while your waiting try and see a chiropractor to see if that helps. Hope you get some relief soon as I know how hard chronic pain is to deal with 24/7

  • MRIs don't always show everything. It might be worth you visiting an Osteopath to see if they could help. I went to one for years and he kept me moving for a long time. It does get to the point when they are unable to help, but as you have not had this for that long, it might help at this stage. Obviously a nerve is trapped and he might be able to release it.

  • We have tinny muscles throughout the back and I suffer with siatic but u can't see that nerve been compressed in MRI but it's happen I've had to injection they didn't work, next I go for spinal fusion. I think yr just been fobed off push to see a decent neurosurgeon

  • Thanks everyone I have seen an osteopath last year she did everything possible and in the end was honest enough to say I can't do anymore last month I saw a chripractor who xryaed me whilst standing and advised I have a tipped pelvis and the very bottom of my spine was out of line he did treat me but after spending ££££ I couldn't pay anymore I did advise my spine consultant who told me they tell you the worst to get you to sign up for treatments just to get money !!! I have now requested further MRI standing X-rays as well as investigations into arthritis and fibromyalgia my gp is very helpful and hopefully he will get to the bottom of it thanks again for everyone's replies I sometimes feel like it must just be me !

  • Hi faith t like you I've had exactly the same pain and tingling in my leg and they said that it was sciatica. A week before Easter I woke up with excruciating pain and unable to walk more than a few steps. After 2 weeks of this I went to see my GP who sent me for an x ray. It was another 2 weeks before I felt able to go. As soon as they xrayed me I was told that I had broken my pelvis in 2 places and sent me straight to a and e, they ordered a c scan and I was told that I also had a hairline fracture of my spine and they are sending me to see a specialist plus a bone density scan as these kind of injuries are usually from a fall. I'm on fentanyl for pain relief for osteoarthritis of my knees so that probably masked some of the pain. But it might be worth you checking it out and requesting a bone density scan. The other thing that a physio said was when I have healed going to a swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool and instead of swimming doing some gentle movements using a noddle and again getting the exercises from YouTube as the water supports your spine. Hope that this helps.

  • I've never heard of that reason for not giving an epidural injection but have I not heard of everything. But all that being said you could ask for trigger point injections. Those might help you. There should be no reason why you can't qualify for a trigger point injection.

  • I have had lyrica for this type of pain. It seems to help. There are also a couple other drugs in the same family they may help. Also, see if your Dr will send you to a pain clinic. They are better equipped to handle all the different meds available that can help. Lots of drs are afraid to prescribe anything. So a pain clinic is the way to go!


  • Hello Faith i like you have suffered very severe sciatica s few years ago now. I receuved Radiofrequency injection into my spine at lower back it wasnt a walk in the park ordeal but cant stress how much it cured the sciatic it never reacurred ever and thats quite a few years ago and still to this day it never returned.

    I had been bed ridden for 3 months with it i could only make it to the bathroom as fast as i could to get back in bed before the pain struck again. I had to keep a pillow between my legs and lay on my back which wasnt easy without wanting to turn over but i mastered it thanks be to God. Sciatica pain goes right tge whole way down your leg and is so very painful it is the longest nerve in our body. Tjere are degrees in pain that is felt ive experienced mild pain on an occasion but had very severe for 3 months pain a different period of time. I was given Radiofrequency probe for neurological pain in my mouth but that time it wasnt successful wasnt ministered to the correct nerve and was too excruciating to repeat to find right nerve to burn.

    Brilliant for curing sciatic pain honestly.

    I hope you find some assistance medically Cathy very soon.

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