Sciatica L4-L5 degeneration

I am a newbie so please be patient with me. I have had sciatica since 2010 and a few weeks back my back spasmed and i collapsed and couldnt move i took my pain relief i normally have and it didnt touch the sides. So i went to tje drs the following day how i got in tje car ill never know!! He said it was sciatica but he couldnt examine me and have me more oramorph and diazepam i couldnt even sit or stand still or up right in his office. He was going off an MRI Scan i jad done in fwb this year showing tje L4 and L5 degenerative disk and said no op needed which was good news for me. However the symptoms im having is hip and lower back pain with bulging and burning also spasms and i get pain in my knees to me its not like sciatica. I was even admitted to hospital cause the pain was so bad i was immobile and im now off work for 4 weeks

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  • I was reading your post and thinking I could have written it, except you sound in an even worse position than me :-( I have just had an X-ray on my knee as it's just started causing me pain, hopefully the doctor will find something otherwise it's off to physio again for me. How I'm supposed to do very much physio wise with the disc degeneration I have (also at L4 and L5) and the resulting back and hip pain I really don't know.

    Hang in there, the spasms are the most horrific pain but I'm glad you have a doctor that has prescribed diazepam, a lot won't as it's a drug of abuse, but it's the best thing for spasms as it is a relaxant. It gets to the cause of the pain by relaxing the muscles rather than just covering up the pain like opiates do.

    Make sure you don't stay completely immobile whilst at home, I know this is easier said than done but if you don't move (gently, slowly, a little bit at a time) you will find that the spasms are more frequent and will take a long time to go away.

    I hope your on the mend soon.

  • I was diagnoised with siatica recently by my specialist doctor sent me for a pelivic xray .he says my sacrum is stressed.severe pain in lower left back legs feet.hope u find relief

  • Welcome. Are you asking for some help?

  • Yes i dont know what to do

  • I would suggest making a list of the things that are causing you the most concern. Not a huge list. Take these to your GP. Talk about what is making your pain worse and ask what else is possible in terms of support. Not getting the info you need? Arrange to see another GP before you leave. You need to keep on at this to get results. We all get tired and fed up with this pain but on the better days...really go for it.

    Let me know. Good luck.


  • Me too ! I have nerve pain along my sciatic nerve down back of legs into heel and knees I am so stiff and have been in agony for almost twelve months now MRI scan shows degeneration of one disc and bulging of 3discs The specialist I saw says no operationTo help me .i am taking TraMadol 50mg two four timesdaily and Lyrica150mg twice dailyand Paracetamol, 8 a day. I am walking my dogs every day to keep going but I am in constant pain

  • Hi there. You may want to think about long term after this flare has died down a bit and look at how you can help to lessen and reduce attacks in the future. Se a chiropractor or physio who will help you with exercises to stretch and strength your back etc.

    At the moment icing might bring down inflammation. Hope you begin to improve soon.


  • Hi there, I have the same spasms you desceribe. i cannot move for pain until i do some leg exercise. I collapse in pain, and I have been made aware that I cannot have an operation due to the wear and tear around the nerve. I am now on Fentanyl but want to come off it because of the side effects. Other painkillers do not help. I have had an MRi test but this is as far as the medicine can help me. I have to help myself with the exercise to overcome the spasms. They go eventually just leaving the pain in the back. Sometimes I put ice packs on my back and this numbs it a little. So, yes I do understand your pain and please rest assured from all the mail your have received you are not alone.

  • See an Alexander teacher for posture and muscle behavioural help. A McTimony chiropractor should help remove any muscle spasms that are causing you pain.

    None of the above will cure your problem. They can help bring the problem under better control and help you keep your job.

    Hope this is useful.

  • Hi I'm having some of the same symptoms. This morning I rose up to get out of bed. I tried to sit so I could get up. But all I could do was scream and cry. I was not able to sit at all. I stand up thinking wth cause I won't be able to stand all day either due to my lumbar and hip pain in both hips.

    I hope you get some resolution to your issues. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  • Any chronic pain is horrible both emotionally and physically. I've had sciatica for 5 years going through a bad patch were I'm off work. I do pilates. I see a physio and stretch. Have done for a year and there is no difference.

    Just keep battling on. Hope things get better. Onwards and upwards.

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