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Hey guys and dolls,

Sorry not updated on here for a while, I have been around though and gave some advice etc. Over the last 2 and a half weeks I have had great pain in my left buttock and down my leg and pins and needles in my toes, the pain is excruciating especially in the mornings when getting out of bed, left it for a couple of weeks hoping it will disappear but no its staying with me, I had purchased co-codamol and they seem to help slightly, Last Thursday decided for a call back from my GP and she has prescribed me the following :- Amitriptyline 10mg-up to 3 before I go to bed. Omeprazole 20mg Gastro with Ibuprofen 1 x night.. Ibuprofen 400mg Pain 3 x daily and Senna tablets 7.5mg Constipation with drugs 1-2 per night.. I started these basically straight away and none of these have helped at all, its so uncomfortable during the day, worse in the evenings watching telly, I used to tell my kids to keep still as if they had ants in their pants, now its the other way around, The GP has told me to book an x-ray at North Manchester hospital after the Easter weekend, but seriously want to go to A&E, she also said something about physiotherapist and see what the x-ray results come out first, I cant live like this anymore it is getting me down, any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, bearing in mind am working at home 9am-6pm Monday to Friday

Thanks guys

(sorry its so long again)

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How long have you been working from home? Could the set up at home be what has triggered it?Surprised gp wants you to have an X-ray. Highly unlikely to show anything. Especially if due to muscle or nerve issues. CT or MRI would be more useful but GPs try to avoid these due to cost. I had MRI which showed bulging discs which why have sciatica. But had to push for it.

mascotty02 in reply to Bevvy

Hey Thanks Bevvy,

I've been working from home literally 12 months now since lockdown went ahead, I have an office indoors as I have a small business as well when I am not working my main job, I had an x-ray back a couple of years ago as I had frozen shoulders, this was after I had chemotherapy and it showed 'anterior osteophytes C5/C6 vertebral level noted, bilateral calcific tendonitis along with mild wear and tear changes in his cervical spine may contribute ongoing pains, whatever that means I just went a long with it and only asked will it stop me walking in time and he said no...

Hope this means sense to you as I haven't got a clue but thank you for your input it is appreciated... Stay safe



Hi Mark reading what you have put your sciatica , pins and needles and everything else is coming from your neck you need another scan, mine to was c3c4c5 and it effects just my left buttock and I have had two operations which led to Cervical myelopathy .. I go to the Walton center Liverpool neuro center they are good and I travel from Burnley . Also X ray don't go deep enough . Good luck mate. CLIVE.

mascotty02 in reply to Littleboy

Hey thanks Clive, its appreciated

Hi Mascotty02,I totally sympathise. I’m currently on 500mg twice daily of Naproxen, 900mg Gabapentin 3 times daily with 4-5 Amitriptiline in the evening and a Lamprazole. The pain currently is at a 10, I’ve had to call in sick today as I’ve no sensation down my right leg and can’t feel my toes.

Have you tried some gentle Yoga? I have found when I’m not in spasm that this has helped. I would speak to your doctor about taking Gabapentin. I hope you get some relief soon.

Hey MollieMoon, Thanks you for your advice, it is appreciated, the mornings are the worse, funny as it seems, I have to roll over on my tummy to get out of bed and inch my good leg to the floor and then slowly lift up out of bed, and then the excruciating pain returns, but no pain when I am in bed, I cant lay on my back all day and although I have a laptop for work I don't think I could manage that, take care and again thank you

Hi Mark

As mentioned by others, you really do need an MRI to get to the bottom of it(excuse the pun!) Drs are far too keen to throw medication at the problem, rather than to refer you to a consultant to find the root cause of the problem. I would keep a record of when your sciatica started and push your doctor for a referral if it persists long term.

Short term the yoga stretches may help, I can’t do these because of my other injuries, but it seems to work for quite a few others.

Thanks Neckback, appreciated, I will have a look and I have records when this started Thank you

As my friend Neckback says needs to be looked at as you say it's worse when you get up it's because you have been slept on it your neck . What can happen would astound you in your neck it can effect your bladder and bowel because if the discs are pinching the cord the messages from your brain don't tell parts of your body what should be working . I'm not here to scare you just give advice as I was like you and dr's were happy to give there medication to me but that is a easy option . Remember it's your body not there's. Clive.

mascotty02 in reply to Littleboy

Hi Clive, again thank you it is appreciated and I had to chase them when I had the operation for my chemotherapy and they seemed to listen after I said to them this is my life we are playing with at that stage I didn't know if I was going to live or how long I had left or what, and then action started pretty quick, again appreciate your advice

Hi I know what your going through pain wise I had Sciatica... went on over 2 years before I Asked for a MRI on my discs. I ended up in a&e... Mine was was L1/S4 and I had an operation as was pinching on my spinal nerve. Excruciating pain. A Year on I'm 50% better. Had physio etc had to stop .. But still on amitriptyline 50mg , oramorph liquid, zomorph tablets, pregablin600mg, ibuprofen 1200mg, baclofen, mirtazipan 50mg, tramadol, and zopiclone( to help sleep ) if I'm honest the zomorph tablet,baclofen and pregabalin and ibuprofen take 1 tablet of each 3x day and 1 tramadol. Really does help. Now my other disc is going on my other side 😔🙄 the joys! Hope you get sorted soon... I no it don't help physically but I claim p.i.p and it helps with carers etc. Maybe it's something worth looking into.please get a MRI asap. Don't do physio till you have had one, as might do more damage then good. I know it's easier said then done but try and walk around the lounge every half hour. When u can lie flat. Good luck

Hi Beaniebee92, long time no hear, had enough drugs (prescribed) to last a lifetime I have a gain a few more to take, need to ring the number the doctor gave me for the x-ray, problem is I need to take time off work for it but hey if its go to be that way, it is worse in the evenings when I am relaxing and terrible in the mornings when getting up. if it gets worse while I am waiting I will all the GP anyway these tablets are not doing anything but need to wait, thanks for your advice it is appreciated

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