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Health anxiety


I have really bad health anxiety and i panic so much with the most smallest things , I’m recently getting over a ear Infection and I’m scared to get another one i feel fine pain has gone away and everything i just convince myself I’m gonna get it again or that im gonna loose my hearing cause now my other ear is clogged when it was fine :( and i still hear kind of faded please help me calm down 💔

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Hi nicky sorry to hear your health anxiety is bad just now! I have the same Im deaf in my left ear so everytime I get trouble in my right I think I'm going deaf thankfully antibiotics sort it out! I would say that getting a check up at your doctors every once in a while may help if you explain you worries to the doctor they might be receptive to your problem! Another thing is to avoid noisy environments ie concerts and loud music as this is a big cause of deafness! I hope I've been of help to you please take care if you want pm me if you want to let me know how your getting on! 🚠🐭🐭🐭🐭

Hi nicky. I have health anxiety too. I know how you feel. I find that coming on this site and venting really helps me. I try hard to take my mind off negative feelings by having any kind of distraction. Although I do admit sometimes it's just not that simple to do. Remain positive and know that if you do get another infection it can be cured. I also suggest seeing an ENT Doctor if you haven't already since you are still not hearing well.

Anxiety can be a movement, breathing posture problem. Join a local martial arts class that is to your liking. The movements will help the breathing and posture get out of an anxiety state. It will also give you an exercise regime. It also enables you to network with people which can be most useful in eliciting information.

Another way to combat any anxiety is to examine really carefully what is causing it. For example I was once babysitting a five year old whose parents warned me was terrified of thunderstorms, and there was one due that evening. Sure enough he woke up terrified so I cuddled him up and got pen and paper and explained to him what thunderstorms are, how the lightning happens and what makes the sound. He wasn't terrified anymore because he now understood what was going on.

So maybe in your case you could spend some time learning anatomy. The website I use is called Kenhub. It is meant for med students and other health care professionals and university students, but you can register for a free account and do some of the basic quizzes and videos.

If you don't want to sign up to the free account then you could try another website like this to learn just about the ear.

If you busy your brain with learning something new, then it hasn't got as much time to worry about things, and the bonus is that you will know a lot more about what is going on inside your body, and that may help you understand that it is nothing to worry about.

Hi Nicky, Hope you are feeling a bit better today. You've had some very good replies about your problem, both with your ears and your general anxiety. As far as your hearing is concerned, it's certainly is worth getting that checked out. Your GP should be able to put your mind at rest and if there is something wrong they would be able to refer you for some tests. As far as being anxious is concerned, sometimes we do allow our mind to concentrate on the 'what if's, rather than stepping back and seeing something for what it actually way of an analogy, take man flu for example ( sorry chaps no insult intended) it's rarely ever flu, it's either a cold or a virus, as unpleasant as it is.

Someone offered advice about breathing and posture and taking a martial arts class.. that's a very positive and proactive way of dealing with anxiety... maybe something like yoga or tai chi (yes, tai chi is a martial art). There's all kinds of relaxation music etc available; plus self help books and apps to develop coping techniques to calm yourself down and stopping the chatter in your mind. I certainly would recommend learning Mindfulness techniques.

Hope this helps.

Both my ears were affected after a flu attack, gummy ears can be a result of infection and the Doctor may prescribe anti-biotics although they tend to let your body fight these bugs. Go to the GP and ask if this is a problem, always tell a Doctor that you are worried, they might be able to provide treatment or another test. Do not get worried constantly about your health as this tends to lead to misdiagnosis. So, be exact with your GP and get the reassurance you require. Remember the more you read the more you think. They are there checking you over and I have suggested things to my GP and we have been truthful to each other. I like the way we can eliminate fears. The simple things always create the most noise. A Cricket can make so much noise in a field for so small a creature.

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