Severe pain in ear. P!Ease help

Hi. I developed an earache 3 days ago. It got so bad that i literally had to attend A@E. The pain was worse than any other earache I've experienced. The doctor said i have a bad infection and gave me ear drops and antibiotics. That was Monday and I've taken medication regularly however the pain is getting much worse. I tried every painkiller but nothing is helping. The pain is spreading down my neck and side of my face. It is not and throbbing. Last night i felt something pulsating in my ear and could hear a whooshing noise in my ear almost as if it was blood going through the veins. I was going mad with the pain and called NHS 111 and was advised to go back to the hospital. The doctor said it is a bad infection but added that the ear is so swollen and angry that he couldn't see properly. He prescribed me oralmorph. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see an ENT specialist. This pain is unbearable and I'm pacing the floor. I cannot even touch the ear. This is so much worse than an earache. Can anyone advise me as to what it can be and how i can manage the pain please

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  • I think if this bad you need to go back to A&E or at least a walkin centre.

    Sounds really bad. Don't delay go NOW! Let us know how you get on.

  • Thank-you so much. I went back this morning and this is when they gave me morphine. I have to go back tomorrow and to be honest i cannot wait. I usually have quite a high pain threshold but this pain is off the scale and i cant see it being an ordinary earache. I will let you know how get on

  • A&E is accident and emergency. Clues in the name!

  • Hello Supernanny56 . I think we would all agree that next to toothache earache is one of the worse pains. Unfortunately we can not make any diagnosis.

    From what you have said you are doing everything you can. It will take 3 or 4 days for the anti biotics to kick in. Once they do they infection will start to reduce and you will feel a little better.

    Speak with the consultant tomorrow and tell him what has happened. He will advise what pain meds you can take


  • Thank you so much

  • You said they can't see in side your ear because it's so swollen therefore it could be a cyst or similar. Along time ago I had a spot/ cyst deep in the ear and I have to say it was agony. After about a week of throbbing pain it burst and I felt fluid drip out but boy was that a relief. The good thing with you is that you've got an appointment tomorrow so hopefully they can see whats going on. As for getting some pain relief I'm sorry I can't help you but hopefully your specialist Will give you what you need. X. Let us know how it goes

  • It is so kind of you to message me. I'm pacing the floor once again and it's 3am. Can't wait to see the consultant

  • You are so kind. At 3am this morning whilst pacing the floor in agony, my ear started to bleed and I got some very slight relief but still painful. I'm in the waiting room now waiting to see the consultant so we will see but thank you for taking the time to write a message

  • How is the pain now?

    If it is still as bad then I would , again, go back to A&E.

    Or at least call Out-of-hours GP.


  • Accident and emergency. This isn't an accident and due to its ongoing nature it isn't an emergency. An emergency is when something bad has just happened that needs attention in the next few minutes to prevent loss of life. Advice like this is why waiting times are through the roof. Not appropriate!

  • Severe pain is an emergency

  • Pain is not in itself an emergency. Especially when you have both a diagnosis and a referral! A&E is not there to hold your hand and apply 'there-there' cream!

  • To a point I agree with you but in this case if morphine isn't controlling pain then that IS a concern. My worry was that her ear drum was going to burst.... I hope whatever problem is she has been sorted this afternoon.

    A bit of compassion!!

  • Hi Bevvy. Thank you so much for your kindness. I'm in the waiting room now waiting to see the consultant. My ear started to bleed last night and it has given me a bit of relief but only slightly. Once again I really appreciate your kindness

  • Hi. Thank you for your thoughts. I would like to add that I phoned nhs111 and when I explained my symptoms I was advised to attend A@E. I very rarely attend A@E thank god and don't turn up for a broken eye last or anything but when I say the pain is unbearable, it really is

  • I have every sympathy for you and I hope you are feeling better. I was simply saying that repeated trips to A&E are not the answer when you have a diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Thank you.

  • AC10

    This is way out of order and most certainly not helpful.

  • Thank you

  • AC10

    'Not appropriate '

    It is your reply/replies that are not appropriate.

    The poster most probably should have been admitted to hospital the first time. Only returned following instructions from NHS 111. Should probably have been admitted then. She was most likely sent home because there were no beds and maybe not even a trolley available.

    If you can't say anything nice . . . . . .

  • Hi just to say I really hope you feel better soon pain is so hard to deal with

    Take care

  • Thank you so much

  • I do sympathise. Had bad ear pain years ago, I believe from swimming in the sea. Mine only lasted one night, but so bad. Was rocking with the pain and throwing down the only , . Painkillers I had. In the morning there was blood on my pillow and the doctor said you are over the worst of it now which I was. My hearing isnot good now and I think I must have burst my eardrum. Never forgotten that pain, hope you soon get relief.

  • Thank you for your reply. I will never ever forget this pain I can tell you.

    My ear started to bleed last night but since then I'vehad some slight relief. The doctor I saw today said I have a severe ear infection and abscess but it looks like it is draining now thank god. I have to go back next week to have it checked again x

  • Do hope it will bebetter soon. Had terrible pain with migraine, the worst had ever had and I did get them quite often. THis was a three day event and I honestly wished to die.

  • Hi Lydiai am sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. I do too and the only relief i get is by taking sumatriptan. Without those tablets I wouldn't be able to function.

    My poor sister gets cluster migraines which can go on for days and she has to go for lumber puncture to relieve the pressure.

    Pain affects every aspect of a person's life doesn't it?

  • HI Nan, glad to say I don't (fingers crossed)get mgraines now, they stopped about fifteen years ago. I. Was prescribed Pronanalol and it did help. They are awful and making plans is difficult.

  • That's good news

  • Hope all goes well today in ENT clinic.


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