What's gonna happen

I scared of what my life is gonna end up like. I'm in so much pain. I don't ive got long and my gp and doctors don't care. I wanna end it all

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  • Don’t talk like that we all have days like that. We don’t want anything to happen to you. I have to ask you with your meds are there any that can make you feel sad. I had one it was Lyrica at first it didn’t help me at all and it did make me sad. You can find out from your doctor, pharmacist or even Googel the name and find out about the medicines but more importantly talk to your doctor.

    Have a good day.

  • Ya prob all of them. Gp don't give a f### U can look at my ct report that will make I feel sad

  • Wow what you need to find someone who can help you. With getting new medicines or just someone to talk with you. Do you have another doctor to talk with you.

  • I know where you are coming from and understand that depth of dispair. But I think we need to accept that sometimes medicine cannot provide a physical way to stop pain. In fact there is no way to kill pain altogether just reduce it.

    It certainly sounds as if your relationship with this present GP has broken down. Is there another in the practice that you could transfer to ?

    What medications are you on at the moment and have you been referred to the pain management clinic ? I have found their services invaluable for showing me how to help myself. Mostly I manage to do so but do go back occasionally into that dark place when pain ramps up a bit. I found that I can observe the pain now, mostly, and see that it is not constant although it feels that way. Distraction can work as in being involved with something other than myself.

    Killing yourself is very very final. You don't know what your future holds but there is no future when you are dead. Are there positives in your life ?


  • This is just a suggestion , in most places now you can self refer to talk therapists which would at least give you someone to off load your fears to. It is aweful to go through daily pain constantly sometimes distraction as suggested can work wonders. Should not say this but a double whisky can ease pain but may not go with any drugs you take and does not last. Please do not give up I am sure with help and support you will find a way through this rough patch. Take care number I has to come first when the pain is bad.

  • I was there 2/3 months ago. Did a lot of net research on suicide - it is suprisingly difficult to commit suicide apparently

    Anyway I had a talk with a psychiatric doctor, who was very blunt and down to earth

    She said

    !) It would hurt people close to me terribly

    2) Most suicide attempts are unsuccessful. She knew of cases where people had tried but the attempt had left them in a vegetative state pretty much, one example where the poor unfortunate could only move his little finger. There's probably no situation in life we can't make a helluva of a lot worse, and she made the point that the man who could only move his little finger couldn't have another go

    3) She said that we didn't know what comes after death, that "undiscovered country whose bourne no travelers return" as Shakespeare put it. She said that it might be infinitely worse than suffering on this earth.

    What she said made a big impression on me, Didn't totally put me off, we all have dark despairing thoughts, but largely it did. The worst time is the small hours . Sleep is so vital. I found zopiclone and then amitripyline just puts puts me out

  • Yes, sleep deprivation does ramp up pain. There are good, medical reasons for this.

    It may sound feeble but hot Epsom salt baths are great for pain all over. Keeping moving a little is vital, not over straining, routines are important, company, and distraction can be miraculous. Burn victims engrossed in computer games suffer less pain having their dressings changed. We are on the cusp of a computer revolution in pain management, I believe. A new GP seems vital. Good Luck.

  • i have been where you are. was in so much pain for so long that i didn't want to go on,, the only thing that kept me going was having something else to try. this went on for about 4 years until finally i found my answer, i tried everything from voodoo to surgery, now my pain is manageable. i still have bad days but i have found ways to cope. you obviously are not seeing the right doctor. i say around 20 before i found someone who could really help. i don't know what is the cause of your pain but you must keep trying to find the right doctor. he/she is out there just keep looking!!!! go forward there is no other choice. you are worth it!!! start making some calls or get someone in your family to....DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

  • I may have cancer I'm goin to suffer

  • Hi sweetie I truly feel for you but try and look 👀 on the days that are maybe just a little better. I can hear you saying what blinking days but just compare them. I have been where you are last year I fractured my spine in 4 places and I could not begin to tell you how much pain I was in and still am but not as bad as what it was like for a hole year in bed could not even turn over and on top having flare of Colitis and diverticulitis with viruses. It was absolutely hell. But hang in there sweetie you are definitely worth it. We are all here for you if you need to talk or just have a rant. If you have a good look 👀 at all the GPs in your area there must be one that can help you and get you on the right track.

    Please don’t give up sweetie I didn’t and things can get better I truly know.

    Sending you lots off warm hugs and love 💕 take good care of yourself sweetie. Bless you we are all here for you. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • Who would your Mum have then?

  • I made a will I have money she will b fine

  • You are down I,m no Dr I Will tell you i8 Don,t like the pain either. Ani have all of us on here has severaldiffrent types of pain.your using it as an excuse,you Don,t want to die.well there's a whole lot of us on here live with the pain and whatever we can get to help. Your leaving your wife too you you know what your doing is wrong,,- you want to talk about it evening I,m usually around susiejo1948

    Please Don,t Don,t do this to your self or your wife this would hurt her

    See on I here well not

  • I have no one.I could have cancer and I'm only 30

  • I should be out enjoy myself but now I'm in pain and my friends are makin a live for them self I've lost everythin

  • I don't mean to be funny but I think you need to go to he doctor and get some counselling. Your mental health seems worrying. if the doctors really thought you had lung cancer they would not just leave you for more scans next year. They will be almost positive it isn't.

  • you obviously are not getting the right help. there are people, doctors, psychologists that can help you..Reach out to someone!!! Call the emergency suicide number, they will give you numbers of people to talk to. Even if you have cancer, who;s to say that it is the end. It could be treatable and you could go on to live a long happy life, but you will never know if you keep talking, acting like this is the end and there is no hope. That is not you talking, it is just self pitty, pull yourself up and start being proactive. You are not helping the situation by doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself. Im not trying to be insensitive but I also know that you have to be your own advocate!! I learned that the hard way. People get tired of hearing about other peoples pain/problems, unfortunately that is the ugly truth, that is why you have to be your own advocate. Your mom doesn't want your money, she wants you to be healthy and happy. Get off of your bum and make some calls!!!! Make yourself proud of yourself by changing your actions, (your attitude will change if your actions change)!!

    Do IT!!!! Write back and tell me what you have done today to help yourself!!!!

  • Rockstar662002. Your not alone you have all of us were here we,'ll be here for you.. Please try to get help we,'ll worry.TRY TALKING ABOUT SOME GOOD TIMES TAKE YOUR MIND OFF THE PAIN.

    I,m not a Dr I,m just concerned susiejo1948

  • I've bin to my gp.all they do is give me pain killers and antidepressants.the NHS have left me like this.why should I think of the good time it just makes me more upset.when I had everythin goin 4 me.

  • Rockstar2002 you do need to get help I have ms I have to have a rollator and a wheelchair to get around my hands and feet are always numb I am in constant pain that’s what is wrong with me I am 58 years old life is to short you are only 30 years old I am telling you all thIs Because there is so much to do with your LIFE.

    You need to live your life your a baby my oldest son is 28 years old. I would be devastated if any thing would happen to him and I am sure the people who love you would think the same.

    You need to find the right doctor orPsychologist find a help line call someone to talk to.

  • Hang in there this last year I have battled depression and anxiety found out that I have lipoedema with secondary lymphoedema, osteoporosis broken my pelvis and spine and this is after suffering osteoarthritis in both knees due to a motorbike accident 35 years ago,then had to take early retirement due to ill health. I had become argrophobic until last Tuesday when I bit the bullet and drove 150 miles to my mom's. I arrived at 7.30pm at 10pm my mom had a phone call from my brother to say that his 12 yrs old son has acute mycolod leukemia. Which put what I have been going through in perspective and feel guilty for having the same thoughts as you because he may not be given the choice. So hang in there

  • Sorry to hear about the both of you. I don’t want you to take this wrong way but this stinks for your nephew he is so young I will have you both in my pill.

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