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Ill health retirement

Good morning everyone. ..I posted a few weeks ago about my impending Ill health retirement from my NHS nursing career...I had my occupational health doctor appointment yesterday and feel much more positive . My GP had provided all my medical notes and with my hubby and the lovely doctor we got all my problems down on the form. It was an emotional experience as I am the one who normally helps my patients with this kind of thing...just got to wait for my managers report and it will all go off to DWP. He said that all should be fine and I should hear within 2-3 weeks once DWP get the forms.

I've struggled badly with the idea of giving up my nursing career as it's been my life for 25 years but I'm now looking forward rather than dwelling on what has been...

Will keep you all informed

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That is definitely the way to see it, in a positive light. This may be the next move for me too, meeting scheduled for 15th. Would be interested to hear how the process works, if you don't mind sharing. Thank you.


Of course I'm happy to share as I've gone through all the emotions possible. It's been tough but now I can see an end ...x


It's going to take time and many emotions to come to terms with changing body, limitations and social areas of life. It is a new phase of life a and an adventure! Good luck

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I retired from the Police as a result of ill health in October. I was a Police Officer for 29 years. As my Osteoarthritis has worsened, I knew that I could not manage my health, deal with the pain and work any more. Rest assured, there is life after your career. Yes, it will be sad to leave friends and colleagues. However you can keep in touch. No more stressful working environment, high pressure decisions and red tape. The nicest feeling of all on a cold day is to wake up, look at the clock and then realise that you can stay in a warm bed as long as you like! Enjoy every day of your new life, you have earned and deserve it.

Best wishes.



Ahhh thank you Dave, I've been a nurse specialist and as you say high power decisions and dealing with my patients problems has got harder and harder. I've always put everyone else first.. You are right though to be able to stay in bed beyond 6.40 will be sheer bliss...

Thank you for replying ☺


My wife had to retire from her nursing career. Her transfused vertebrae saw her off the wards for good. Wouldn't even let her move back to the premature baby unit. At first she went through a fair bit a rejection. Plus a lot of other emotional turmoil. Ultimately as the neighbourhood discovers that there is a nurse on hand in the village rather than at work in a hospital there is never a shortage of people in need of an experienced ear and a cuppa.

Here am I paying for a nurse and carers to look after me at home 24/7 and my wife is far too busy with her other patients lol.

You may hang up you Cape but you never stop being a nurse. That's why you nursed.


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Very best wishes, I had ill health retirement to from Library work. The interview took ages and it was put to me that once 'ill health retired' I could never work again. Well its been the best thing that has happened to me. As it takes me longer to do tasks (I have DDD plus a host of other things) my time fills up. I have more time for people, conversations, visits etc. and my life feels richer.

Hope you find contentment, Val


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