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Trapped flehm in throat


I have had a cough for the past 6 weeks which I cannot get rid off.

I can feel trapped flehm in the bottom of my throat but whatever medication I have taken [ 4 different medicines as suggested by Chemist and course of antibiotics via GP] it will not move.

Any suggestions as this is really getting me down, broken sleep and body aches because of the cough.

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I know I’m no doctor but you need to get to the hospital and get a chest xRay yousound like you have pneumonia I have had it and I will tell you that’s nothing to fluff off. I was in the hospital for 8 days and out of work for 7 weeks. Please even ifyou go to a doctor and they say you don’t need a chest x Ray you demand one. I didn’t and by the end of the week I couldn’t stop coughing and that’s when I ended up. In the hospital. Don’t wait till Monday get someone, bring your self if you can to the hospital.

Sorry if I sounded crazy hash put you really need to go.

Let me know how it goes good luck.

Try rubbing some vick on your chest and back its good for getting it up. i forgot how good vick was, My mum used to use it when i was a child. I hope you get this sorted soon. xoxo

Do you remember the name if antibiotics? Was it Amoxicilin? This isn't very helpful on its own in my opinion. Only as Co-Amoxiclave.

Ask doctor about Doxycyline or another antibiotic.

You may need a different antibiotic or another course.

Drink plenty of hot liquids - Vimto, or other squash or plain water.

I would definitely see a doctor asap. Call Out-of-hours GP or 111.

I wouldn't bother with any medicines from chemist .

My GP told me that they don't prescribe cough medicines because they don't usually work.

? Chinese medicine.I use some stuff my acupuncturist /Chinese medicine lady gives me that looks odd but works n gets rid of the phlegm n the ehem type cough/clearing of the throat.prescriptions never did anything for does after awhile wipe u out totally agree.plain n simple sucks

I’m dealing with the same thing @Spursboy Started as a flu. Dr. prescribed Z-Pack (antibiotic). Didn’t phase me. Now, 2-1/2 weeks later I’m still coughing (dry cough) and nothing is coming up. Kinda strangling on phlegm. I have a prescription for a chest x-ray which I’ll have on Monday. No fever. But whatever it is, it’s not going away. Hope you get to the bottom of yours soon. Please keep us posted.

As a Radiology manager and consultant Radiographer practitioner. I'd suggest to your GP they refer you to have a chest X-ray. Whatever is causing it antibiotics haven't worked. A chest X-ray will reveal all and if needed the Radiologist or advanced practioner can refer you for further tests if needed. It could be that the phlegm needs testing to ascertain whether you need a specific type of antibiotic.

Another possibility is silent reflux. It can also cause those symptoms, including a chronic sore throat that doesn't respond to antibiotics, coughing, and the sensation that something is stuck in your throat.

I have a similar issue. I’m on week 10 of the worst cough I’ve ever had. Ive had a chest X-ray which i was told was clear. Ive had a course of antibiotics and a ventolin inhaler and then a steroid inhaler.

The cough has ‘mutated’ over the weeks. It started off as a really frightening cough resembling whooping cough where I couldn’t get a breath. Then later it was producing a frothy phlegm I could hear bubbling in my upper chest. At this time my voice was very rasping and I didn’t know whether I could make a sound when I tried to speak.

At the moment I’m at the stage you describe with very sticky mucus which sits at the back of my throat. My cough is still severe to the point where I have pulled muscles around my rib cage through coughing.

I’ve more or less given up on medication, thinking it’s just going to take its time but am concerned because I haven’t been well enough to get my flu vaccine so will go back to the doctor this week.

ssdw1958 in reply to Savaros

Please go to the doctor and x ray of your chest I hope you find out what is going on

Feel better soon

Savaros in reply to ssdw1958

Rang surgery yesterday and have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment.

Spursboy in reply to Savaros

2 week! we are fortunate here in South Devon we have a walk in x-ray dept. I was done straight away!

Spacecat1 in reply to Savaros

They should be able to offer you an emergency appointment ring as soon as surgery opens tell them the problem and usually they fit you in at the end of surgery in the morning. If not go to your walk in centre if not go to accident and emergency they will help. It was the only way I got seen to. Local surgeries do get full. But you shouldn't wait 2 weeks. See someone asap. Hope things go well.

Seen my GP today slight rattle in one of my lungs therefore have had a chest x-ray and await result, in mean time it is a course of Doxycycline.

ssdw1958 in reply to Spursboy

Good to hear that you had x rays don’t 😀

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