Lump sensation in throat

Hi all, for about 3 weeks on and off I've suffered with a lump sensation in my throat even when I'm not swallowing I can feel it there and it's making my throat ache and feel dry. Thing is if I'm not thinking about it i don't notice it but once I notice it it feels even worse. I do suffer from a post nasal drip which Ive read can be the cause and it's not the first time I've experienced this but the fact it's been on and off for 3 weeks and it's making my voice slightly croaky I'm worrying it's something else, should I visit my gp? V

I'll also add that it doesn't affect me eating or drinking or swallowing, infect swallowing slightly eases the sensation for a few seconds/

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  • Sounds like classic Hypothyroidism but blood work needs to b done to diagnose.  See ur GP ASAP.  The fix is quite simple if it turns out this is the yr hair shedding more than normal as well? Hugs, Sandra

  • I had a similar experience a few years ago which had lasted for weeks and I was getting quite concerned. It also made me want to clear my throat all the time as well as being thickly. After tests at ENT hospital they diagnosed Globus syndrome and it did clear up on its own accord.  Apparently it was stress related although I have to say I didn't feel stressed or so I thought other than about the symptoms I had. Hope this helps some.

  • i suffered with this for quite some time before getting to the bottom of the problem, eating and drinking alleviated the symptoms but then they returned a couple of hours later. After blood tests etc it turns out I had H pylori, bacteria living in acid conditions, two strong courses of antibiotics together sorted it.  Please check with your GP in case this is your problem as H Pylori can lead on  to stomach ulcers.  

  • my hair is fine nothing falling out apart from the usual bits when brushing but I did used to have h pylori and I do suffer with acid reflux but yeah my throat feels thickly and I want to clear it or swallow more. I have been a bit stressed/anxious recently maybe this is the cause x

  • Racheymon  if you suffer from acid reflux it is a possiblity that what you are experiencing is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.  You need to see a doctor, not because it is life threatening in any way but simply because it can do permanent damage if not diagnosed properly.

  • do you smoke? i aint judging, i smoke too. or perhaps just after a course of anti biotics maybe? i had same. strong dose left me with thrush in my throat?

    i found that cortisol  gargle helped and b4 bed i ate something greasy (blue cheese isnt everyones cup of tea).

    a few spoons of hemp oil etc might help but i would see doc soon iffit dont get better, good luck, jim

  • Nicotine Jack, hi Racheymon I have exactly the same symptoms, have had since last November and beyond. saw doctor she said it would go in 6 weeks it did not. The most annoying part of it is my voice gets hoarse if I nag a lot, I get round this by chewing gum the spittle lubricates my  mouth and at night I gargle with TCP before bed. I am not worried about it, as I have had it on and off over the years, the cold seems to affect it also. But I will get my doctor to give me antibiotics as it could be H-Pylori

  • Dear Racheymon,

    This is clearly a 'Could be this, Might be That, Perhaps something else'...Equally definitely it's a 'Best get it checked As Soon As Your Can' thing!

    Please do let us know how you get on, will you please.

    Kind regards AndrewT

  • hi,just as my experience my wife suffered with a lump in her throat for numerous years and was always getting quincey( like harsh tonalities) generally brought in by stress had them removed all good now so.....

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