Amitriptyline - burning in mouth and throat

I am taking 25mg of Amitriptyline for PHN (shingles) and to help me sleep. Works well but no matter how carefully I swallow tablet I have a painful burning sensation in mouth and throat which can last for over half an hour . Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can minimise or even stop this happening? Of course the more I think about it before I swallow the worse it is!!

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  • i took with bread and put it in the bread and helped with that. it kept me awake and made my heart race. i also took at night. so glad im off that. good luck with the shingles.

  • Thanks for reply. How different we all are - I find Ami. has a calming sedating effect, I did wean off a few months back but missed the sedation and just couldn't sleep. My shingles outbreak was last December but after pain AND itch !!! still bothersome. AS long as doc. prescribes Ami. will take. Will try the bread, I have tried biscuits mushed up and fudge wrapped around pill to no avail

  • have you coated your throat with milk then honey before taking? let me know if anything helps. the fudge sounds good!

  • Hi, fudge IS good but no help, have tried milk - no added honey.

    ladybear and Cooper have recommended full glass of water not just enough to wash down so that is next on list!

  • How much water do you drink it down with? I would down a glass of water with mine, but if I ever skrimped on the water, my throat would burn.

  • Two suggestions for this, definitely next on list to try!

  • I got that when taking Ami to start with. Turned out it was my habit of only taking a few mouthfulls of water to take the tablet, any tablet. Tablets need a glass of water with them to fully wash them past the esophagus etc. Also don't take just before lying Down as they don't flow properly (learnt at pain clinic). Best way is to take an hour before bed with a glass of water or such allowing the tablet to get into the bloodstream. I do this now and have no problems. In fact I need about 2 hours before sleep for the Ami to start to make me drowsy. I take at night to help with pain and to get some sleep. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for advice, I am another "just a few mouthfuls" person, will try the full glass. I take about an hour or so before bed.

  • Hi this is very easily put right by tablet into a biscuit you've already chewed but not yet swoled in your mouth then swallow & follow with a cuppa or glass of water. Can't Fail Tablet wrapped in biscuit arrives in your tummy not touching your throat & followed by drink will work a treat . Happy Swallowing .

  • Good advice although I have tried the biscuit plan but I only swallowed with a mouthful or so of water, others have mentioned the full glass of water so that is action plan for tonight! and fingers crossed for happy swallowing (love that expression) - wish me luck!!!....can't wait to try, I didn't realise others had a problem too.

  • Have any of you found you put weight on whilst taking Amytriptoline?

  • I did - I had gained a bit of weight before going on, but gained even more whilst on it. I lost around a stone after coming off. I found I had no motivation to eat better/exercise due to ami, then I found my motivation again after I stopped taking it.

  • No weight gain in my case. I have had a lot of stress in my life for some time and had lost weight which I didn't need to. I understand some folks DO gain weight on Ami. and I was sort of hoping this would be the case for me! Are we ever satisfied?

  • I get the same thing with nortriptyline so this has helped me too, thanks everyone!

  • Kate23 it says in the info inside the box that Ami distributes fat in a different way in the body. I use to take higher dose and put on lots of weight but being on only 25mg a night is acceptable to me due to the relaxation affect or else I would not take it. Ami is prescribed for anorexics so in a way it rather speaks for itself.

  • Does noritripline which is anti drpre

  • Does noritripline cause weight gain? is it hard to swallow? Does it make u feel sleepy or relaxed? Anyone have experience with that?

  • I take nortriptyline (40mg a night). It isn't hard to swallow but I sometimes have the same burning feeling in my throat that foxglove was talking about. I followed some of the advice on here and took it with more water last night and it was fine. I haven't had any noticeable weight gain with it, it made me feel very sleepy when I started taking it but for me the side effects have been so much better than on other things I tried (ami, gabapentin, pregablin) and it does seem to have an effect on my pain levels. I do sometimes have problems getting to sleep and that seems to happen less regularly now I'm taking it, whether its the nortriptyline or one of the many other things I also take it's difficult to say! Hope that helps?

  • Much thanks to all who replied with tips, the best advice seems to be to take with plenty of water. Worked lovely for me...seems easy when you know how and I'm pleased that others have also benefited...Cheers!!!!

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