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Screaming in my ears!


Tinnitus. My ears have been screaming so loud the last couple weeks. I have IGA vasculitis and a nee flare meant a bunch of new meds. Anyone get this terrible screaming from





Let me know! Also, is there anything you do to help quiet the ears? Besides turning up the music or getting off the offensive med? Thanks all!

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See a dentist and check the jaw. May be a muscle causing the problem. There again it may not. I can make the ears quite noisy by clenching certain muscles in the head. I have no idea which ones.

Check the ears for ear wax build up. This can cause a noise problem

Just suggestions for investigation.

Jessileigh in reply to johnsmith

Thanks! Will do some jaw clenching, ear cleaning and I see the dentist soon. Appreciate it!

I also have this problem for last 11 years. Consulted many doctors including ENT specialists. No improvement . However I practised special yoga prescribed by RAMDEV and took Patanjali ayurvefic medicines. Now I am feeling somewhat better. But there is no permanent cure for this Tinnitus. You shall be accustomed to this problem when days passes.

I have just been take off Lyrica. I have had a stroke and suffer chronic pain constantly. I did not get ear problems, however it made me put on a considerable amount of weight. I have now been off it now for some 6 weeks and have lost 1 1/2 stone and that is not really dieting but Lyrica makes you want to eat more, thus putting on weight. I am now going on other medication but I feel it is trial and error before you find one that suits you. Do go back to the doctor if it is not agreeing with you.

I never want to be put on Lyrica again if I can help it.

I read your posts about tinnitus and I would recommend you read the website (American Tinnitus Asso.) I understand you have had little relief from this horrible disease. Read the "Behavioral" monograph, because having too much Adrenalin all the time can make the disease worse. We have an automatic nervous system (autonomic) that has two parts. Adrenalin (adrenergic) and relaxation (cholinergic from a transmitter called acetylcholine). So when we are scared Adrenalin is released and our ears become more acute to sounds. By having more relaxing times in our lives our bodies learn to be relaxed instead of living in fear. I was a pharmacist for years and now I am retired. In school I learned that living relaxed is like "a fat old man siting in an recliner chair in a dim room having eaten a meal." This is the goal, to be able to become that fat old man, instead of constantly being fearful. It only takes practice. This has been a problem of humans since cavemen had to run from dinosaurs and then relax. My Mom used to tell me to say to myself "this too shall pass".


You are wise! I have taken classes for mindfulness and do basic meditations for sleep, such as body scan. I have been reporting to others that I feel unstressed, but the truth is I am terrified for myself and my family all the time. I will check out the website. My grandma used to say "Just adjust " and my pops would say "fuhgeddaboutid". All wise advice.

Thank Jim! Hope you are well today.

Thank you for your response. I am glad you are meditating and feeling unstressed, however, my friend, being terrified for yourself and family is a hidden feeling. That is the stress I am talking about. Think to yourself, "what has this worrying and fretting done for me?" The answer is "Nothing!" Autoimmune diseases like diabetes, tinnitus, vitiligo, certain cancers, some kidney disease, IGA vasculitis, and many others. We get so worked up about stupid shit that our immune system starts eating it's own cells. The nerves are then exposed. It goes on and on until the patient learns to relax on a regular basis. I am talking about the feelings in the back that are hidden to you. Get over it! Stop reacting. Have inner peace. I actually go to church and feel inner peace. I wish you well and keep relaxing.

You are my Yoda.

I have not been to church, but will go with a friend this weekend. I will set an alarm to remind myself to relax. I'm going to get outside of my body, and also try not to look at the future so hard.

Do or do not, there is no try, as Yoda says. Thanks for being there with me. I do feel in crisis, but maybe I can channel my inner hippee. More Woodstock music! You are correct that worrying has not done one thing for me. I'm telling the lizard brain it can take a hike.

Can you feel me smiling at you?

Thanks Jim

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