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How long do we wait ?


In extreme pain now with R4 R5 S1 spinal injury for 15months ,l got an op booked on 14th March and was cancelled l can not walk, sleep, stand up for more than 10 mins its getting worse l have been on morphine now everyday for6 months making me sick . Nobody seems to care my partner has Bi Polar its been a NIGHTMARE ! GP Surgery can only do so much giving you drugs . I was screaming in excruciating pain got taken to A&E by 111 got sent home after 13hrs we do not have a spinal unit was the reason what sort of country is this now !

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Hiya manorlady,you're having a real hard time.its horrible when no one knows what you're going through.You could maybe try a tens machine over the parts where you have pain.I have a heat mat that I use when my back is really bad.had this back injury for about 7.5 years that didn't show on scans.from my point of view,I hate taking painkilling tabs but I take 3 daily instead of the recommended 9.i know if I take 9,my body will get used to taking 9 daily and then 9 won't be way of easing my pain is exercising at least once a day,to keep my back moving,keeping it as mobile as I can.hope some of these ideas can work for you to ease your pain a little.

Manorlady in reply to Jjflash

Hi l am taking 9 now with the morphine makes me very sick so have to stop like you . I feel the same about all these meds . What angers me is Surgeon say on Orthopaedic site is the operation is only 1hr and you walk out on your own after anaesthetic wears off and thats it it is cheaper doing that than them paying for all the meds every month ! I live on a Farm l have a 1yr old Border to look after its driving me insane.

Im sending u a super gentle hug,because u need it😣

I wish i had a magic wand to take your pain away n others here on this site,including mine. Bluntly..pain sucks.

We r all hear n listening😁if ya need us😁

Manorlady in reply to hippolove1

Hi the only thing keeps me going is Liverpool football Club winning and making people all over the world happy in these terrible times . I am glad l am 68yrs old on my way out and not in as there seems nothing to look forward to anymore lock ins ,virus , all these people killing animals , damaging the planet with rubbish strewn everywhere on beaches its terrible to see these people don't care . Every Dr seems to be dealing with virus and are forgetting other injuries etc when will it end ?

hippolove1 in reply to Manorlady

U r right BUT.. if its Liverpool football club winning that keeps u going ..thats wonderful.

Glad ur hear with all of us 😁

I am so sorry to hear of your pain. It must be really hard with a young dog too!

Have you called the PALS office for the hospital that your surgery is supposed to take place in? They will be able to tell you when surgeries will resume and how far up the waiting list you are.

Manorlady in reply to cyberbarn

I can not believe PALS if you need an operation now you have to go through Dynamic Health not your GP it is absolutely devastating PALS OWNS DYNAMIC HEALTH ! I can not believe it they do NOTHING. Its NHS passing the buck. l got 2 knee replacements through my GP where done within 6 weeks of each other as l had crumberling kneecaps as l was a landlady picking up barrels for 32 yrs .NOW because of DH my spinal injury is destroying my left knee replacement am in so much pain the money it is costing the NHS to pay for DH and PALS would be cheaper to do ops so bloody angry ! I retired 6yrs ago was really looking forward to doing things after 50yrs of working 90hrs a week .but now waiting 15 months with this serious injury and nothing done my life is just passing me by.

cyberbarn in reply to Manorlady

PALS does not own anything, it stands for Patient Advice and Liaison Service. Dynamic Health is part of Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust. So they aren't passing the buck, it is still part of the NHS.


you could also contact your local Healthwatch. Most Healthwatchs are collating information about how patients are being treated during the virus and doing something positive like that while you wait will at least help them plan to deliver services in future.

Manorlady in reply to cyberbarn

Thats Strange you should say that as my Dr told me to go to hospital , l told him l have been twice they sent me home no spinal unit there he wrote a letter so l could have meds through canular as l was vomiting meds up after waiting 13hrs with a canular in hand with no meds given in absolute agony in tears with pain l signed out at 12.30 am went home and took morphine .Next day called GP and told him got no meds came home he told me to make a complaint to NHS which l did it was NHS told me that PALS owned Dynamic Health ! I waited 5 months for an appointment with DH to be seen for 7 mins you can only get MRI through them which l had Dec 24th 2019 still waiting for treatment .

cyberbarn in reply to Manorlady

I think there may be some confusion here. PALS will be a department within Cambridge Community Services which deals with patient enquiries. It is all part of the NHS. Dynamic Health is the physiotherapy department of Cambridge Community services so they wouldn't be doing the operation, although they might assess you for one. through their special services. You would then be referred on for the surgery.

This is why I think the PALS office for the hospital where the surgery was due to take place should be able to help you. It does sound like you have been given a run around, so if you contact PALS they should be able to help you sort this out.

Manorlady in reply to cyberbarn

I have been given run around for over 2 yrs it started in July 2017 went to Dentist for a crown ,

They gave me a root canal filled with cement asked me to come back in 10 days .when l went back they couldn't get all the cement out. So couldnt do crown just filled in with more cement. But in trying to get cement out they drilled for an hour . 10 days later went to Dr very dizzy told me had mid ear infection my ear drum was very dull nurse said told me to take anti histamines. They did this for 2 months got even worse saw another Dr told me l had TMJ my jaw bone had come unhooked could not eat ,sleep ,dizzy, all the time that was Feb 2018 in March got very dizzy emptying shopping from car fell down hence Spinal injury after MRI in Dec 24th 2019 result L4 L5 S1 injuries to spine and sciattic nerve it took 11 month to see D Health get MRI and get to Fitzwilliam Hospital .

1 why did first 2 GPs make me see a nurse not see them

2 l have Never been told after getting ENT results why my ear drum is dull

3 TMJ Maxifacial said they can not do the repair it was by letter to GP

4 lf dizziness was fixed right away l would never had fallen and been in the state l am in now .

I was very fit and healthy before going for that crown ,l had 2 replacement knees in 2014/15l could do anything on the farm now l can't stand for more than 10mins . My partner is very sick with Bi Polar which means everything is left to me l can't work lifes a mess but no one gives a damn

Sorry to hear another story of someone suffering in pain and reduced to no life due to operation drag outs. My operation was due 23rd March for knee replacement & cancelled. There seems to be some confusion about return to doing routine operations & appointments. As I understood it NHS services were supposed to restart to try and clear the backlog of cancellations on May 18th but to spite that being six weeks ago come Monday many hospitals are reporting that they are only doing emergencies still. My local MP who is backing operations to reduce pain rather than pills has said they cannot continue till coronavirus threat is lower which it is now. I've been told nothing can be done until orthopeadics is given permission to recommence routine ops, the Gp as said there is nothing they can do only temporary opiods which I have been taking for ten years now. Its been suggested maybe alcohol might help not sure about that, sorry I can't give you a ray of hope but I have come against the same blank wall except to say those cancelled in March should be the first treated when your hospital of care restarts routine ops again. Wish they would not keep saying treatment is available if you attend when that is not the case, we are suffering enough including many of those with mental health issues. Look after yourself and hopefully ops will begin soon.

Chase up your surgery, shake their tree and let them know how bad it is. I was in the same position as you and I finally got a date for 7th July so pushing does help, otherwise you are only a number to them!

Manorlady in reply to cali111

I called Fitzwilliam 2 months ago , l couldn't get past reception

hi there i know what your going through as im the same i was to have my new hip the day they stopped all ops i was in hospital when they came over and told me i could of screamed the place down i now cannot put my foot down for pain got sent to a&e but they couldnt do anything as all ops cancelled sent home at the same time my husband has had his chemotheropy radiotherapy and 3 operations for cancer and i couldnt help him yes got nurses and careworkers coming in and i feel so deflated dont know were to turn im struggling not been able to drive had to get ambulances im so sorry for your situation and was trying to say your not on your own be strong and hopefully both get through this take care stay safe xx

I understand your pain! My op cancelled in May, have spinal stenosis plus multiple back and neck injuries. Now can barely walk, leg affected too, pain is terrible, nothing working for it and only sleep for a few hours if absolutely exhausted.

It’s not a life worth living! 😞

Go to pain specialist for nerve ablation for relief till surgery comes up! If you have private it’s completely covered! Good luck poor thing

I would keep on ringing the unit to see what’s happening. Don’t be fobbed of, maybe try and get through to the surgeons secretary. I have had 4 spinal ops in the past 3 years, last one just before the lockdown. What puzzles me about your post is the R4 R5 mention? Do you mean L4L5 possibly? Mine was at the L5S1 level and a one bit above there. Pain is horrible, especially the referred leg pain. I found that dihydrocodeine combined with pregabalin took the edge of somewhat. I am still having bother now but it is more in my back now. Anyway good luck.

Manorlady in reply to Emma2017

Ha ha yes as l was typing there was a covid 19 ad across where l was typing yes ?L4 L5 S1

Emma2017 in reply to Manorlady

Yes that makes more sense 😅

I am fed up writing it all out time after time do you ?

I had discectomy/facetectomy op at L5 s1 last October and waiting for appointment with consulant as pain is back again.

Manorlady in reply to Kels1974

Oh god NO WAY!

I am more than accustomed to pain with chrons diease chronic pain fatigue so.on the best thing I have ever had was self heal laugh if you want its a herb that you drink as tea and it took all the pain away within 1 hr flat I have had every manmade drug under the sun and you get desperate so I thought why not and it worked. Google it. Can be found this time of the year in your garden lawn that's how common it is.

Read about it dont just take my word for it.

I feel your pain. Is Ms related to genetic? Did you get MRI on spine and brain? I have been working on this for s long time. Ask question and seek pain man agement. Stay well

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