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Problems with ears!

For a while now (Just over a year) I have had pain in my ears. They are super sensitive and I can't cope with a lot of noise or super loud noises anymore.

I have started becoming dizzy easily especially from sitting to standing. I also suffer really bad pressure in my head.

Whenever I swallow or move my mouth my ears constantly click and making bubbling sounds. It is becoming very annoying.

I also have this feeling of fullness within my eara. For months I thought they may be full of wax as they just felt super clogged. I brought myself a small HD ear camera, I know it's bad to put things down your ears but I just had to know if they were full of wax and junk before actually going and having them cleaned out.

When I used the camera they were surprisingly clean. Hardly any wax if any was in there. So I was surprised as to why they always feel so itchy, dirty and full and why I always have pain and crackling within my ears.

This is the image I took from one of my ears. It shows a white patch not sure what this is or if it's normal.

If anyone has had the same trouble or could know of what is going on with my ears and could give some advice that would be amazing.

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Hyperacusis can be very distressing and debilitating: hyperacusis.net

I've had it when recovering from concussion/TBI. You might find some helpful advice at the link.

I've no idea what is happening with the whiteness.

Do you have any tinnitus with the itchiness etc.? tinnitusformula.com/library...


I have exactly the same problem. Don't take aspirin products. Causes ringing in the ears. My neurologist told me that. I have depression and anxiety. I have read online that stress can cause ear pain. zanax helps with ear pain. I get two .5 mg per day. I take half because they make me sleepy. I also get frequent migraines. They can cause many of the other symptoms you mentioned. I have had my ears tested recently. I was told by ENT that my high frequency hearing has been damaged. Most likely by loud music from concerts in the 70's. The damage causes ear ringing as well. My advice is to see an ENT and get a diagnosis and maybe meds.


Problems for a year now?

Have you considered asking GP to refer you to ENT to get all this investigated and diagnosed?



I haven't been to the GP. Had a few bad experience with a GP lately that I am afraid I will go just to be told it's all my head and I am making it up and there is nothing wrong. Hence why I haven't gone. I just thought was a case of having dirty ears full of wax until I saw this white patch in my ear.


I have had bad experiences with GPs. Many people have. We have to keep going back though. Rest a while, prepare ourselves, then battle on.

We shouldn't have such an uphill struggle to get medical care but we do. Keep pestering GP.

Have you tried going prepared by writing down what you want to say? I write lists of symptoms & when they occurred. Also list of questions. Don't think I'd take a photo of the ear though. Not sure that would help.

No one on here can diagnose or treat, just share our experiences. But I understand what you mean about going back to GP when you've been on the receiving end of offensive comments and been wrongly judged.

You will only get a referal to ENT or any hospital Specialist by going through a GP.

I've had a quick look at your previous posts (not read them all) . Did you know that you can apply to the administration (legal dept ) of the hospital for a copy of your hospital records? I applied within 40 days of last being seen to avoid paying the fee.

Did you have a Barium Swallow? Is that how you were diagnosed with Hiatus Hernia? I have the same (as well as many other conditions ). Oddly enough, it was ENT who ordered both my Barium Swallows. I have Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (also know as Silent reflux) . suffered damage in my throat from rising stomach acid due to the Hiatus Hernia I didn't even know I had back then!

Are you still under Gastroenterologist with your Liver? Have you ever had immunology bloods done. Ever had Thyroid Function blood tests in particular Thyroid Antibodies TPO and Tg?

Did you find out a reason for the weight gain?

Hope you find out what's causing your ear and other problems soon.

You have written your symptoms on here very well. May I suggest that you write this out - leaving off the bits about the camera and not mentioning that you've put anything in your ear just write down how it feels and do mention the dizzy spells. Then give that to GP or read out to hime/her.



You could scour the whole internet looking for answers, but you really need to see a doctor self diagnosing only increases worry and stress levels


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