constant hissing in the ears

Anyone have any idea about the constant noise in the ears, it seems to be related to the area where the neck meets the skull as it seems to be related when I move my neck around and my head back, but I'm suspicious about side effect's of Pregabalin, but it drives me absolute mad at night as also any movement of lifting arms past shoulder level seems to give it a large kick to make it worse as anyone with pain knows that you try anything to aleviate pain and I've learnt just how problematic certain movements can be , thanks in advance.

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  • I get the same thing I'm on pregabalin get ur doc to reduce the dose and increase it back up slowly. If not you might have to consider a different drug you also get it with lidocaine infusions . Good luck!

  • Ah thank you

  • Alexander, I have neck problems and get hissing / bells ringing / high pitched whistling / purring in both ears most of the time. I am certain the two are related. Was told by GP that "there's nothing that can be done about it" and "you'll just have to learn to live with it" ( my pet hate phrase because what do they think we're doing?!)

    I found some helpful info on the internet about tinnitus from the RNID (they've changed their name to something else now, I can't recall what, but I think you can still find them). I don't think neck problems was mentioned, but the information was reassurring.

    For a few weeks it drove me crackers but I have learned to shut it out. You can get tapes of white noise which can help with this.

    Good luck.

  • Also meditation will help you. Focus on your breathing and use your tummy to breath as well, really fill your lungs up, but do very slowly - do fairly long slow breaths in and out for a count of 3 seconds, when comfortable with this increase the count by 1, when comfortable move on. Not unusual to get to 11/12, but not straight away. Try for 20/30 mins to begin with, try and increase by 1 each time you do it.

    Meditation changes the brainwaves which makes it easier to block out things in every day life. You may come to a point in the future where you are aware of the noises but you don't focus on them. Like all things its a skill that has to be learnt and it takes time. Good thing is it can't harm you and you can do as often as you like.

  • To thank everyone for their input, and yes it is the neck and ear nerves as it get's noisier as I move the head and arms and sometimes it is just on one side but I'm positive it is the neck as thats where

  • ......sorry pressed the wrong key. ...I had part of my injuries that has slowly been getting worse and the pills seem to help sometimes but if I have been sleeping and my head is at a certain angle then it wakes me up, distraction helps if I go out and don't dwell too much, Zanna' yes I'll try the meditation thank's

  • hi, get your Dr to refer you to ear specialist where they will do tests and most important a brain scan to make sure there's nothing more serious. if like me it is tinnitus they might give you hearing aids, which have helped me cope with the b....y noise. by the way i was told aspirin can cause tinnitus. take care

  • Thank you , docnail, I take on board your advice

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