Headaches, sharp, agonising stabbing pain in my head, dizziness and hearing sounding muffled... Anyone have any idea what this is?

For a few months I've been having a constant mild headache along with sharp stabbing pains to the back on my head which happen regularly every day and are almost paralysing where they are so painful. For the first months or so I ignored it and just put it down to possibly being tired or stressed, however it got worse and I started frequently getting dizzy spells and also my ears feeling as if they are blocked up so that my hearing is muffled. I went to the doctor and he wasn't concerned and sent me away and just told me that usually the pain goes away when a person is reassured that it is nothing but to go back if it continues. I have a doctors appointment again as it hasn't stopped, instead the dizzy spells have got worse, I'm finding it hard to concentrate and am also feeling tired a lot. Does anyone else suffer from this and might be able to suggest something to help?

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  • Oh for goodness sake, why do doctors do this?! The pain and the other symptoms are very real to you and they obviously haven't gone away, so you need to go back.

    Unfortunately, head pain and dizziness can sometimes not get taken seriously. But it should be.

    Don't be fobbed off with the "it might be all down to stress" thing. I got that response recently and gritted my teeth, politely explaining that I needed help, until I got what I wanted.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on, and I hope you feel better soon.

  • first appointment - "take two paracetamol and see if that helps"

    second appointment - "mmmm not sure, have you tried paracetamol?"

    third appointment - thats when you finally get taken seriously.

    Your doc said to go back if it wasn't right, so do that. Ask them about checking your neck, your ears, do balance and coordination tests, etc.

  • I did that and it still didnt help, so i went to the hospital to have a checkup and i ended up having a high risk of brain cancer. Fortunatly i was able to survive and i made it out safe, and my head feels great!!

  • I saw a different doctor yesterday, as they manage to fit me in with her on like an after clinic appointment. She isn't intirely sure what it is, she said she thinks it's just cluster headaches but isn't sure because of how frequent it is (every day) and how long it's gone on for now. She has given me a stronger co-codamol and has referred me for an MRI scan so she can be sure that it's nothing going on with my brain. She checked my ears and said they were fine, she also checked my reflexes (no response) and checked my ability to use my hands in a small test, which she found odd as I am left handed but was not able to do the test as well with my left hand

  • Sounds like your neck vertebra might also need scanning as pressure on nerves there can cause muscle tension.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Menieres disease which can give the symptoms as described such as a fullness in yoyr ears, tinnitus or like air being pumped in your ear, migraines or severe headaches, dizzyness and feeling sick, problems with balance. There are other symptoms but vary from person to person. Make sure, if you do have Menieres that you have a salt free diet, drink plenty of water and you can get medication to help such as serc. It usually occurrs in people between 40 -60 but can happen any time. Its a possibility and worth asking yoyr gp

  • Maybe try an alternative treatment such as chiropractic care. Sometimes chasing symptoms is frustrating. MRI's are an important tool also to rule out.

  • I have the same symptoms. You should try Traditional Chinese Medicine. IT has something to do with the "air" in your system. They can help you to release it.

  • I have the same problems but add to it positional HA it doesn't matter bend down and come up fast or slow your done for. In Jan of this year I had spinal bacterial meningitis. They say this isn't related to that I just wonder anyone else with it

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