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Our daughter died 5 years ago 18/9/2013.Ever since we have been fighting for a change in prescribing.The new guidance has gone out from Nhs England,Nhs improvement and other notable agencies. However not all prescribers are adhering to it.We are hoping for legislation but this is taking a long time in today's climate . PLEASE read Fayes story on Google available to everyone.

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I am so sorry 😐 for your lose.

Thank you for sharing this tragic story of your daughter. Please know that by enlightening the world of this issue Faye’s legacy will continue to promote positive change in the way medicine is prescribed and inspire others to be more proactive about our own healthcare.

We have also been having a bit of an Opioid epidemic here in the states that has been getting more attention lately. I can’t even comprehend the pain of losing your child to something that could have been prevented so my heart goes out to you and countless others who needlessly go through the same thing.

I am so sorry you lost your lovely daughter. I had never heard of this until just now and read the story and it is horrific. I guess this is one of the reasons now why doctors seems to be cutting back on the use of opiods. This is generally a good thing but I have heard a few on here saying they are in horrendous pain as doctors cut down on their meds. I guess it just proves there is no such thing as a perfect solution. x

So sorry to hear your sad story of your daughters health issue resulting in her death. It is very hard to accept these happenings./ I often wonder how many chronic pain sufferers have symptoms caused by the pain releif they take. Many sufferers are not aware of the effects on breathing that opiods have even things like codeinne suppress breathing. In fact when I have a bad flare of COPD I often use an opiod pain releif to help my lungs. I am glad to hear you are campaigning for change, as many patients do not realise the problems may be drug related and many medics overlook the factors too. Cocktails of drugs are frowned on in mental health but not so in control of pain., why I wonder? As a person who has been affected by drugs I wholeheartedly support you in the changes. One area I feel should change is that every large hospital and surgery should have people who can dedicate more time to those who do report drug issues and that patients concerns should be addressed. I think you are right about your daughters care, but accept not all doctors would know a patients history or details related to tablets and we do need ,as patients, to be more informed in order to protect our own health and listened too when things are going wrong . Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts it must be hard to act on such sensitive issues , I find it is myself .


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