One of the best places to get information on the NHS is by interrogation of the website

NHS choices it covers everything about health and departments in hospitals etc

It goes into everything that you require and can be interrogated about different conditions etc. Give it a try, although you may know about this site and am preaching to the converted

All the very best


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  • Ye, this is where I get most of my info... it's a great site... I would recommend it to anyone....


  • all the best


  • Unfortunately there are many many people who have no internet access.

    Either because there disability prevents them from being able to use one or costs of buying and running a computer are too high.

    This may be this gov's way but not possible for too many people who need that information.

    Pat x

  • Hello Paton

    We all realise that many people with disabilities do not have a broadband connection although many have, It has only been recent that I have got this box of trcks.

    when I was information officer they trained me in house, and they allowed all their members free use to the internet, then one part of this charity took in old computers cleaned them removed past life then gave them a complete unit including a printer so even were then given scanners if the printer was old.

    After this our members were trained on the units, they then were able to use broadband at the centre

    Each member had a file on the computer at the centre and had their own passwords and e mail address. I still have the computer that they give me. It is still offline and I use it for research and home records, it must be ten years old now.The centre is still there and I still go and see everyone. Now its is difficult for me to visit as Iam jumping from here to scotland on a regular basis

    I am very much aware that many disabled are very isolated, in the north east their are a great many organizations who give internet acsess free. Even pensioners have that facility also in day centres, I should know as we supplied many machines to them

    Also I still know that many people are isolated and have not got the privilige of access to this wonderous media.

    Also now many libraries have free broadband.

    Although still there are many people do not have this as a right, these people need this privilige that we have at our homes

    I hope that all had broadband and I still know many that do not

    All the very best


  • Thanks Bob. You must float my way next time you are in Scotland! A litle remote with library 7 miles away and no public transport.

    Blind people are the ones who really suffer with accessing the internet. Did you know that without this #luxury' they are classed as illiterate?

    Very few libraries orr day centres have the specialist software they need and even fewer can afford to buy it themselves.

    Even with screen readers and magnifiers it is still difficult to access much of a computer.

    Pat x

  • Hello Paton

    Just got back from the snowey north back up pm,

    I can only give what I know in my neck of the woods, I know how difficult the access to the internet can be for many of those with a large spectrum of disability

    All I know is that through our workshops they must have provided well over three hundred units in a matter of two years and these were generally given to them by private companies that were having a office upgrade, I can only tell what happenedhere and the give way was across the a large section of the community. I understand with regard to the blind they are developing units with voice recognition and brail printers I have had nothing to do with that I suppose blind charities have this in hand. One of the problems is also computer speed. Down here we get 17gbt but when on the border I am lucky too get 2gbits Life is not perfect the only thing you can do is spread the word and help when possible

    All the best


  • does anyone know anything about nerve irratation and will it get better or go worse .its at the top of my left leg?

  • Hello Girda

    It is normal with me that I suffer sciatica in my left leg, I have a great deal of problems with it all you can do is try a TENS nerve block. Make an appointment with the hospital as it sounds that a nerve is trapped.

    I sympathize with you I have had mine five years

    Sorry no real help


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