As if I don't have enough pain

Well what a start to the week. Tooth pain, no reply to calls to my dentist ended up with an emergency appointment and still got pain now I need to go back on Thursday for more of this fiasco. It seems if your dentist is not available you just have to ring round and see if you can find another who does emergency treatment fortunately I found one . But they advised to go back to my usual dentist this is a sign of more problems in the NHS system. Guess I may as well just have all my teeth removed and have dentures then I will only need a denture repair service not a dentist in future. Won't need the NHS for that can buy them privately. Sorry for the moan everyone but I am really annoyed with their attitude to the customer so to say, and the fact that they are prepared to inflict more pain because you don't just opt for the simple solution like above. oh but I forgot the NHS does not allow them to remove good teeth only teeth that are painful. In the old days we would have pulled a painful tooth out and loose ones too ourselves. Have a good pain free day everyone if that is possible.xx

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  • oh katieoxo that is appalling. we kive in scotland and sem o have better treatment. at least where we live.

    i alsways though dentists - like gps have an emergency slot. they always ask when you ring and can fit you in after a patient if pusg comes to shove.

    what was the verdict of the pain. i do understand if it is an abcess it can't be removed untilinfection cleared.

    we also have a duty out of hours dentists - sort of eerrknd out of hours. i used them once after a big extraction went nasty.

    any anti biotics or dare i ask - pain relief.

    you have every right to rant. toothache is the pits but dont have those you have left removed. dentures are never quite the same.

    smiles and gentle hug

    pat x

  • To add insult to injury , I just read the paperwork it suggests they did a pulp extirpation& dress 1 canal occ on the left lower 2 tooth. He told me he was removing the nerve so why does it still have pain??, is my question. No, no prescriptions for infection or pain. They say the pain is due to the filling sitting on the nerve and a large cavity under the gum line. I think I am being treated like an idiot even the injection he gave me was so weak I could still feel the pain while he was working on the tooth. Guess I'll just have to find a private dentist in future and pay with my credit card. Thanks for the reply Pat I won't be registering with that dentist no way as I am not into quick fix extraction methods. Just have to take pain killers for my teeth too like I do for the rest of the bodies aches, just ordered some celery extract seeds supposed to reduce arthritic pain,blood pressure ect maybe they will work on my teeth too :) xx

  • lets hope the seeds get your blood pressure down if nothing else.

    i had a appt for wash and brusg yesterday which i had to postpone cos david not god. now have to wait a full month cos dentist needs half an hour. all other appts are 10 mins.

    pooh said i - never had less than 30 mins yet. aha - time and motion man been calling. remember them.

    oil pf cloves is excellent for any toothache. it kills everything. even tok the enamel from my microwave when it sat on top.

    let me know how you get on with the celery seeds.


  • I think dental appointments are far too short, and now they try to do a checkup and treatment in that ten minutes which does not even allow time for the injection to work. Who decides these times??? Might get some oil of cloves today when out. Will let you know how the celery seeds work or if there are any side effects. Got a meeting today so catch up with you another time, hope David is a little better today, my tooth is not but see what happens tomorrow. Bye for now Kate xx

  • If you can take aspirin, let one dissolve on or near the tooth. It was a wee tip my dentist gave me when I had my wisdom teeth out. Gave me immediate relief.

    If the nerve was compressed, then it will take time for it to return to normal - bit like the flat Jerry after he was hit with a frying pan by Tom in those very old cartoons.

    Remember to tell the dentist you have cp - our sensitivity to acute pain is increased and we need more injections than usual. And personally, I need a good 15 mins for it to start working. So I go in and get the injection, then he sees the next person, then I go back in for the treatment.

  • Ouch 😁

    As if our 'normal' pain isn't enough indeed, then we have to play the pass the parcel game with NHS dentists - grrrrhhhhhhhh

    I'm in training to be a grumpy old woman - does it show??!!

    Hope you get some relief C.


  • Not sure where that C came from - obviously my grumpy fingers.

    Meant for Katieoxo

    Hoping it eases, dental pain is really grisly


  • Think I will join you and start moaning more often maybe then they will listen, gosh when I worked I could not have been so uncaring to the clients how times change . Have a good day from this grumpy old lady :) xx

  • Though you don't have enough pain now, still you should visit your physician for the proper treatment.

  • nessage me katieoxo

    pat x

  • catch you later x

  • You can go to A& E and see the NHS dentist there. They will do any immediate treatment and make sure that they either follow up or your own dentist does. Don't abuse it though, it is only for emergencies.

    Or if you live in or near a town with a dental hospital, they do emergency treatment for a small fee.

  • Thanks Zanna, we have a dental hospital in Birmingham but that's miles away. I have just found out the dentist who treated me was a private dentist who does implants. So I guess the NHS patients are besides his normal dental work, a bit like some doctors, not total NHS employees as we say. Thanks for your info.

  • I take it that you are now out of pain in your mouth, or at least I hope so.

    Sometimes the nerves flare up all around that tooth area when the Root

    was pulled right out from the bone in your mouth.. (sounds painful just

    imaging the tug of war to get it all out or the feel of a pick inside your

    bone... ouch.. I can imagine that the nerves all around that area are

    quite unhappy and rebelling..

    Since there was no infection and the thought is that if you pull the nerve

    roots of the tooth, all pain will go away... I guess they thought wrong. If I

    were a dentist or a hospital worker.. I would have sent you home with at

    least a few pain pills to get you through should you have a terrible pain

    night that same night or the next night..

    If you have pain beyond 2 nights, it's time for a recheck.. I hope that your

    recheck gave you proper pain relief and that no infection or tooth extraction

    was necessary.. they have to pull the tooth if it abscesses.. usually.

    Keep us updated in this - your story is an interesting one for sure. =)

  • Well I have been to my own dentist today, the saga goes on. Two more xrays it is now agreed it is not worth removing the nerve the most sensible thing is to extract the tooth replace with either denture or implant. Can't afford implant so it's an extraction and temporary denture for three months. Have to use painkillers till the denture can be made for next week. So I now have to pay for two courses of NHS treatment costing around four hundred pounds, not sure this is right because this tooth has been treated on several occasions in the last four months and on a point of law the two dentures necessary to make good the gap are all part of the same course of treatment. Plus the problem has arisen due to the treatment given, many people could not afford this and would have to manage without a denture to fill the gap, let alone pay for two dentures in a three month period. As you see to spite the cost I still have to tolerate the discomfort too, and the inconvenience. Nothing I can do about it. It is too complicated to explain what really happened. But I do think that if a dentist or doctor is retiring the patients should be informed formally not just told on arrival at the surgery.

  • They say that each visit to the dentist requires paying for use of that chair and it's cleaning of it... plus the dental assistant.. overhead, overhead.. I have had the same argument when a crown placed on my husband only a year ago wasn't sealed properly and he lost the tooth... to be replaced by an implant. It was three thousand dollars that I argued about.. but the dentist won and we paid, then forgot until you told us your story. They told us why it cost extra labor. (dang it) I understand what you mean, my dear.

  • In England it is different the dentist has a contract for your dental care with the NHS who pay his fee for an agreed course of treatment set out in a care plan following a check up examination. You pay the NHS agreed costs up to a maximum unless you are in an exempt category. They get paid the moment you sit in the chair by the Government and you must have some rights in respect of failed dental treatment. The NHS does not supply implants which is what I should have, the denture will just hasten the deterioration of my existing teeth, resulting in more cost to the NHS as each tooth gradually gets cavities and has to be extracted and a new denture made, I know as my top teeth have been dentures since I broke my front teeth at work in my twenties it is people like us who keep dentists in business. It is a very emotive subject and understand how you feel as sometimes the fault does lie with the practitioner not the patient we not only suffer the pain but bear a cost many find difficult to meet don't you think. ?? Thanks for your moral support.

  • I do agree. I didn't realize how that worked with dentistry.. I knew that your health was paid that way. In the USA, dentistry is entirely different than health so we have to buy 2 separate insurances. Our government doesn't handle either (just yet) Consider yourself very lucky.. people with toothaches that make a dollar more than poverty cannot get free dentistry - those dentists give one Saturday to treat the very poor... no help what-so- ever to pay for either...

    In the USA if you are too poor to buy health insurance, then the IRS fines you for not having it. It's the obama care thing...

  • Did know about the USA as my grandchildren have just returned to England after being brought up in USA. My great grandson was born in the USA. I appreciate the service I get but both my deceased husband & I worked and paid into the system but I still have to pay some of the cost. It is an unfair system as is the USA one too, it works on the theory that all can pay until proven different. My daughter had to pay my grandsons medical bill when he had a serious accident in USA as he had no insurance and his father could not pay or his wife. I don't mind paying but I object to paying again and again for the same treatment that does not work then paying an hefty sum to put things right. I hate people who tell me lies or undermine my intelligence which is what has happened in respect of my dental care. But pay I must so fingers crossed it's done correctly this time with no further treatment needed for the foreseeable future.The government have a lot to answer for but rthat is another topic. Speak to you again soon.

  • I hear what you are saying. You hit the nail on the head.

  • don't know if you are aware but denstist are no longer required to give free treatment if say - a tooth you had filled 2 weeks ago comes out. you pay again.

    it happened to me a years ago and actually produced the directive and change in law.

    however david had a crown wich popped out before he reached the car. either the dentist measured it wrong or the technician made it incorrectly but they have agreed to do it again free of charge. not too willingly I hasten.

    not that this helps you Katie but as you say nhs dentistry is a ightmare.

    chap on radio last week explaining who costs work. I don't think he understood any more than me and he was a dentist.

    fight on - everything is a battle.

    pat x

  • iam very lucky found a very good dentist 28 years ago and I still visit him worth his weight in gold always has time for me every time I see him if you find a good dentist keep him only have to ring up and I can get a appointment ASAP sometimes the same day

  • Well Progrock,my dentist retired but the new ones OK just a few teething problems while he settles in, nurse is a bit shy on smiles. It is like having a new dental practice without being informed. But we got things sorted I think and all should be treated by next weekend, have to use painkillers for now. Apologies given from staff. I agree , my previous dentist was treating me for years and I have had this one for quite some time each time I have not had any choice about changing dentist but that's life. I cannot afford private now I am an oap. Fingers crossed it all goes well now.

  • Up date on this post, Went back to my own dentist he as made a denture and extracted the problem tooth. My gum is healing quite quickly and the denture is a good fit however the tooth next to the new denture is now extremely painful and sensitive. So I am still doing the painkiller rounds, feeling awful due to extra ongoing pain. Then on Monday will have to start the same fiasco again, this as been going on now for around six months. Feels like he has probably irritated the nerve or its become exposed due to the extraction as the tooth itself is good with no fillings, will up date you on the next episode of this saga :) :) x

  • Bloody hell six months

  • Yes it's surprising how long things do drag on , because I take painkillers routinely some pain is bearable and masked by the drug regime. Thanks for reply Progrock.

  • Oh heck Katie that's horrible. Big ow too.

    I haven't got enough teeth to lose any more - no way could I brave a denture.

    Did you try oil of cloves? Numbs everything known to woman.

    Smiles - if you can

    Pat x

  • Was managing the pain well and trying all options, but since the extraction it's been quite severe even with varied things and added pain relief. But many thanks Pat for your support and help. Why is it such a minor thing can cause such pain???, just like a cold makes you feel awful for several days.Anyway it will eventually get put right and it will soon be Monday so I can get it sorted. :) :) x

  • Let me know.


  • Will do x

  • Hello

    In the 50s many dentists were in my opinion were in cases butchers. When I was a baby I had two serious operations and the condition reduced the calcium level in my bones and teeth. I was fearful of doctors and dentists and that was reinforced when I had to have my first teeth extracted, Over the years up to this my teeth were painted with Silver Nitrate so that I would keep the first teeth for as long as possible.

    When they wanted to extract the first teeth they wanted me to be gassed so they put a metal gag in my mouth for ten mins before the operation, my jaw became tired and the gag tightened on the teeth and Jaw.

    On extraction they removed fourteen teeth and left broken shards throughout my mouth that I was able to remove over a six month period until my next appointment.

    My fear of dentists continued until I was thirty and many of the dentists I saw were of the butcher variety during that time I had to have my wisdom teeth out and they did the procedure under aenesthetic, I nearly died on that occasion.

    Since then my dental treatment is undertaken in hospital with full sedation, I generally have to wait upwards of six months after my dental check up before I can have full sedation as my dentist, yes I have a dentist puts in a referal for treatment. During that time my dentists has to keep the treatment areas stable. If I have an infection it can all become problematical.

    Now I am sixty five soon and had my last sedation twelve months ago, and my dentist has replaced a large filling twice since then. I have to contact my dentist when I have problems and have to be seen with urgency in case the tooth becomes infected or the filling becomes to bad to treat. You see now they do not do crowns

    in sedation clinics because they cannot really arrange a multipal appointment to do the procedure

    My number of teeth now is like the ten little indians as extractions become standard practice as they are restricted what they can do.

    Mind in a way I am getting good treatment, I cannot remember what they get up to and I forget most of what happened in sedation Clinic


  • Thought you had been quiet Bob - now we know. Sedated in a comfy chair oblivious to anything!

    Poor Katie will be asking for a GA tomorrow!

    They do crowns stil. I have had 2 in last 3 years - one just a few months ago. Wish I could have the rest done.

    In my Grandmothers day - girls had all theiir teeth removed on their 21st burthday. Very fashionable.

    Pat x

  • Hello Pat

    When my Grandparents married my Grandfather was practicing Dentist and as a present my Grandfather had her teeth out and did the first try ins at time of extraction as in that time is was thought it was the best time to do the try in when mouth was still bleeding.

    Eventually my Grandfather was pushed into the trade of Dental Technician and my Father followed into the trade as an Orthodontist. His younger brother trained as a Dental Technician and worked with my Granfather for the rest of His life, My Uncle retired several years later.


  • Your post to Pat was interesting, I recall having my first denture straight back in around about fifty years ago. On Friday I had it done that way again. On my bottom teeth, they fit lovely but having problems with the tooth next to the extraction, the extraction is healing lovely.

  • Thought you'd be on your way by now?

    Don't be late

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat sorry Katie isn't asking for anything can't get an answer again from the practice, waiting for 111 to ring back with advice.I've asked for details on how to report this matter to someone who can deal with it.

  • I thought you had an appointment today?

    What on earth is going on?


  • Hi Pat, think things have got mixed up, had my treatment Friday needed to contact dentist today as I have massive toothache following extraction. The dentist is closed no notice on the door to say why, same palava as a few weeks ago. No message on the answer phone either. So guess I'll have to just take painkillers, send a complaint to NHS England then try and find another dentist as this one can't be relied on any more. Supposed to be open from 8am to 6pm Monday to friday, half day on Wednesday the answer machine says. Nothing to inform the patients that the normal dentist has retired. Yes I would like to know where the retiring dentists patients have to go and how we make an appointment. Emergency services are only available from 8pm to 10pm each day I am advised. I am not impressed at all Anyone know what it cost for private treatment these days? May be we might have a dentist in our midst .

  • Oh Katie what a horrible mess. Did you say NHS is opne til 10? Can't you get up there now?

    I had a dentist 3 years ago who wwent home one night - all normal and just never came back. Surgery had no idea. Bizarre.

    We had private dental plan at one time which was fairly good then we moved.

    Yes lets put out an SOS for a dentist in the house.

    Absolutely appalling and yes megga complaint. Doesn't help you now though.

    Bodjela? Cloves? Neat pain tab?

    Pat x

  • Thanks for reply as you say there is nothing I can do now, just have to make sure I only get dental pain tuesday , thursday or friday between 9am and 5pm oh and the chemist got my prescription wrong today too. Now I am being sarcastic, if they don't want to do NHS why don't they just say so at least that way we know we need insurance plan or pay private. There's no way I will go to that dentist again will have to ring round in the morning to get treatment private or otherwise, or just keep taking painkillers till the tooth drops out. Better compose my email complaint now and write a letter to the surgery to have my name removed from their system. Enjoy your evening Kate x

  • Just an update on the tooth saga, had a confrontation with dental practice, they have seen me today and given me antibiotics in hope this will help pain, to ring them back if things continue for more than a few more days and they will try a couple of other options, said in future they will be open on Saturday mornings just like our GP. Have had another bad bout of pain since so see how we go. Will keep you up dated x

  • This the dentist which was shut yesterday?

    Hope they didn't charge you for meds? So itt is still painful. Hopefully they will kick in quickly and it settles a bit.



  • Yes One in the same, I'm still in pain breaking through the painkillers, Pat. The dentist has told me to ring up Friday if there's no change. Hopefully it's infection and the antibiotics work, no charge just another form to sign. I know there is something wrong but not sure what. Your right it is unbelievable but it has happened now so have to move forward from here, fingers crossed the pain improves soon.

  • I would be camping on his door screaming by now. Very brave of you not to.

    Would it be an idea to see how yo are tomorrow rather than wait til Friday? Ever the optomistic one I worry if he's not ther on Friday and then it's weekend again.

    I shall nag tomorrow - after I've had my hair cut


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