I had a total knee replacement in mid May this year. I am down for both knees to be done. Since my operation I have been unable to walk due to the pain and instability in the knee of the unoperated leg. I was supposed to see the surgeon in Aug. then Sept. and now it has been put back again to mid October. I seem to be progressing o.k and only have some stiffness in the operated knee but I cannot get to physio as I literally can't stand up for more than a moment. I am at a loss and the tramadol and ibuprofen I am taking do nothing. Please has anybody any suggestions?

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  • Can't you have the hospital arrange to collect you and bring you to your appointments?

  • It's the hospital that has been cancelling the appointments. No reasons given. the physio is exercises stood up.

  • I got an appointment after waiting 18 months. I wonder if they are under a lot of pressure.

  • Jimtom, I finished a reply earlier then battery went flat as I was about to press 'send' . Thought I was going to make it!

    However. My reply was similar to Jimatom's as you said you " cannot get to physio" as you "literally cannot physically stand up for . . . . ".

    If the Physio dept are cancelling then - if this happened to me I think I would be taking this up with my GP by phone and maybe letter as a matter of urgency. Also I'd want to speak to the head of Physio dept and maybe patient services. Also I'd phone Orthopaedic Consultant's secretary asking for a phone call back from him or urgent clinic appointment. I would phone the Ambulance Patient Transport number to book transport for ALL my appointments - clinic and physio - and mention assistance may be needed with mobilising.

    If you are reluctant to do physio because the exrcises are in standing position do you think you are shying away from chasing this up? If you need support with standing for the exercises that should be communicated to physio and organised by them. You should not have to fear any treatment. Fears need to be discussed and addressed. Ask for full explanation of exercises and if there is any alternative to start with.

    Leg muscles need daily exercise. Best not to leave this too long. I hope you can obtain a written copy of exercises from physio that you can do at home whilst sitting or lying down whilst awaiting appointments in physio department.


  • Also - are you having any side effects from the Tramadol? If not working - any point in continuing with it?

    Have you asked GP or Surgeon for Urgent referal to Pain Clinic? Do you know how long waiting list is?

    What strength Ibuprofen are you taking?

    2 paracetamol OR 2 Cocodamol AND Ibuprofen (taken after food) usually work well together.

    Tramadol and Cocodamol cause constipation and a stool softener such as Lactulose medicine would help with this. Constipation can itself cause/exacerbate mobility problems.

  • Looks like he has left.

  • Strange. He liked my reply ?

  • He didn't !!!

    That was you!

    Names too similar for my tiredness. I'm off to bed.

    Goodnight Jimatom.


  • I think it was me that liked your reply.

    Goodnight Mary.

  • You should be getting physio in the community from nhs it should have been organised when you left the ward. I was told l had been referred by physios in hosp but l called physio in local nhs hosp to be told not been referred but they would give me an appt me to go there instead physio to mine!!!!! Bonkers!??? Push for it even ask if you're Gps surgery that you need a telephone call from your GP asap and explain everything to him or her or phone orthos secretary n as well get them do referral. Keep pushing as they would just leave you stuck on your couch with no help forever if they could. Don't give up!! God Bless, Deb.

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