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Introducing Selena

Selena is my new friend, sciatic pain. Has been constant since 1 Jan. Can't sit, stand or walk without extreme variables of extreme discomfort. Thought I found some relief by sitting on the floor - could not feel my legs when I tried to stand up. It took quite a few minutes before I could stand and a few more before I felt safe to walk.

Got quite a collection of friends - Delboy and Rodney (they've got a mate called Trigger -trigger pain), Ant or Dec ( never know which one it is - shoulder pain) and now Selena. Lets hope this is a short visit.

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She has a nicer name than "Gollum". I have got temporary relief from sciatica by standing up and stretching out the affected leg, with the heel on the floor and in front of the other foot, and the toes raised to the sky. Luckliy, mine comes & goes and usually starts because I've been sitting for too long. My dad got it a lot when driving for a living - he swore by osteopathy to treat it effectively.


I had a lot of trouble with sciatica and it cost me my HGV licence as I had no use in my leg's it gave me a lot of trouble and pain. Have done physio and excersise but no good then some one told me about belts and back pockets

. Leather Belts on you waist causes you a lot of pain because when you bend or sit the belt tightens on your waist and causes the pain also carrying a wallet or something in your back pocket sits just where you sit and pinches the nerve causing pain. Well zanna I found that a tens machine is just great it really works for me works and if you contact your doctor he will give you a certificate so it is VAT free don't buy a cheap one get the best you can afford, I hope this helps because like you pain is my freind I have not named it but I know that I aam alive and can cope. Sciatica is just one of my problems but I know there are a lot of people around worse of than me. Take Care Colboy


Well I know how you feel I get sciatica in both legs that lasts for various length of time,

Best known treatmeents are anti inflamities with amitryptalene for nerve pain.

V tens set at variable settings lasting for about three hours, Pain management recommendations the twin set of electrons my be well set along from hip down nerve route good luck I hope it settles down soon



Scientists have proved that around 50% of sciatica pain is caused by a bacteria. Now they suggest a course for three weeks of antibiotics. Can't say if it works or not just seen the research somewhere.


I find this interesting. Dr Upton and myself came up with antibiotics to treat back pain. It worked very efectively. Dr Upton has now retired so I had to refer my new GP back to my notes to get antibiotics for an extreme pain flare-up. The pain died down within 3 days of taking Erythromycin 250mg. I would be interested in reading the article which refers to the scientists talking about the antibiotics


I know I read this, as interested and put it in my brain. I cannot remember where I saw it. Sorry. May be it was the CAM magazine I read avidly. I live in England so have this magazine.


Here's hoping selena sods off soon.


Off for a break so won't be around for three weeks. If you can't fidn it will be back then and help you. What an interesting piece of research. I did a PhD in 2002, in Immunology and I scavenge any bits of research I can. Store it in my brain. I got it on my 60th birthday. so 70 now. [ND HD HMD not a doc as in medicine type]


Look forward to speaking to you when you are back from your break. It looks like you can help me push some health reforms forward. I have a BSc (hons) so I can handle technical data.


Hi guys, I've been diagnosed a few years now of having not everyday is the same....

Now when it comes to Tens, then am going to pass on this, as it really does not help me.

It's the same with acupuncture, over the past, I have had 2 session of 4wks, this was over a 3yr period, I didn't find this any good either.

My sciatica is within the lumber area of L4/5, L5/S1,


I'm with you on that, yet another ache that's variable. I thought it had settled down as I had 2 days free from it, but the last few days its been rumbling away in the background. Its a bit of a mystery as I didn't do anything to cause it.

I would be happy if it was one level of pain - would be easier to manage. The more I've learnt about pain and how it works, the more facinated I have become.

Have to make a conscious effort to be sympathetic when my daughters hurt tnemselves, because to them its a disaster, even though it will be forgotten in a few days. Not so bad now they are older.

I'm going to watch that program about the bionic man - apparently a dr has replaced parts of his body with robotic mechanisms. There might be something for us. can't remember what day but its channel 4 at 9pm.


when i was very young,i had had gone fishing with my dad and had a fishing accident landing on my spine, which resulted in sciatic pain,i dont know what used to trigger the pain,when it did come, it was so sever, i used to put ice packs to numb the side of the leg, i couldnt sleep, sit or even stand

i had upteen xrays of my spine and saw so many doctors, who all told me ,"i need spinal surgery", which i was scared to proceed which could also lead to paralysis waist down

its been months since i had the chronic pain since i got rid of it,,,


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