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Back pain and being obese

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I am 43 have pain in my spine when I am at work on my feet can losing a stone help with the pain or do I need to seek help Gail

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You need to seek help. Pain in the spine could be due to a number of things. Incorrect balance over the feet could contribute to pain in the spine.

Regardless as to what is causing the pain, carrying extra weight will make it worse. If you haven't seen a doctor or physio it might be a good idea to, but it will also be a good idea to lose weight if you are over weight.

When I walk with the two watering cans down to the veggie patch, which means carrying an extra 20kg, my knees start to hurt. But when I am walking without them the knees don't hurt!

I have a question what kind of stone is it a kidney stone if so I would go to your urologist because if you have passed one stone you may have more to come.

I say this because I have passed up to 12 kidney stones of the years.

Don’t mess with those bad boys if one gets stuck it can be dangerous.

Don’t want to scare you I just want you to be safe.

Good luck!

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PFKAAde in reply to ssdw1958

1 stone = 14 imperial pounds = 6.35kg

Different sort of stone!


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ssdw1958 in reply to PFKAAde

Your talking weight not kidney stones well I am so glad because kidney stones are like giving birth and at that size that would be so painful. You know I worked with a couple of young ladies when I was 20 years old and they were from London and they would call some things one thing and I wouldn’t know what they were saying and if went the same for them. Let me tell you that was an experience. 😋😟😁🤔

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AndrewT in reply to ssdw1958

Don't talk to ME, about F..king Kidney Stones!

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morphalot in reply to AndrewT

Or me!!!!

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Bungiecat in reply to ssdw1958

As of yet I have to wait another two weeks to see GP but I have decided to try and loose some weight before I see him and to take my waist and upper abdo measurement each week so as to show GP I have made an a effort to loose weight and inches

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ssdw1958 in reply to Bungiecat

I hope you do what you want to do just be careful and don’t hurt your self. Remember it takes time to loose weight.

Hi Bungiecat,

Please make an appointment.

So many different things can cause lower back pain. It’s a very good idea to eliminate the possibility of chronic diseases, like autoimmune diseases. You can fair MUCH better in the long run by catching these before something becomes out of control.

Also, find out if it’s something structural in your body. I’ve friends who found out they can use lifts or other shoe inserts and completely eliminated their back pain.

As for myself, I have chronic pain associated with autoimmune diseases and injuries. Today, I’m wearing lidocaine patches down my spine. They help.

I was told by a rheumatologist 5-10 years ago that losing weight would make my pain disappear. I went from 295 lbs to 145 lbs (21 stone to 10 stone). I still have just as much back pain. However, so many other things have improved that my quality of life is MUCH better. I can be more active in managing my pain, unlike before.

I hope you have some answers soon!

Thanks for your reply I fear mine had something to do with the weight I have gained Gail

Hi Gail,! O would advise you to definitely seek assistance from your GP. And, they will tell you, to lose weight. The more weight you have to support with your spine, the more pressure it will be under. It's a no brainer really!!! Take care, and good luck! X

Sorry Gail - that last message was supposed to go to bungiecat! Perhaps you could forward it for me please?

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