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Prolapsed disc, need help for sciatica and back pain!


Hi I am 16 years old and have had a prolapsed disc for 18months. I had surgery 12months ago and I am still having constant excruciating sciatica in both my legs and hip pain recently. I am already on codeine, gabapentin and amitriptyline, they ease pain for 2hrs at most and then its straight back to constant pain. I have tried wheat bags, hot water bottles, endless amounts of creams and just wanted to get some advice or help?


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Poor you! How awful to be experiencing this! What surgery did you have? Have you discussed this deterioration with the surgeon? You are young and there is every chance you will recover from this episode but you need help from experts. Consultants, physios and exercise therapists to get you back in action. Who can help you get expert care?

Best wishes,

Hi, so sorry you are still in pain. What surgery did you have? I had major spinal fusion of L5/S1 last year. I have permanent nerve damage both from the accident and surgery, but the pain is nothing like it was before the surgery. Before the surgery i lost the use of my leg and bladder. Have you tried complete rest for 3 days? TENS machines can also help with the pain. I got to the point where no painkillers were working. Have you been referred to the pain management clinic? I eventually was put on Buprenorphine patches along with regular paracetamol and oramorph. Because of your age, you may not be allowed these patches. Gabapentin did help for me, but takes time when increasing the dose, to work. I would go back to your surgeon and ask for an urgent referral to the pain management clinic. Hope this helps. Lisa x

king123 in reply to clare86

I had L5/S1 done too i think. I am attending a pain managment clinic but i feel the exercises dont help along with swimming. I have been trying to get a follow up from surgeon but no response or even just an MRI

Thankyou :)

clare86 in reply to king123

It takes a good 18 months to start recovering properly. I would persevere with the swimming and try exercises in the water. Pilates will help build your core muscles which support you're lower back. Keep going and don't give up.

king123 in reply to clare86

It has been over 18months and the pain and sciatica is still the same. I am doing hydrotherapy weekly and exercises. Thank you for the support I don't get much of that x

I am using a Tens machine and doing Yoga in an effort to get rid of my Sciatica, its awful isn't it?!

king123 in reply to Fern369

I haven't tried either and i just got used to the pain after a year 1/2 of suffering from it

Sweetheart have you been to a pain clinic? They can better help you with dealing with long term pain. There is no reason for you to suffer. Please check into this asap. Praying this helps!!! xxx Mitzi

king123 in reply to mitziblue

Hi yes i go to a pain clinic weekly, doesnt really help :(

mitziblue in reply to king123

Have you tried OpanaER ? It really helps me. Hope this helps!!!

king123 in reply to mitziblue

No I haven't I am unsure of what that is

Hi have you been to a therapy pool? The water is deep and warm and helps ease the pain while you exercise. The problem is trying to get out of the water your body feels very heavy and it hurts to move but it doesn't last too long. Keep with the pain medication and don't give up. I feel for you being so young and and struggling so much. Pain management is vital in living with these issues. Thinking of you.

king123 in reply to painfulone

I do go to the pool a couple times a week, i just feel that the pain is the same if not worse afterwards. Thankyou for the support it means alot :)


Hello have you tired Ice packs I use them have the same problem as you on the same meds too all I got with the nhs was physio and therapy still doing the exercises which did nothing I'm going back tomorrow with very little faith as the doctors I've seen (5) don't care try and nip this in the bud cause you don't want a life time of pain

king123 in reply to Hidden

I have heat packs but not ice packs will try it. I am still on the same meds. I feel as though the pain clinic I attend don't give me support, more questions like "why didn't you go to school?" , "does it hurt daily". like of course it does and you wouldn't understand (they say I know how you feel but do you really ?) no because you haven't have a prolapsed disc and sciatica for 18months at the age of 16. I just feel as though the rest of my life will be full of this pain and I cant stand that. :(

Ask for a referral to a rheumatologist - sciatica by definition only happens on one side at a time. if you are getting pain in both legs at the same time, then I believe its far more likely that its caused by something else, including things like lumbar or sacroiliac inflammation (spondyloarthritis).

The other possibility would be that the bilateral pain has been caused by something slightly wrong in the surgery - in which case it would probably be useful to ask to be reviewed again by the surgeon, preferably with a new MRI done to check what is actually happening. The MRI would be useful for a rheumatologist too.

king123 in reply to earthwitch

Thankyou i will try and find one. I didnt have a follow up with the surgeon even 1 year after surgery, is that normal? I will try to get an MRI also


waylay in reply to earthwitch

I've had sciatica in both legs at the same time. Why would it only happen in one?

sidsue in reply to earthwitch

I have sciatica in both legs my big toe is numb and the 3rd one along also pins and needles pain clinic cant do anything for me now I am 62..on those morphine patches and gabapentin I cannot do exercise as it hurts to turn over I cannot get up off the floor..

Truffs in reply to earthwitch

earrhwith Sciatic nerve runs down both legs & therefore you can experience pain in both legs.

Hi there. 16 is very young to be in constant pain... You must get more attention from a consultant... In the meantime a hot water bottle on your back can work wonders. It seems to draw the pain out. Hope it works for you! pippingford55

I know its very young, btw it was a doctor that did it to me. I have tried hotties, wheatbags, creams etc to no help. I just wish it would go away :(

Look on internet for a god/chap named Alan Watson.

He runs a place in London.

Bimal clinic I think.Near BBc studio.Not far from Edgeware rd.

Try him,he saved my life and is excellent.

Hope you feel ok ish.

Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain after having spine surgery, you’re very young too. Think you need to see the surgeon who performed your operation or a different spine surgeon. 2 ways of doing this 1 pay for private appointment & probably MRI which can be very expensive or go to you Dr & ask for referral to Spine surgeon. Was the surgeon who operated a Spine surgeon or Neurosurgeon or Orthopaedic Surgeon who also operated on spines? Google your surgeon & should be able to find out!

Agree with lots of advice you’ve been given so that’s why i’m suggesting something different. Ask your Dr if they think you should see a different Spine surgeon but get an urgent referral to see what’s happening to your spine Good Luck 😊

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