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Before having cauda equine/spinal stenosis yr ago had burn,itch,pin needle feelings @21 Got it under control now having problems 18yrslater

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I have no idea why about a week now I feel itching then pins ,needles ,burn pain in feet and arms/hands i never got diagnosed with anything when i had this feeling at 21 but somehow it was resolved. Now all of sudden the itching , burn , pin needle feeling is back , I've had cauda equina,plus stenosis for a yr. (and the herniated discs again, Ive been holding off surgery cause no one to take care of me or kids (single parent) I was given gabapentin for the cauda but several weeks later found out was pregnant with my 3rd baby ( which was torture this time with pain of cauda and dics but had to and managed to deliver "all natural" in every sense which is even more painful without being able to have epidural ) Moving along I've done chiropractic, pt. And recently a little traction since after baby . That's my back story so now Im wondering what is the actual cause of all of this pin needle feeling and if this slight burning ,pin needle feeling is because im geting nerve feeling again and the cauda and stenosis is resolving itself or if its another problem??? If its another problem anyone know what to do? Or what it actually is? I just need to be careful what I take because of breastfeeding .

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It is really difficult to diagnose over the internet, especially since none of us are health professionals. If you have new symptoms it is best to see your GP. Or if you think they are musculoskeletal, many areas in the UK do self referral for that so that might be easier for you.

As a single parent I know how hard it can be to get to medical appointments on your own!

Have you been diagnosed with Cauda Equina? My understanding is that with that condition you need an urgent operation to avoid paralysis etc. However I know a herniated disc can be hell and extremely debilitating. But without a proper diagnosis and a possible mri to see what is wrong it is impossible for any of us on here to give you any advice other than to see your GP for a referral to a specialist. Good Luck

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Yes I've been diagnosed with cauda but I've been fortunate enough to hold off surgery thank God because again no one to take care of me and kids

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Oh wow. I was diagnosed with insipient cauda equina but was told that it was better to operate asap as full blown cauda is always an emergency.

Cauda equina is an orthopaedic emergency. If you've been diagnosed with this your consultant would be carrying out surgery. Whatever it is you're clearly in a lot of pain so you should go back to your GP. I understand what you're saying about having nobody to look after the kids but you won't be any good to anyone if you're paralysed. Perhaps your kids could be fostered locally. I know that is not ideal in the short term but it's better than the alternative. Sorry if that sounds harsh, I don't mean it to. Hope you get everything sorted and are pain free

Are you sure you had cauda equina. Without surgery things would be different.

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Yes i was diagnosed last yr but i guess it's where the cauda and stenosis is that there hasn't been emergency even in hospital they told me it wasn't immediate surgery

Pins and needles is a classic (listed) sign of vitamin B12 deficiency. As is burning pain in feet etc, plus any nerve pain. Also spine degeneration can be connected too. Go onto the other Health Unlocked community site called Pernicious Anemia Society (or PAS for short,) which is again for B12 deficiency and ask the same questions about pins and needles, burning, nerve pain and your herniated discs. Beware that there is a grey area in ther vitamin b12 bloods that is often over looked despite having many symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, far too many are over looked. Having a baby can bring on a vitamin B12 problem too.

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Wow okay well thank you

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