Finding a Dr that looks into the cause of severe chronic neuropathy pain

Does anyone know of a specialist or hospital that can help me with finding the cause of my neuropathy. The pain is so severe that I'm hanging on by a thread. Getting a ton of "no's" but I'm not stoping. Im emotionally exhausted. Exhausted enough from the pain that I get not one minute of relief. I've been through all the "normal" drugs. Infusions and tests but I can't find an answer as to what type of dr researches your body to find the cause. New pain mgmt dr next week. If we don't get along and she won't give me anything for pain, be my advocate, WORK WITH ME, I've got a problem with getting help where I live. I won't live like this.

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  • Gina

    I don't understand why you are being denied pain meds whilst you are seeking an explanation as to the cause.



  • Lucky Jim. My primary won't give me any more than 3 oxycodone a day and they are 5 mg! May as well take Tylenol. He won't cuz he doesn't know enough about neuropathy. He's been a jerk this whole time. I don't think he believes me honestly. I'm firing here and he knows I'm on the brink but still won't help me. Won't get any meds on the first appt with pain mgmt dr tues. either. I'm screwed. I'm upset. I feel ripped apart inside. I don't have the energy to fight this.


  • Gina

    You are absolutely right, they know too little about the subject. There is no excuse for them not believing you, little training is required to know when someone is in trouble.

    3 x 5mg is minimal dosage and people in real pain will know this.

    You will have to find the energy to continue the fight. You are in the right and in time you will get the help you need.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Jim. Yes, 5 mg 3x a day is like taking Tylenol. NOTHING!!! Going to new pain mgmt dr Tuesday. I need advice about what to ask and not. I need to have a teeeeny relief. If nobody will help, I do know I can't live my life in this pain.

    Thanks Jim


  • Gina

    There is much you can ask, but a key question should be,'why am I being refused the help I need'.

    Good luck Tuesday.


  • G I am so sorry! I completely understand. May I ask where do you live?

  • I live in western NY

  • hi Ginakins I live in the UK and suffer with PN,and I've had all the tests,but unfortunately as nerve damage is probably one the hardest to "cure", I understand your frustration,so even though I wouldn't class myself as stupid I struggle to get my head round the fact there isn't any real medication that can stop the pains involved wth sufferers,I've been on several medications and I'm currently on 300Mg pregabilin twice a day,and a 30Mg mirtrazapine at night time,as my main area of pains are my lower legs and feet and I also put a lidocane patch on each calf muscle which contains a local anesthetic and these are left on for twelve hours,I sympathise with you wholly and trying to explain the pains sometimes people think man up,yes it's very intense and all the different symptoms and pains can vary in many forms,shooting pains,muscle twitching,pins and needles,burning sensation and so on the list is endless,you'll probably have plenty more you could add,and so ultimately I've had to accept that after 5 years of suffering there's not much left medication wise that's available,there was someone else who had written on about PN the other day and I forgot to write down the name of a pain killer type medication who had given it glowing reports,so hopefully you might come across the medication whilst in this forum as always I wish you some relief with in your journey to be pain free,thanks

  • I find electric heat pad and tens on bad area helpful for getting through night and bringing pain level down enough to concentrate when at home during day. I hope you have good luck with your pain doc & finding energy to be your own advocate through the health systems xx

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