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What do you think ? is it criminally negligent

What if you told your consultant after he asked you what your doctor told you, and you told him that the pain clinic said you had Cauda root problem, and he get's off the chair and orders you to run, and I stupidly tried to, only to cause me extreme discomfort, and since the appointment I've laid in bed a day and a half hoping that what happened would get better, only for it to now stay as if my bottom is sitting in water, It has been like it before but I rested and the feeling of sitting on a wet towel got less, but now it is there all the time.

He spent the whole appointment trying to sell me the Chronic pain diagnosis , and because I asked him to review the evidence, as I told him my neck happened after the bike accident, and although I'd been told that I was unsuitable for surgery in my back, and that maybe they could fix my neck, only for him to jump up push the chair away and told me to run....why I complied I do not no, but I am bloody angry because it is now causing me a hell of a problem sitting for any length of time .

Jeeze but I've been bloody stupid, and as far as I'm concerned , after you have told him about your problem , knowing just how serious cauda aquina syndrome is, to ask a patient to run is absolutely criminal if you are a consultant and more than aware just what could go wrong, which it has. all I was asking was a second opinion, but it seems the benefits people were involved. well I never, and I am certainly going to report him to the medical people who deal with this sort of negligence, they can shove their benefits if it is to come to this, just what sort of people are they.

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If a consultant pushed the chair away from you then I'd say that was bordering on assault.

If one asked me to run I'm afraid I'd just laugh at him/her. O_o

These doctors can be bullies sometimes. :-(


Stand up for your rights. Don't let the doctor bully you. Stupid to tell you to get up & run. I don't know what he was thinking.

Definitely report him!!

Stupid arrogant doctor.

Ask for a different dr to assess you.

Sorry for all the problems you have going on

Kind regards Katie xx


It could take longer this time to get back to the state of ill health you were in before this appt. possibly weeks. you need to be patient and something else ( dare I say positive) im feeling it will take time. Put a lot of thought into things before considering complaining. In my experience it can go against one mega. All doors blocked against you. No help out there medically and only brick walls. Been there done that. they all stick together. Many memories.


Yes I'm sad to say I agree with you' Rosepetal60, but hey' if your in the right and telling the truth , then for those people coming in behind you, you have some duty to them, I've put up with their s*** for so long now, and believe me you'd think I was really paranoid if I told you a fraction of what's went on, thanks for your support. best Alex


Someone has to stand up and talk if everyone sat down and said don't complain because it goes against you , medics would get away with murder !!!! Literally!!! Shipman for a start!!! Tell you're Dr who made the diagnosis in the first place and ask him/her what's the correct procedure . When complaints are made stick to facts leave out a lot of personal feelings however do out in how humiliated you were at the time and still feel this way .

This way if another Dr reads your notes they will see what your complaint is about , yes they will make their own decision on this but no-one knows what this Dr's colleagues think of his practise , he could be problematic.

Make more than one copy. Send it to the GMC General Medical Council and to the director of the hospital or medical centre .

Good luck


If you paste Cauda aquina syndrome into Ask Jeeves you will find several helpful links including a specialist solicitors who even offer a free guide book. Other solicitors who offer their services for negligence claims.

Have a read before taking your next step.

Regards, Rib


Many Years ago I had a Orthpaedic Specialist tell me to get off my Backside from in front of TV!!!! Had left work to go to appntment....was working full time. I put in a complaint and received a letter of apology from him and naturally I went no further with that specialist but had spinal surgery not long after as Emergency Spinal Fusion....there's always gonna b that one person that has a bad day and ruins yours. If you are going to go through with it get a Lawyer....they have huge Legal Support backing them.... Good luck....😄


Due to a stupid stupid or very tired Dr my Mother is now either in a comatose state or in her very few and far between moments of awareness seams to be in another world, I have b3en diagnosed with a severe chest infection and a sinus infection been given antibiotics after refusing to go to hospital (Due to fear of having the same happen to me) Drs I know are not perfect but mistakes like what has happened to you and what happened to my Mother should never happen, I agree you should report the idiot who made you run and if it's found he was following instructions from the benefits people he and they should be charged ! The Dwp for interference with Medical prognosis causing endanger to you well being, the DR for failing in his duty of care ,and he should be struck off the medical register. For Failure to follow his Hippocratic oath!

Rugby St Cross and Coventry University Hospital's should be investigated due to the amount of so called mishaps and failure in their Duty of care after what they did to my Mum,as far as I am concerned they have all but murdered her she is just a shell now,still my Mum but not if you know what I mean!! I know HU will moderate this as they make money from the hospital, s and the medical profession they have already proven this to me!


Talk to a lawyer 1st as it can backfire on you everyone closes rank. You have all the right to complain.

I was told after falling off a ladder from the height of a boat mast that i was fine if i could touch my toes there was nothing wrong with me then this specialist told my doctor it was all in my head and it just got worse from there.

This was 1988 i have had to pursue things myself through private insurance over the years had a couple of ops and am suffering chronic pain were the bottom of my spine is damaged, i cant sit for long laying down is painful and the slightest vibratio n on my buttocks and lower spine sets the pain even higher .

Specialists can be so up themselves they think they know your body better than you.

Good luck .


Sorry never replied sooner but 7437 I have exactly the same problem as you at bottom can't sit for any length of time etc' etc and I agree completely hope your well best Alex


Hi Alex Still the same problem but have bought a comfycloud seat its foa. With a gel surface i got it from comfort solutions i america jt definately has made sitting more bearable so ive sent for another to keep in the car.

The postage wasnt cheap to send to new zealand but well worth it. Hope your well.

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Hi whats this comfycloud thing, it may be similar to the thing I've got but it hurts my thighs, but can you give me a link please as sitting is a big problem for best Alex,


Hi alex its called a comfycloud coccyx ortbopedic gel enhanced comfort foamseat the brand is comfycloud i went on ebay and found it in america, its like a memory foam with gel on the top layer it definately helps with the pressure on the lower spine.

it has a piece missing were the coccyx is does that sound like yours.

Go online and check it out as it is definately helping me i find i can sit longer and not keep moving to try and get the pressure of the lower spine. Good luck.


Hi Alex

Let me get this straight; a doctor in your pain clinic was querying Cauda Equina? If they were then THEY should've sent you immediately for an MRI, there & then! It's a medical emergency!

Did you have incontinence or urine retention and 'saddle numbness'? This is a good indicator of CE alongside pain in the lumbar region.

Did that pain clinic doctor get you in with the consultant straight after you saw him/her?

This consultant does sound a little harsh if he/she asked you to 'run' as part of an assessment. I know you've already said that you don't know why you attempted it but why did you?? Can you usually run?

Was it an orthopaedic consultant that asked you to do this?

Unfortunately the 'chronic pain diagnosis' explanation gets given over & over again - I suppose they have to make sure that people understand the connotations. I sympathise with you having to keep hearing it and as I've said many times on here, lots of things get attributed to chronic pain. As patients with it, we worry that something may get missed as it gets 'put down' as part of our chronic pain syndrome.

If you want to put a complaint in about the consultant then do so, in writing, explaining why you thought the consultation wasn't within the professional & patient relationship expectations. Also add in that their 'rough' assessment has caused you further pain on top of your daily pain.

You could also questions why a pain clinic doctor didn't act immediately on thinking you could of had CE!

It's a known phenomenon that a patient with CE can 'walk into the consultation room' but it is rare.

I again sympathise that you're now in more pain but it seems on this occasion that it may not have been CE. Something may well have changed with your physiology and that now needs further assessment and relevant therapies if appropriate.

If however, you do get numbness in your groin area and any of the symptoms I've mentioned above then you need medical help pronto!!

Get letter writing but remember that those you're complaining about may be the only doctors/consultants in the pain clinic you use. Coming face to face with them will be a little embarrassing so choose your words carefully! Don't let that be a reason to not write though. Sometimes, they need a nudge about their interpersonal skills!!

Hopefully it gets sorted one way or another and that you stay well......



Hope you feel better now you have shared your problem , you should complain about this particular consultant definitely but whether it is negligence is another matter that would need legal advice, try feedback or complaint first. Don't under any circumstances go back to this consultant as he does not have your interests at heart . I wish you every best wish if you do proceed more formally xx


Life is too short to complain against 'The establishment' I complained once and then ALL my medical files went missing and were lost forever. All I said was that I may consider suing the UK Army as it was their doctors that caused my problems with my legs. I was quickly told there was nothing wrong with me and I should resume duties. Really weird as I was being told seconds before that I was to be released on a medical discharge!

Best thing is to look after yourself and try not to visit doctors.


I agree with Jointpain. Life's too short to complain. Could cost thousands and then the case be dropped at last minute. And remember your medical notes are worded carefully and not always accurately..

NHS are very good at loosing medical notes too or sending them to the wrong surgery or left on puplic display in the photo copying room. And the stress it can.cause to oneself is not good and ones pain suffers further.


Me too. I've been in British Army and you dont go sick unless dying or else.

Only time I really was sick, got given aspirin and told by the doc, you're just trying to get out of next days 5 mile run.

Anyway, thought bugger that, drove into town as soon as everyone had gone to work, dressed in civi's and saw local GP saying "on holiday" can he see me and he said had a bad case of tonsillitis. Gave me course of an anti biotic and that did the trick.

Dont bother re a complain, as others already said, only go against you unless via a solicitor who thinks you have a case.

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I do not know if the Benefits people were involved, (because I was given my new car with no problems just this past month in fact they were very good in pushing it through fast as my old one was too difficult to get up from) it was just the form and ticking boxes that were related to care that made me think of the Benefits people.

The Doctor in question spent the whole consultation try to get me to forget second opinion , and just accept my fate and to rely on my pain clinic.

There is a wee bit more going on that would be too long to go into on here, but I want to thank everyone for their kindness, my anger is still palpable as much with my own stupidity with trying to comply because since I broke my back I have not been able to run., But it shows just what kind of things can confuse you when trying to be understood in the consultation room, because you don't want to be difficult by refusing a request, after all you expect that anything they ask you to do can't harm or make your condition worse, silly me, thank you best Alex


I not sure what has taken place here. Did you walk into the consultant's office? How did you start running? What evidence did you present to consultant before their request? What had the consultant been told by the people who made the appointment? What medical notes had the consultant read before he gave the instruction?

As much as you may not like to hear it, the consultant may have made the right diagnostic call in the circumstances. You need to compile a description of the after effects and the time scales of the after effects developing. Once you have this you need to present the symptoms to the consultant concerned or for who ever is involved in your case. You have to work at the written language so that it appears technically sound. This is important.

You may have chronic pain. However, there may be causes for the chronic pain which it may be possible to reduce and by acting on these causes reduce the chronic pain.

Hope this leads to constructive action.


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