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Im 35 male was in good health, had a accident at work 5 years ago, injured my tailbone and took 3 months off had physio and returned to work, i didnt have any issues with my back until 3 years later, when i was told to lift and test radiators that were too heavy, anyway long story short i injured my back and couldn't even stand i was in that much pain.

My mri scan showed facet joint arthrosis disc bulge, had facet joint injections and denervation.

My symptoms at the moment are

Lower back pain both sides, pain in my finger joints, pain in both my knees when climbing the stairs, my sleep is terrible 2 hrs tops then awake with pain for ages then eventually drop back off, i do have depression and psoriasis which is severe.

I use crutches to get about inside and a scooter to use if going out, i struggle to get in/out of the car, stuggle to dress and use a bathlift to bathe and a toilet seat raised with handles, i get pip and esa and industrial injuries disabled benefit.

I have not been diagnosed properly yet and i guess im asking for help of somebody who may understand how i feel, my social life and relationship has taken a massive dive over the last few years as i cant do what i used too, i was a very active man and its killing me inside been like this.

I dont know other than facet joint arthrosis whats going on with my health, need help.

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Saying the same to you as Couns 50 - message each other as you seem to have so ,uch in common and you never know!

Good Luck - come back if it doesn't help

Pat x

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Facet joint wear and tear is one of the common causes of ongoing back pain. One the cartilage has worn down or worn away, it can be bone on bone friction. I have this over three levels in my lower back, amongst other things, so I can relate to what you are going through although o am not having anywhere near the mobility problems you describe. I manage without major pain meds because they make me ill. I use a TENS unit, lidocaine patches, sports massage, Biofreeze spray, all occasionally, though the massage is weekly at the moment. Many on here will tell you how much importance tight muscles can play and this tension can spread. There are tiny muscles between the vertebra themselves. Pain Management is a long, a very long journey but you will find your way, with help. I'm not sure where your diagnosis is coming from but once you have that, you can start to plan. Perhaps a referral to a Pain Management Programme would give you the knowledge and expertise so you can own and deal with this companion! Best wishes.


Thanks for the reply, i have had most of the pain medication and physio since the second back issue, i do understand a lot and researched talked to the professionals about it all, My mobility has got worse over three years i do try to keep as mobile as i can! But had to give in to a scooter for days out with the family.

Currently im looking for work as i really hate asking for handouts of the state,

I hate been off work


Hi there, I have had the same problem as you. Have you seen a spinal surgeon/consultant? If not I strongly recommend you do. Research them in your area and see the best one. Surgery may be an option depending on the severity of the MRI. There are things that can be done. Please see someone and make sure you are taking anti depressants. I say to myself stay positive and life your life and let the pain follow. Don't feel negative as the pain will rule your life. Easy to say I know and very hard to do. TENS is fab when it is on too. The velcro belt ones are best as there is no sticky pads and no wires hanging everywhere. Good luck and kick some a**!


Has anyone sent you to see a rheumatologist or dermatology, as with your symptoms you could have Psoriatic Arthritis.


You need to see a health professional with this pain you are suffering. It is better to ask for help this early before things get worst. If you think that you are not diagnosed properly, then it's a wake up call on you to seek medical assistance from a trusted health expert like a spinal consultant perhaps. My Dad experience the same thing and Mom urgently brought him to a spinal surgeon and he's recovering now. Out of curiosity, I also bought Dad a magnetic bracelet. I read about it from the internet and it says it can reduce pain especially from wrist, arms, back and other joint pain so I said there's nothing wrong If I bought one for Dad. He's wearing it all the time and he believes it works on him.


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