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Hip pain

I have been recently been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip. The stabbing pain has moved down my right thigh and knee and below that as well. When I put weight on my right leg the sharp pain makes it difficult to stand and walk. I had a CT and full body bone scan because I feared that the pain resulted from the extension of the prostate cancer I have in this hip. I was pleased to find that the cancer in this hip has reduced. The 3 other areas of cancer in my left hip & left rib can not be seen and in my T12 vertebrae has reduced. My psa is undetectable, so the cancer is being controlled after chemotherapy, radiation & hormone therapy. But these treatments have obviously impacted on my hip & even though I have had extensive rehabilitation I am now in severe pain. I am on Endep & Anthrexin for the pain & was put onto Fentanyl patches for a while ( which did not agree with me). I will probably need a hip replacement down the track but with what I have been through over the last few months I am reticent at the moment. Any suggestions about pain relief would be appreciated.

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