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Hip displacia

Hi I'm new to all of this, so if I get things a it wrong I'm apologising in advance. My daughter is 18 and she has complex needs she has no speech and cannot communicate. She will cry when in pain and laugh when she's happy occasionally she will put her hand where it hurts. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia this year and suffers quiet badly with pain. She had steroid and Botox injections to the hip which helped ease the pain but only for two months. Her pain is so severe that she cannot sit in the car or in her wheelchair. She's been on co-codamol, codeine but that just gave her really bad constipation, which added to the pain! She's now on diazepam which I know isn't very good but has seemed to help her muscles relax and eased the pain along with paracetamol. Does anyone know of any herbal or natural remedies that are the equivalent of diazepam ? or any other suggestions on what we can use please.


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I use Rescue Remedy ( from Boots among others) and Valerian drops. I mostly use them for stressful situations . Larger doses for sleep. They are worth trying and completely side effect free. They won't do anything for the pain but should help your daughter to relax more. I hope so anyway. It must be hard to see someone you love in pain and not be able to communicate well with her.

I do hope you will find something to help her.



There is nothing else you can use. All things have side effects. Because of the lack of communication you are heavily reliant on the medical profession. The medical profession can relate to other patients and how the treatment works in the other patients. So if you change the treatment the medical profession has no idea what is happening.

Herbs and natural remedies can interfere with treatments in all sorts of ways many of them unknown.

Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.


Thankyou for responding. I will look into the rescue remedy and valerian drops.

Thankyou Taz


Hi there! 

Hope that this isn't a reply too late! 

I am a 22 year old female with hip dysplasia. I was 'diagnosed' with it last year after years and years of severe pain in my lower back and in my hip. 

I can completely sympathise with your daughter, I struggle with driving, sitting to do anything, in particular studying is exceptionally difficult. 

As of recent I have been very fortunate to come across a new physiotherapist who, alongside painkillers, has helped me dramatically. If possible for your daughter I would definitely recommend some hip opening exercises, they really help me to relax the joints off. I may do just a few each day before bed or first thing and it is so minute but has helped tremendously. If possible for her, purchase an exercise ball for her to sit on around the house, it helped with keeping my posture good and was easy to get up off of and wasn't sore on my bum! Also, it is perfect to use to deep muscular strengthening in the bottom to help relieve some of the stress on the joint. If she hasn't been referred to a physiotherapist I would highly recommend that maybe you see if she can get into see one.

Swimming, by swimming I mean simply walking and stretching in the water, has been amazing on the joints. Also I like to use a roller or a tennis ball to roll over my outer hip and bum to get the muscle to really relax.

As for the botox injections and steroid, they actually made my pain worse. Wasn't entirely sure why, because it was supposed to do the opposite, but I was in bed for 3 days.

I like to also use heated lavender wheat bags because they relax the muscle. Tiger balm and deep heat massaged into the muscle alleviates some of the pain also. But as for herbal pain killers I'm not sure what to suggest, there are none that I am aware of personally - at least none without side effects! 

I am currently on codeine  and diclofenac, which I try and limit to the worst days. Co-codamol has also alleviated to an extent. What I would like to add is as a women, periods are extremely painful in the same area when hip dysplacia... Not sure if I'm the only one that has experienced this! So extra heat during that weak is an absolute must!

What I really would say is pester her doctor for some physio if its as bad as it would appear. I really do sympathise with her, I haven't experienced a pain like it and I'm not one to cry at stubbed toes at all!

All the best,



Hi SamB777 thankyou so much for your reply , I'm sorry to hear that you are going through the same pain as my daughter. My daughters pain does get a lot worse when she is due on but I hadn't made that link until I read your post. She attends a special school and is seen by a physio there, it is quite difficult to do much physio with her because she has become so fretful with the pain it's even become difficult for me to attend to her personal hygiene. I'm using lidocaine patches on her hip which stay on for 12 hours which ease the pain most days and she's also taking gabepentin 300 mg capsules. Docs want to put her on morphine patches but I'm rather reluctant to use them because the are very addictive. Thankyou for all the suggestions you have made and I hope that your pain eases because I'm sure this has affected your quality of life as it has with my daughter.  I really do sympathise with you Wishing u all the best God bless.



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