Hip replacement

Hi everyone it has been some time since I have posted, although I am reading everyone else's posts , replying when I can . Last Monday I had a full right hip replacement using a ceramic hip , there was also some extra hip work done with cement and metal , I was sent home on day three after the operation , but I am in so much pain I can't believe ,I have not to put any weight on it for six weeks ,I did expect some discomfort but nothing like this , I wondered if anyone has had or heard of any outcome like this , I know it's early days , but the pain is so bad

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  • Hello Dalrymple

    David had exact same op pm 3rd Octpber and chucked out after 4 days. It was a wee bit hard with his spinal injuries but as far as the hip went he was fine. Yes very sore from the surgery and 34 staples n the wouulnd but he said the pain suffered in his hip for last 5 years was gone as soon as he opened his etes.

    He was given elbow crutches to get about and strict instructios as to what he could and could not do.

    Dod you get your bed, chair, loo measured for correct height?

    David has a riser recliner which he was still allowed to use thank goodness.

    He was sstil on patches and cocodamol but arart from morphine in hospital nothing extra when he came out.

    Flair up since then and blood clots but that's amother storry.

    You doing what youve been told and all will setle down. If not see your gp.

    Pat x

  • Thank you Pat for your reply it has given me a bit of hope

  • Let us know how you get on. OK?


    Pat x

  • Sad to hear that you are in so much pain. If you can make it through the night then ring you GP for an urgent home visit tomorrow. If you really cannot cope with your level of pain until then you should ring your out of hours service and ask them for help. Rib

  • Thanks Rib I will try to hang on a bit longer to see if the pain will settle

  • Do you have any pain relief meds? I should say, What meds do you have available?

  • Yes I have 400mg Tramadol plus fentanyl patch of 12mcg this is ok ,but as soon as I move it sends me through the roof , regards

  • Ok. Used both for long time. Right up to 100 patch. You know that when your next 4 hourly dose of tramadol is due you can take paracetamol with that. It is what is in Tramaset tablets. It amplifies the pain relief of tramadol.

    Good luck. Rib

  • Thanks Rib I will give that a go

  • How did you get on? Have you managed to obtain suitable pain relief? I hope you are more comfortable now

  • Thank you Rib for asking I am now taking paracetamol with the tramadol and it does seem to help , seeing district nurse tomorrow ,and will take it from there ,thanks for being there hugs

  • Always a pleasure to be able to help someone. I wouldn't be here if a lot of people hadn't helped me :-)

  • Hi Dalrymple, iv had double hip replacement so I know what your going through. 1st replacement at age 39, it was R/S hip and operation was near 5hrs long and big complications. It's the best thing I had done so no regrets, but didn't suffer like you.

    2nd hip at age 41 L/S, but mild pain this time. Over time i got worse pain and now 3 years later just got told it's because the ceramic cup is slightly angled wrong. Hence all the pain I get. The cup and tendons are rubbing together, I have got to have a full body bone scan to make sure no infection first. Then If no infection I have to have the cup replaced again. So its the near third hip replacement for me.

    It's very important that you do the exercises given as the pain will one day go. Take the medication to relief the pain so you can do the exercises that is very important, but as you become more mobile get off the pain relief medication asap or your convince your self you need it.

    By six weeks I was on no pain killers but I was doing regular exercise, a little bit at a time every hour and it was very hard work. We all have different pain levels and we are all different so do your best.

    If I can help with anything else just ask, but I do work so give me time to reply

    Wishing you well Steve

  • Thank you for getting back to me Steve ,it is a ceramic hip I got also but the pelvis split during the opp and they had to put some metal patches with screws and a bit of cement ,hence I can't put any weight on it at all for six weeks, this I am finding hard as I have the same condition on my left hip also ,it is called hip dysplacer ,and it is painfull for any weight on it as it was , but I am getting there I am doing what I can exercise wise, the medication I am on is just the same as I had before the hip replacement , as I still have the same pain on the left hip , I was born with this problem , also with scoliosis and other spine problems ,but thank you for giving me this encouragement ,I am sure given time I will get there , hope your hip operation goes well for you ,kind regards Jacqui

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