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Hip pain

Okay so after almost 6 years of being in pain and many MRIs and x-rays and being told it's just bursitis. Here take Vicodin and ibuprofen. I went to a surgeon because I heard that you could have the Bursa removed and that would stop the pain. So the surgeon did his X-rays and came back and said you have osteoarthritis of the hip. We're going to send you to four weeks of physical therapy. And then we're going to give you a injection into the joint under a real-time x-ray that will help relieve some of the pain but most importantly, because you have CLL in early stages we need to do a hip replacement on you right now because your immune system will be compromised if we wait until the hip is so bad you can't move it all. That was a lot to take in. I went to physical therapy 3 times at which point she said you know there's nothing I can really do for your help she said you have lost a lot of range of motion and there's no getting that back when you have osteoarthritis but do these exercises and keep coming. Which of course I could stop doing. I'm not going back to that Ortho doctor to get the injection and I'm not getting hip replacement at this point in time. I might not be able to have a hip replacement when I really need one because of the CLL. That's a chance I'm willing to take brother then get one now when I don't really need one and have all those risk of infection and rejection and complications. I did talk to my oncologist and he agrees with me. I am so doing exercises I've decided I need to lose 40 pounds and then I'll see how I feel. Bottom line have to do what I feel is right for me. Don't let doctors tell you if it doesn't feel right , rethink it.

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Sorry didn't proofread it good enough well


I would suggest getting a second opinion and to make a decision from there. At the end of the day the choice is yours and only you know when you can't take the pain any more. X


A difficult decision to have to make goneblonder! A lot of stuff going on for you right now; I applaud your decisiveness and plan greatly. Must've been a bit of a shock being told that you need a new hip after being told "it's just bursitis"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what's your plan for losing weight? Any specific 'diet' or just a change in eating habits? There's a Weight Loss support group here on HU; they all seem a really supportive, driven bunch who help each other out when they have the 'weak moments' and have given in to temptation!!

Have you got 'adequate' pain relief; meds & other management techniques, for this? Please don't tell me you're going to banish all pain medication in your 'new you regime' too??

Like I've said, I'm really impressed that you've taken total control of all of this. Keep us updated, it sounds really refreshing & interesting......



Well I guess I answered your question with my latest post. which is unless I really exert it I don't need the pain medications anymore, because I take sulfur and magnesium and hydrogen peroxide. Just wanted to be rid of it so I didn't have to worry about it. if it was just a bursa that was always irritated. I have Leukemia so my diet is already pretty limited no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or coloring. only raw food, raw milk, farm eggs. Kuoce everyday.. I just have to eat less of it. There's a small part of me who fears losing the weight and I think that's what's keeping me from doing it. I lost 30 pounds easy when I first changed my eating habits . should my leukemia get worse the first thing that happens is you lose about 60 pounds and then if I am forced to do any kind of treatment, the treatment itself makes you lose 40 to 60 pounds. That would leave me at about 70 pound. Which is way too frail to try to come back from. I told my oncologist that and he said get over it lose 40 pounds make your hip feel better.

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Also if you read my earlier post then you know that since I was taking the magnesium and sulfur my pain has decreased greatly or some days it's not there at all. most of the time it's managed very well. I do not take Vicodin or Ibuprofen anymore unless I do something like to mow the grass with a push mower or really exerted it. And this is the second time I've heard this I heard it about a year ago from one doctor but she didn't even examine me first she just listen to me and then said I needed a hip replacement so I left her office.


So I went to a chiropractor and he ordered me a bilateral xray of my hips. Found out that I was borned with my right (hip that has hurt for 6 years) 9mm lower than my left. it seems that for the 56 years Ive been walking my body has been adjusting for the difference. But It just cant do it anymore, it is putting pressure on the caartilage and waring it thin. But no bone on bone...so he ordered me a 9mm life for my shoe and thinks I'll be painless in a month or so....big difference from Hip replacement..I am hoping he is right.


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