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Tumor markers

My tumor ca27.29 has been going up since last may. It went up a little. Then it almost doubled then doubled again. Then was out of the normal range and still told not to worry. I was told the ct scan looked stable as far as the lesions. But was told nothing about why this might be happening, or plans for doing scans more often. I tried to get the nurse to give me some reasons as to why there has been a continual progression. She said maybe it was due to inflammation. What does that mean? As far as my diet and exercise nothing has changed much

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Ok you know nurses can’t give you a straight answer, well for one thing they are not doctors. Come rate piano ask your doctor. I know it will sound like I change doctors at a drop of a hat but I don’t. I had a doctors that wouldn’t listen to me but I finally couldn’t stand it anymore because I knew something wasn’t right. This is how I knew something wasn’t right I kept on tripping, I had gone partially blind in my right eye. I demanded to find out what was going on with my body. I had an MRI done to find out I have MS. The doctor I had told me it was woman probables.. I switched doctors. I am not saying for you to do that, what I want to say to you get a copy of your x-rays and anything else you had done and go to another doctor for a second opinion.Good luck.

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