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Rotator cuff repair surgery

Hi all, I am now almost 6 weeks since surgery to repair my rotator cuff and a decomposition.

I know this is a long process but should I be concerned having seen my surgeon two weeks ago he informed me that I will not be driving or returning to work "any time soon". Two days later my physio told me I have to stay in the sling only taking it off for upto half and hour when I am sitting down and can support my arm on a cushion. I return to surgeon the end of November 😱 and next physio is mid October πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Beside all this my pain seemed to subside slightly but has now increased to the point of my increasing my pain killers by double the dose (gp advised).

Is this to be expected and any advice about who long I may be looking at being off work?

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Hi Geordi

I had this same surgery in 2011 and was off work for 6weeks and did not drive at all in this timeframe. That said i had a good recovery following on the 6 weeks and did keep up on the pain meds after as it does take a lot longer to heal as its a huge joint to settle down after surgery. Maybe you are feeling more pain because you are probably using it more, the pain is more evident? Am sure it takes 3months or more to really feel its better and if you can move it and its no longer frozen, its a good result! I thought i could leave off the pain meds too but was a mistake...and especially take the prescribed dose at bedtime....😌 Good luck!



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