Rotator cuff repair surgery

Hiya guys. Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with recovering from rotator cuff repair surgery? I have my operation in afew weeks and I'm worried that it's going to set my m.e back. I'm currently having a flare upAbd have realized how much I struggle anyway with day to day living and really don't think I'm going to cope very well with the recovery from this op. Anyone with any advice for me please? Xxx

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  • I've had this surgery twice over the years plus a shoulder replacement. I found the first thing you do is listen to your surgeon and Physiotherapist and do exactly as they ask/tell you, especially the exercises. If you have a cough, do all you can to minimise the coughing, or you could cause bleeding in the shoulder (I have a very severe cough which caused a Haematoma in my shoulder, very painful). Think before you do anything, and adapt how you do it to keeping your repaired shoulder safe.

    Good Luck with your op.

  • Morning hun I am sure your consultant will take you through what you can and cannot do after your op haven't had this complaint myself. Take care and hope all goes well for you. 😃

  • Hi Alibobs, having had broken shoulders in the past I attended the same physio as you will undergo. It took me nine months to recover sufficiently to be discharged from out patients. It does require some adaptation during recovery period and take things slowly. Best wishes for a good recovery.

  • Ask about a nerve block at the end of surgery, this will reduce pain for 2 days before you transition to oral pain meds.

    There is a device called Game Ready which provides ice and compression to the surgery area. It is much better than just apply an ice pack and ace bandages. You can Google it. In the US my daughter's insurance covered the fee except for $280. She is still using it as much as possible after surgery 3 weeks ago. If you can't get this device, you can look on Amazon and buy a less-effective device for about $150.

    You may need to sleep upright, so make sure you have access to a recliner or whatever works for you.

    If you take pain meds, start on a bowel program to avoid constipation. Like stool softeners and Miralax, or whatever your provider recommends. Don't wait until you are in distress.

  • High fiber breakfast works very very well too!

  • Alibobs As another post said. LISTEN TO YOUR CARE TEAM. FOLLOW EVERY INSTRUCTION!!!!!

    Now that I am done yelling, Ice and PT. Make sure you are comfortable with your PT. I did not like mine. Mind you, I have been going to the same place for years and had my choice. It's a place where everyone knows my name, Anyway, long story short the guy I did not like pushed me too hard and I tore my bicep. Surgery numero dos! Anyway. Like another post said a nerve block is great! until it starts to ware off. As far as coughing, that sucks. but the hydrocodone should help with that. its a natural cough suppressant. Also, drink water until your eyeballs float! This will help with constipation from the meds and surgery to. Now, I am making this sound like an awful awful experience. It is not. I have had it done 3 times. Within 2 days I felt better than before the surgery. The PT pushes you, however the pain resulting is normally just soreness. Like a good work out sore. Also, someone else mentioned sleeping upright. YES! way more comfortable!!!!!! especially if you have to pee. You can get up faster, as long as the handle for the recliner in on the proper side. I was lucky and have an electric one. WOOT WOOT, love furniture outlets! It is ugly as sin and matches nothing. But what do you want for $99 I have MS and its a life saver. SQUIRREL!

    Anyway, I ramble. I hope this made sense and helps a little. Good luck! I will say a prayer for you!


  • Thanks guys for the replies. Surgery went well and the pain I was expecting post op wasn't 1/2 as bad as I anticipated. All healed now and having physio. Haven't been for 4 weeks as I was too poorly to attend due to having an M.E flare up. Xx

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