Same symptoms, but worried

Last year I went through a period of getting horrendous headaches for nearly 3 months every night, and these stopped more or less when I had a stomach bleeding and got emergency treatment to clamp the bleeding, well I've now had the same headaches again and the pressure in my head makes me cry with pain, I'm into my 3rd week with these headaches and I'm really worried that the pressure is going to cause another internal bleeding, as I used to be a plumber and wondered if the body works in the same way, the weakest part always tends to rupture, anyone have any ideas, or is it just a coincidence as the stomach problems gave no real pain, but ultimately was a life threatening situation, thanks

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  • hi cb1963 im so sorry to hear that your suffering more pain and headaches i remember the first time i met you that you had headaches i sent you a link about cluster headaches if i remember correctly, please go to the doctor and find out what is causing this terrible pain in your head, im not sure about the connection with the stomach but we are all connected physically, when i was reducing a strong medication i had stomach pains and head aches and was told that the medication i was on had stopped all the gabba receptors working ( what ever that is ) i was also told to eat certain foods to aid my gabba receptors and i was told that they were in my head my stomach and my eyes, dont know if that is helpful in anyway but i just wanted to send you a big gentle hug anyway as i hate to hear of people suffering pain as iv suffered plenty of it myself and just getting through the days and night with it is isolating and hard. `i hope your getting some relief and have pain medication,.i hope that someone can identify with you but please go to the doctor asap, im also a member of bill w's makes a huge difference in my life and helps me. I hope that you get to the bottom of this soon, thinking of you and said a little prayer for you. love grace xoxoxo 💐

  • Thanks for your reply it's very likely a trip to the doctors next week involved, hopefully can find out if it is the cluster headache as mentioned but boy these headaches are so intense and I'm a pretty tough cookie but these have me got me into a real state, thanks again and hope your keep relatively good

  • Hi Cb 1963

    I am truly sorry to hear how much you have been suffering. Like you I have been having constant headaches for 4 weeks now and I have also been crying with them as there is no relief.

    I went to the doctor and she put me on amitriptyline and Naproxen and it took the headache away for 4 days then it came back again. So I called the out of hours GP and they gave me 5 days of the same medication. It never touched my headache so I went and saw another GP as my own GP was on holiday and she gave me the same medication. Never touch the headache. Yesterday morning I was crying my heart out as the pain was so bad.

    However I spoke to my dentist a week ago and asked if my treatment with him would cause my headaches he said no. So I had to think back to what was happening when these headaches started.

    When I went to my dentist about 4 weeks ago he took out my old crown and put in a temporary and my headache started a couple of days later that lasted for 12 days then went away.

    I went back to see him to put my new crown in just over 2 weeks ago and the very next day I had a horrific headache that stayed until now.

    I phoned the dentist again on Wednesday and got appointment yesterday and I got him to check my bite and he drilled 3 of my teeth back. He gave me antibiotics and told me to take Neurofen or I Bruthen.

    I woke this morning and my headache is not as Pressurising as before but still have a headache and I am hoping it will get better completely over the next few days.

    I also went on line and looked at facial exercises to take the tension out of the muscles in my head. I think that has helped a lot. I was at the point I would've tried anything to get the headaches gone and I believe that going to the dentist and doing the facial exercises have helped release the tightness in the muscles in my head.

    Sorry for long messages but I thought it was the best way to explain what has been going on with my headaches.

    Maybe you could try and think back to what was happening before your headaches started. Also headaches can be referred pain from something else that you have gone through.

    Try the facial exercises and I also pressed very hard and done secular movements on the points that was hurting the most.

    I truly hope that your headaches go soon as I know how you are feeling. Also I must add I am not a person that suffers from headaches until now.

    Take really good care of yourself and I hope that you find out the cause of your headaches.Jan101xxx

  • Yes I don't get headaches normally, but I can't describe how painful they are I've no problems with my teeth as the dentist seems to like pulling them out lol, the pressure is so strong even my eyeball is under pressure as when I push the eye itself I can hear it squeaking if that makes any sense, then my nostril becomes blocked, it's only when the nose starts to run I know that the headache starts to disappear and it's always on my left hand side at the top of my skull, so it's a mystery and don't really fancy having to wait 12+ weeks to maybe getting a scan, but thanks for your words and I'm sorry you're suffering aswell, take care for now, ttfn

  • Hi to me it sounds like you have a migraine headache you can get a injections for them or tablets to relax the muscles in you head. Like you my left hand side of my nose was running this morning and the headache eased of once I blow my nose. Take good care of yourself and I hope that you have a good GP. I am a bit luckier if the NHS take to long I pay and go private. Jan101 xx

  • Hi like Jan 101 says it sounds like a migrane type headache and special type tablets are used the trouble wIth taking over the counter headache tablets is that you can get an analgesic headaches that carry on one after the other I've been there and the only thing that suits me are imigran they dilate the blood vessels in the head I get mine on prescription you can get 2 tablets from pharmacy there not cheap but the relief is worth the cost is had to buy 2 last week as I had run out over the months of being free from headaches then I was given an injection for help with carsonoid syndrome and I had a nasty reaction the next morning at 4 am have a word with the pharmasist as there are a couple of generic type imigran tablets best of luck mickmm

  • Thanks for your input, have got tablets from the doctors called sumatrapin(spelling?) but not really doing anything, so just hope I'm not in for a bad weekend already had one at 8am, so at least I got a nights sleep

  • Ok yes they are the generic tablet for imigran do you have any sickness wit has the headaches and I think you can only take 2 max within 24 hours what I have to do as well is I use a cold pack that I keep in the freezer for bad ones it's like a gell and can be used as a heat pack or cold pack it has a special cover with a strap on so I am able to put the strap under my chin and it holds it on available from chemists made by 3M and called hot.cold pack I would not be without mine a pack of peas etc as a standby works with the use of the tablet bye mickmm

  • Yep 3 allowed in 24 hours, so something similar, yes a bag of peas might be useful, don't fancy putting a tin of mushy peas against my head lol, thanks again

  • Ok best of luck people don't realise how debilitating the headaches are no mushy peas would not work lol bye mickmm

  • Are you taking high doses of vitamin D? My GP recommended I take 5000 units, I only took 1000, but every time I did the slightest strain I would have a hideous, crushing headache that lasted most of the day. Even having a BM, or bending to pick things up triggered it. My BP would shoot way up too. I finally quit taking the D when I wound up with kidney stones to boot.

    My doctor said it's rare, but does happen.

    Be sure to see your own doctor, severe headaches, especially with your history, not to be fooled with.

    Best wishes.

  • No vitamin D , just finished a course of vitamin B12 injections, and take a folic acid on a daily basis,so I'm just worn out with my sleep pattern now been interfered with as I was feeling tired before the headaches started hence the injection but not feeling the benefit until I get decent night sleep or two, thank you for taking your time out to write in tho.

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