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Please help I'm worried.

Hello I'm really worried about my lower left rib cage when I turn left on my bed and try to breath deeply there's somthing like a little pain in my lower left rib cage. When I turn right on my bed the pain is gone when I breathe deeply. What is this? I'm kinda worried eventhough it is only a little pain.

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Did you twist,fall, strain your self.

You might want to get an x-ray I would check with your doctor and it could be totally different

You could have slightly fractured or bruised a rib. How long has it been hurting you? The reason I am asking is because I have done this. About 3 weeks ago my husband tried to help me up into a chair and my rib on the right side hurt he didn’t mean to do it but it happened and I have done this before. There’s not much you can be done but don’t move fast or pick up anything heavy. I am not trying to play doctor because I am not one.

Good luck.


It's not that too much pain that I can't even move but a slight pain only when I try to turn left into my bed and try to breathe deeply I get hurt but not too much in my lower left rib cage but when I turn right nothings hurting me


This happens to me a lot. Mine usually goes away within a day or two. What bothers me even more is when I take a deep breath and it feels like my lung has a painful cramp! Even though the pain doesn' last long, it's a scary experience.


Yes Idk what is this


I went to a spine doctor and he did a rfd or burned nerves on left side of spine. Now that I ly on my left side the area of the pelvis next to buttocks goes numb and the numbness spreads down the leg and foot and also lower back.

Note....the nerve from the spine get pinched between the vertebrae of the spine and cause problems like you described. Best to see spine doctor and get an evaluation. It could be on start of degenerative spine like I have with sciatica. You also might can see a chiropractor for adjustment to see if that helps and then see spine doctor at some point in time.


Definitely see a doctor. This sounds a bit like pleurisy which can be especially painful in bed or on a specific side. There is no diagnosis here, so a doctor should be seen. Blessings


I would see GP. I had a similar pain thought it was my heart..I have a hole in a valve..but it was a strained muscle and I'm on anti inflammation tablets. We all different so don't hesitate when the pain is in your chest. I hope it's not serious but get it checked out. Go back to GO if it doesn't clear up


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